Chapter 327: Meeting Wushuang again

Long Yi just flew out of the imperial palace and he heard a peal of heaven shaking shouting sound along with strong stern qi.

“It’s the army, could it be that……” Long Yi muttered. Just hearing, he knew that this loud shout was produced by a well-trained army, otherwise, this kind of stern qi wouldn’t have condensed.

Long Yi turned around and changing into a wisp of smoke, he flew towards the northern suburbs of Blue Moon City. Not long after, he saw thickly dotted camps stationed in the north, and numerous soldiers were gathered at the huge training ground in the center of this campsite.

The banners of various ministries and various battalions were already spread out in the sky, and along with the shout of an order, the army began to move out. Each battalion marched neatly out of this military camp.

Long Yi stopped at high altitude and looking at ant-like continuously extending army down below, he softly sighed. This day finally came, from now on, the war of the continent will thoroughly escalate. When the flames of war shrouded everywhere, where would be a quiet and tranquil place?

“Forget it, in any case, I am also not the Savior, each person has their own destiny, what should come will definitely come.” Long Yi thought aloud, then looking at the army once again, he flew back to the city.

At this moment, the sky just had the first glimmer of dawn but when Long Yi returned to Blue Moon City, he saw people were scurrying everywhere. Many People were rushing towards outside the city. Just thinking for a bit, Long Yi understood that these people very probably might be the family members of those soldiers. All of them were rushing outside the city to see them off. This involuntarily made him recall a masterpiece written by a famous poet of his previous world < Ballad of the Army Carts> [1].

The interest of Long Yi waned while walking in the midst of shuttling back and forth crowd. For an unknown reason, he felt somewhat unwell at the bottom of his heart. When turbulent days comes, common people would always be the first to face bitterness and the people at high position steps on the dead bones of countless common people to move towards the throne at the summit.

Suddenly, Long Yi stopped and turning sideways, he was greeted by big words ‘Adventurer Bar’. This moment, the door of this bar was slightly opened and inside seemed to be very quiet.

Strange, the bars should have already closed at this time. Long Yi thought in his heart. The bars generally open till daybreak and then close, after that, they generally opened again after the noon. But Adventurer Bar was rather special. Because it was a huge community, Adventurer Bar generally closes late at night and opens earliest. But even if it opens earliest, it shouldn’t have open at this time as the sky had just brightened. Could it be that this bar has yet to close? Long Yi thought in his heart.

Since he had already come, he might as well go in and sit and look for Red Lady in passing. Long Yi thought and walked into the bar.

Only a dim light of magic lamp illuminated the Adventurer Bar. A bartender behind the bar counter was dozing off supporting his head, and a sleepy delicate and pretty waitress was sitting on the table near the bar counter.

The brows of Long Yi suddenly twitched and he felt a trace of fleeting killing intent. He immediately turned around and saw a figure drinking alone in a dark corner of the bar. It might be assumed that the Adventurer Bar had yet to close due to this person.

The arrival of Long Yi awoke the sleepy waitress. She hastily stood up and asked softly: “Mister, what do you need?”

“Give me a bottle of Warrior’s Honor and also some side dishes.” Long Yi said with a warm smile. His perfect smile immediately caused this little waitress to blush and her heartbeat accelerated, moreover, her drowsiness suddenly flew far away.

“Wai…wait a moment, I will bring them right away.” The waitress bashfully said.

Long Yi looked all around and walked towards that figure, then finding a table, he sat down.

Pengpeng, pengpeng, the heartbeat of Long Yi suddenly accelerated and at the same time, the body of that figure in the corner also trembled and the wine splashed from inside her wine cup.

“Wushuang, is that you?” Long Yi somewhat agitatedly turned around. He truly had never thought that he would be able to meet Wushuang here.

The figure put down the wine cup, then pushing back the chair, she stood up and came out from the shadow. She was still in a completely white dress with a veil covering her face and her indifferent cold eyes were watching excited Long Yi.

Pengpeng, pengpeng, Wushuang did her utmost to suppress this strange heartbeat rhythm she was sick of but the more she tried to suppress the more it deepened.

The cold gaze of Wushuang washed the excitement of Long Yi and his state of mind greatly calmed down. It seemed she still hadn’t remembered him.

“I’m not Wushuang you are looking for.” Wushuang indifferently said.

“I am not making an error, you are my woman, even if you change into ashes, I will still recognize you.” Long Yi looked Wushuang face to face and said with a strong domineering manner.

“Presumptuous!” Wushuang shouted and with anger flashing in her eyes, cold qi suddenly spread around.

Ah, that waitress who had come to deliver the wine screamed and Warrior’s Honor she was carrying in her hand fell to the ground and fell apart. After that, a bit of strong alcoholic smell spread out in the air before the spilled wine was completely frozen by the cold qi emitted by Wushuang.

Long Yi just waved his hand and a true qi covered the body of the waitress but he didn’t have time to take care of her. He continuously stared straight at those pupils of Wushuang that were emitting bone-piercing cold qi and said: “My woman for one day will be my woman forever, even if you lose memory, this fact cannot be changed.”

The killing intent of Wushaung slightly quivered. From the black pupils of Long Yi, she felt that he wasn’t lying, but how could she be his woman?

At that time, Long Yi noticed a silk thread on the snow-white neck of Wushuang. If he wasn’t mistaken, then this was something he had hung on her before leaving Ice Palace.

As for Wushuang, seeing Long Yi’s gaze was on her chest, she couldn’t help getting furious. She coldly snorted and slightly waved her jade hand, then with ice mist floating in the air, Long Yi had already turned into an ice sculpture.

Crack, Long Yi used internal force to shatter the layer of ice around his body, then said with a smile: “Now I have the evidence to prove you are my woman.”

“What evidence?” Wushuang slightly frowned and her heartbeat involuntarily skipped a beat.

“The pendant you are wearing is the token of love I gifted you. That is the object passed down in my mother’s family. In this world, there is only one of it.” Long Yi smiled and said. Then, he felt the heartbeat of Wushuang was beating chaotically.

Wushuang was startled, she had always worn this pendant next to her skin and since the time she had woken up from the crystal coffin, no one else except her had seen it.

At this time, Long Yi described the appearance of that pendant and after listening to this description, her emotion began to fluctuate violently, could it be that this man really was her husband?

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“Come with me.” Wushaung rushed out of the Adventurer Bar.


Wave upon wave of rolling sea waves charged into the sandy beach, immediately after that, they again retreated like tidewater. Wushuang descended and stood on the boulder of this sandy beach and the sea breeze blew her spotlessly white dress giving rise to fluttering sounds. As for Long Yi, he was standing beside her looking at the deep sea and his nose however was smelling Wushuang’s that faint orchid fragrance. Suddenly, he felt as if there were only two of them left in this entire world.

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“Do you truly recognize me?” Wushuang faintly asked.

“Do you still not believe in me? Wushuang, you are my woman, is I, Long Yi’s woman.” Long Yi opened his mouth and his tone had a hint of excitement.

Wushaung turned around and looked at Long Yi, then she took off her veil with her jade hand, revealing her peaceful and indifferent face without makeup and indifferently said: “I will not acknowledge this point. You do not exist in my memory and my name isn’t Wushuang. My name is Bing Ning, is the person of Holy City i.e. Lost City. Look carefully, do you really know me?”

Long Yi was stunned, not because the appearance of Wushuang had changed rather because she mentioned Lost City. So, did her memory restored?

“Yes, you don’t need to be surprised, I am a person from several thousand years ago, how could you know me?” The tone of Wushaung was somewhat lonely and she was surrounded by a kind of lonely atmosphere.

“Wait a minute, do you remember the matters of before? What I mean is, do you remember the matters of you living in Lost City?” Long Yi asked with surprise.

“Of course, I grew up in Holy City and I am the daughter of the Holy City’s City Lord. Everything is like yesterday but when I opened my eyes, it had already been thousands of years. I am a person that shouldn’t exist in this world.” Wushuang’s ice-cold aura weakened and she looked very lonely and endlessly sad.

Now, Long Yi understood, the former memory of Wushuang had restored but she had thoroughly forgotten her memories after she had amnesia. In his previous world, this kind of case occurred frequently. Usually, after an amnesiac patient recovers all his/her previous memories, he/she would thoroughly forget all the matters that happened after he/she had an amnesia. The current circumstance of Wushuang was exactly this.

“Are you willing to listen to my story?” Long Yi softly asked.

The heart of Wushaung suddenly quivered, and sensing those bitter and astringent feelings of Long Yi, her expression involuntarily softened. She nodded her head and expressed she was willing to listen.

Long Yi sat down, then patted the empty space beside him signaling Wushaung to sit there.

Wushuang hesitated for a moment, then sat down. After that, Long Yi began to tell about his adventure of Huangmang plain. He told how he, Barbarian Bull and others experienced innumerable trials and tribulations to find Lost City, how he found a crystal coffin at the bottom of a deep pond of the secret room and again how by lucky coincidence, he rescued her out of Lost City.

Long Yi slowly narrated. His tone had excitement in one moment and gentleness in another moment and also had tenderness. Wushuang was immersed in the story of Long Yi, re-experiencing everything of that time.

“……I made an agreement of two years with that woman of Ice Palace. She said that she will let you come looking for me after two years, so I agreed to leave you in Ice Palace as a disciple, merely, I had never thought that you will forget everything.” Long Yi made a bitter smile ending his story, then he took a deep breath to calm down his depressed heart.

The expression of Wushuang fluctuated, did she truly experienced so many things with this man? And after hearing him, she understood that everything he said was reasonable, moreover, she was really in Ice Palace. Was she truly his woman? Wushuang involuntarily reached out and held the pendant hanging before her chest.

[1] Ballad of the Army Carts (兵車行) is the poem written by the Tang dynasty poet Dufu (杜甫).

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