Chapter 326: Sleeping in the same bed

Long Yi slightly tilt his head and said with a smile: “If I had no smell of alcohol on my body, then can I sleep here?”

“That also won’t do, we aren’t a real husband and wife, how can we sleep together in the same bed?” Nalan Ruyue was startled and said softly.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Then I don’t care, if you are unwilling, then you can leave.”

“This is my bed, why should I leave?” Nalan Ruyue refuted.

“But now it’s mine, did you forget our agreement, other than your body, your everything else is mine.” Long Yi laughed treacherously.

Nalan Ruyue was startled again, thinking about it, they truly had such agreement. At that time, in order to keep her purity, she had felt that everything else could be given up, but now, she was somewhat regretting. Didn’t this mean she owned nothing in this world? Losing everything she owned, wasn’t this truly a big loss?

“If worst comes to worst then isn’t it fine to just give him the body too?” Nalan Ruyue suddenly had this kind of thought in her heart but she immediately shook her head with great effort. What am I thinking, could it be that I have gone mad?

“What are you doing? Did you eat ecstasy drug? Excited like this.” Seeing Nalan Ruyue who was dazed for a long time suddenly shaking her head ferociously, Long Yi couldn’t help asking with surprise.

Nalan Ruyue came back to her senses and her beautiful face turned red. Soon after that, she concealed her shame and snorted, then she suddenly got up from the bed and stride over Long Yi to get out of the bed.

Long Yi saw Nalan Ruyue’s translucent jade leg rising above his body and he couldn’t help thinking a prank in his heart. He simply flicked his finger and a wisp of true qi flew towards the sole of Nalan Ruyue and gently rubbed her sole several times.

“Ah……” Nalan Ruyue screamed and suddenly stamped down.

“Oh……” Long Yi gave a horrible shriek and his legs clamped as his big hands covered his family jewels, moreover, his body convulsed.

Nalan Ruyue fell on the bed and was somewhat at her wits’ end seeing Long Yi’s expression of agony. She still didn’t understand what had happened just now.

“What happened to you?” Nalan Ruyue softly asked.

“Feigning ignorance, granted that you bitterly hate me, but you don’t have to use your poisonous leg, do you want to destroy the good sexual life of mine and my wives?” Long Yi’s handsome face was crumpled. Although there wasn’t any big problem with his family jewels due to the circulation of internal force, but he still pretended to feel so painful that he didn’t want to live.

Nalan Ruyue looked down and finally, her gaze rested on the place of Long Yi that was covered by his hands, then she thought while blushing: “Don’t tell me that my leg just happened to trample on that place? I heard that place is the most vulnerable place of a man. Nothing will happen, right?”

“It’s nothing serious, I didn’t do it intentionally.” Nalan Ruyue said with some guilty conscience.

“Whether it is serious or not, if anything goes wrong in the future, then that is your fault and you have to bear all the responsibility.” Long Yi wailed loudly but there was a hint of cunning smile on his face.

“Is it real…really painful? How about I use holy light to treat you?” Nalan Ruyue took this to be true. If something really happened to Long Yi’s that place, then didn’t that mean she had destroyed him?

Eh……Long Yi rolled his eyes and hastily nodded his head.

“You, take off your hand.” Nalan Ruyue’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated and said somewhat unnaturally. It was her first time using a holy light to help treat that place of a man.

Long Yi obediently retracted his hand leaving the door open wide.

And seeing that budge at the crotch part of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue couldn’t help trembling, but she quickly chanted the incantation and a ball of soft and white light appeared on her hand, then her palm moved forward and the holy light came into contact with Long Yi’s ‘injured’ little brother.

Long Yi felt his little brother was surrounded by a warm aura as if it was being caressed by a warm spring breeze and also the jade hands of his sweetheart. This truly was comfortable to the extreme and he couldn’t help letting out a light moan.

“Is it still very painful?” Nalan Ruyue nevertheless thought that Long Yi was groaning in pain, thus she couldn’t help asking nervously.

Long Yi’s eyebrows jumped and he desperately nodded his head and said: “Of course, it hurts, this place is different from other places, this however is my base of life (family jewels).”

“Then, then what’s to be done?” Nalan Ruyue asked weakly.

“If you use your hands to stroke, it might be better.” Long Yi quietly shot a glance at Nalan Ruyue and seeing the change in her expression all of a sudden, he hastily added: “You also know, that place of men is extremely sensitive, but now I feel nothing. However, if it can stand up, then that represents it doesn’t have any problem, so I naturally need your help.”

The beautiful face of Nalan Ruyue become red and again white, white and again red, and finally, she gritted her teeth making a resolution to risk everything. Who asked her to cause this problem? Besides, he had touched her previously, so taking advantage of this time, she could touch him for revenge. Nalan Ruyue comforted herself like this.

Nalan Ruyue half-closed her eyes and her little hand slowly advanced towards Long Yi’s crotch and pressed his bulge.

The entire body of Long Yi shivered feeling the warm little hand lightly pressing his little brother. And this little hand was also slightly trembling, clearly was nervous to the point of death.

Long Yi felt his little brother was jumping wanting to change into a dragon, but he hastily took a deep breath and suppressed his evil fire. Now, his little brother was at semi-hard state.

“Move, it, it moved.” Nalan Ruyue said in a trembling voice.

“Don’t retract your hand, stroke it, it is not yet fully restored.” Long Yi’s entire body felt terribly hot and he had an impulse to push her down and ** regardless of everything.

Nalan Ruyue bit her lower lip and her little hand began to lightly stroke Long Yi’s little brother.

But just after a few repeat, Long Yi was truly unable to endure and said gritting his teeth: “Grab it, quickly grab him.”

Hearing the serious tone of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue believed that a problem had occurred, so she obediently followed his instruction, grabbing that burning hot twitching fellow.

Long Yi also wasn’t able to endure any longer and his little brother quickly swelled in the little hand of Nalan Ruyue.

“It, it grew up, so big.” Nalan Ruyue nervously yelled and she instantly retracted her little hand as if she was electrocuted.

Long Yi nevertheless was unable to bear, his eyes shone and roaring in a low voice, he pounced on Nalan Ruyue. Your grandpa, in any case, she was clearly in love and taken a fancy to him, so that damned agreement can just go to hell.

Nalan Ruyue was suddenly pushed down by Long Yi and his dense manly fragrance assailed her nose, in addition, with ** kind of activity just a moment ago, now, her mind was already unclear and her emotion was in chaos and confusion.

The big hands of Long Yi rubbed the pert buttocks of Nalan Ruyue and his little brother rubbed between her thighs.

Looking at this situation that was about to go out of control, it would be hard to avoid these two people intermingling with each other. But at that time, suddenly a head bore inside the room and a crisp, curious voice resounded: “Big sister, brother-in-law, what are you doing?”

Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue instantly stiffened and as if a basin of cold water was poured onto them, their blazing fire of lust was completely extinguished.

“Damn it, I actually forget to lay down a barrier.” Long Yi regretfully roared in his heart. This Nalan Rumeng was truly his life’s unlucky star. Tonight, he was about to successfully eat Nalan Ruyue but was interrupted. And according to the temperament of Nalan Ruyue, he feared he wouldn’t be able to find such good chance again. With this incident, she would definitely strengthen her guard.

Nalan Ruyue stiffened for a little while then hastily pushed Long Yi. After that, she retreated to keep a safe distance and regulating her wildly beating maiden heart, she asked awkwardly: “Rumeng, why are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t sleep alone, so I thought to sleep with big sister.” Nalan Rumeng innocently said. Then without waiting for her big sister to say anything, she threw her shoes and jumped onto the bed.

“No, return to your own room to sleep, your big sister is my wife, so she will naturally sleep with me.” Long Yi caught Nalan Rumeng.

“No, no, I will not go, before, big sister always used to sleep with me.” Nalan Rumeng desperately struggled and finally, she simply coiled her little legs around Long Yi’s waist and she didn’t let go even if she died.

The fire of lust of Long Yi still hadn’t dissipated completely and with Nalan Rumeng’s such action, her little ** directly came into contact with his lower part, moreover, that light fragrance of a young girl swayed her mind even more. This little Lolita was truly wanting his life.

Upon seeing this, Nalan Ruyue hastily pulled down her little sister and said: “Fine, you can sleep with big sister, let him go to sleep in another room.”

Nalan Rumeng stuck out her head from behind Nalan Ruyue and said after thinking for a bit: “Brother-in-law can also sleep here. I hear husband and wife shouldn’t sleep separately, you can sleep on the right side of big sister and I will sleep on the left side of big sister, isn’t that fine?”

Long Yi made a wry smile and said: “At afternoon, didn’t you say men and women shouldn’t touch hands even when they give or receive things, since we cannot even touch, how can we sleep in the same bed?”

Nalan Rumeng was somewhat embarrassed and pouted: “You are my brother-in-law, so what’s the big deal. If I say you can sleep then you can sleep.”

After that, Nalan Rumeng turned around and pulled Nalan Ruyue to lie down, then comfortably used her big sister’s shoulder as her pillow and then she muttered: “If only the shoulder of my big sister was a bit wider, it would be much better.”

Nalan Ruyue pinched her little sister and said: “Still making irresponsible remarks, quickly sleep.”

Long Yi helplessly looked at this beautiful pair of sisters and sighed in his heart. Now he was in the situation where he could only look but cannot eat, wasn’t this a great torture? He might as well go out for a stroll as what eyes didn’t see, the heart wouldn’t grieve over. Thinking this, Long Yi turned around and got out of the bed.

“Brother-in-law, where are you going?” Nalan Rumeng raised her head and asked.

“You two can sleep here, I will go to another room to sleep.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Nalan Rumeng suddenly got up, then walking over, she pulled Long Yi and said: “Don’t go, just sleep here. Today however is your wedding day, how can you sleep in separate rooms?”

“So you also know that today is our wedding day, then did you come here intentionally to destroy our wedding night?” Long Yi said in annoyance.

“No, not, I stayed outside by myself for a long time. I truly was afraid to sleep by myself, so I came over, don’t get angry.” Nalan Rumeng hugged the arm of Long Yi and began to act like a spoiled child. Her immature little breasts rubbed against the arm of Long Yi, but she seemed to be unaware of it.

“You, you should sleep here, otherwise, it would be bad if other people see that.” Nalan Ruyue gently said.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” Long Yi with a smile yet not a smile asked.

The beautiful face of Nalan Ruyue reddened and made a cutting the throat motion.

Long Yi also didn’t quarrel, honestly speaking, who didn’t want to accompany two beauties to sleep, moreover, one big one small peerless beauties. Merely, the feeling of just seeing but cannot touch was truly painful. This type of situation was a bitter mixed with a happy situation.

Nalan Ruyue sisters slept in the innermost part of the bed and Long Yi simply lied on the outermost edge of the bed. The two group was separated by the large ocean.

“Brother-in-law, sleep a little closer, how come a husband and a wife are sleeping so far away?” Nalan Rumeng again began to get noisy again.

Long Yi however didn’t reply. Facing his back towards them, he pretended to be asleep.

“Brother-in-law truly is a pig, falling asleep so quickly.” Nalan Rumeng said in a low voice.

Nalan Ruyue however snorted, and for an unknown reason, she felt somewhat depressed in her heart. Just now, this fellow was looking at her as if he couldn’t wait to eat her, but now, he was avoiding her like a plague, truly was infuriating her to death.

If Long Yi knew what Nalan Ruyue was thinking, then he might be so depressed that he would vomit a blood. Women’s mind was truly strange, stuck too close, they would complain saying you were a bother, and stayed too far, they would again curse saying you were heartless. This kind of strange creature, he wondered what kind of principle God based on to create.

While hearing the sounds of sea waves, Long Yi unconsciously fell asleep.

And along with the sounds of the waves, time slowly passed without noticing.

When Long Yi woke up feeling it was hard to breathe, he smelled a delicate fragrance. At an unknown time, Nalan Ruyue was lying on his bosom with her one leg above his thigh. And Nalan Rumeng was even more exaggerated, she was completely above him and her saliva had already soaked his collar. This made Long Yi fell happy and also comical.

Looking at the sky, it was dawn, and the slight movement of Long Yi however woke up Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue rubbed her sleepy eyes. She felt that she had slept very comfortably, but very soon, she realized something was wrong, then raising her head, she saw the ambiguous sleeping posture of three people, and shortly afterwards, she saw Long Yi’s black pupils staring straight at her.

“Slept enough? If you have slept enough then get up from my hand, and also pull down this little girl, simply treating me like a mattress.” Long Yi lightly said.

Nalan Ruyue hastily got up and gently pulled down her little sister. She didn’t dare to look towards Long Yi.

Long Yi got out of the bed and stretched his waist and shoulder causing a series of popping sound to resound.

“You two can go back to sleep, I will go out for a walk.” Long Yi disappeared from inside the room leaving behind this sentence.

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