Chapter 325: Illusion

“Your Excellency the Pope, you seemed to be somewhat favoring one and discriminating against the other. Today however is the ceremony day of I and Ruyue, and if I didn’t misremember, then she is also one of the three Saintesses of Light Church.” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

Charles laughed and said: “This is just my concern for daughter as a father, I am not favoring one and discriminating against the other, otherwise, I wouldn’t have come tonight to preside over your ceremony rite.”

Is he presiding over? Long Yi suddenly understood. He had just heard Nalan Wuji saying that he wanted to wait for a person, as it turned out, he was waiting for the arrival of Charles, no wonder he had an immensely proud smile all over his face.

“Now that everyone is here, it’s time.” Charles silently dispelled the barrier surrounding him and Long Yi, then using his majestic voice, he softly said. The conversation between Long Yi and him of just a moment ago was not heard by anyone else.

“Today is the ceremony day of my student saintess Nalan Ruyue and Ximen Yu. This is a sacred moment and according to the decree passed down by Lord Light God, hereafter, under the holy light of Lord Light God, the future of Blue Waves Continent will be even more glorious.” The clear and resounding voice of Charles resounded in the hall, and the halo of light magic elements around his body also became even more brilliant, as if at this moment, Light God had truly descended in person.

Long Yi secretly curled his lips, what the hell is this, isn’t he just a big exert of swindling people?

After he finished speaking, everyone present in the hall put their palms together before themselves with devotion and muttered something. Long Yi turned around and look at Nalan Ruyue only to see that she was even more devoted. And with light aura wandering about her, she appeared incomparably holy and pure.

“Forget it, having a belief isn’t certainly a bad thing, at least there is a kind of spiritual sustenance.”  Long Yi sighed in his heart. Naturally, he also had some worries in his heart because whatever Light Church wants her to do, he feared she would do with no second thoughts. Just in case, later, if he and Light Church’s power turned into fire and water, then what’s to be done at that time? Will she become enemies with him or will she betray the church? Although he was unwilling to admit, but Long Yi still felt that the possibility of her choosing to become enemies with him was the greatest.

At that time, Charles raised his hands and made several dazzling movements. Then, with the flashing of white light, the entire banquet hall suddenly became misty. Suddenly, in the midst of mist, a light shone, then the silhouette of Light God with eight pairs of wings emerged in front of everybody present.

Rustle, all of a sudden, everyone knelt down.

“Illusion?” Long Yi frowned and circulating internal force in his eyes, the illusion in front of his eyes completely disappeared.

Insignificant skill. Long Yi said inwardly said in disdain. Although the strength of Charles was powerful, but he clearly hadn’t reached such high level in illusion. Thinking about it, Long Yi recalled that in Dragon Group of his previous world, there was an illusion expert, and his illusion however was the true illusion. Mixing truth with false, he could kill people without anybody noticing and also could trap a powerful army using an array. Now, that was powerful.

Charles saw Long Yi was unimpressed and seeing his eyes unintentionally showed disdain, Charles involuntarily stiffened but quickly reverted back to normal. But he wasn’t calm in his heart, this kid had hidden himself. His actual strength was far beyond his expectation, not only was he able to escape his spirit pressure, he was also showing disdain for his illusion. Now he understood that this world-renowned perverted fellow was absolutely not easy to control. Moreover, the most taboo matter for Charles was Long Yi was still in growing phase. He already had such strength in his early twenties, like this, his future achievement was limitless.

Kill him? A killing intent couldn’t help but emerged in the heart of Charles because in case, they were to oppose each other in the future, then that will be an extremely troublesome matter.

But soon, he concealed this killing intent because he had already made the decision to win Long Yi over after listening to the reports of his subordinates. He wanted to firmly bind Long Yi to his camp, and Nalan Ruyue was perfect for this, so for her to marry Long Yi, Charles’s contribution couldn’t go unnoticed. Now, as long as he controls Nalan Ruyue, as her husband, could Long Yi still escape his control? Thinking this, Charles relaxed in his heart. And if Nalan Ruyue alone won’t do, then he didn’t mind adding Dongfang Kexin too.

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“Lord Light God, I request you to give a holy blessing to these loyal believers of yours, washing away all their adversity and sadness. Nalan Ruyue, Ximen Yu, kneel for the blessing of Light God.” The soft voice of Charles become somewhat erratic.

The corner of the mouth of Long Yi twitched, this old fellow was definitely doing this intentionally, wanting to make him kneel. Just now, with the pretext of being equal, he was able to refute, but now he was in the presence of the so-called Light God, so if he didn’t kneel down, then that would be revolting against Light God. Although Long Yi didn’t have any good opinion of that eight winged bird-man, but now however was the time of emergency, and it was unwise to make the enemy out of the entire Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and he slowly knelt down. But if you look closely, one could see that there was a very small distance between his knees and ground. He however really hadn’t knelt down.

Charles naturally saw through the little trick of Long Yi, but he didn’t intend to nag him. He merely moved his hand, then the illusion of Light God suddenly opened its eyes and its both hands send out holy light which directly shone on Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue.

Everyone was enchanted by this illusion, and they crawled on the ground worshiping this illusion in incomparable devotion. There were many experts among them, but why was it so easy to fool them with this illusion? Not that their willpower was not strong enough, rather they basically didn’t even consider this was a fake because they completely believed in Light God, moreover, they basically didn’t doubt Light Pope Charles.

After a good while, the holy light emitted from the hands of the illusion of Light God slowly weakened, and the entire illusion also began to fade slowly, finally dissipating into the air. The banquet hall reverted back to bright ***, and everything seemed to have not changed. Everybody also began to wake up and were extremely excited because they considered they had witnessed a miracle with their eyes in person.

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“We’ll meet again, Ximen Yu.” The voice of Charles resounded in the ears of Long Yi, but he had already disappeared from the banquet hall along with the illusion of Light God.

Of course, I am also looking forward to our next meeting, Charles. Long Yi said in his heart as a strange smile appeared on his face.

Everything reverted back to the normal track after Charles left, then began Nalan Empire’s traditional ceremony.

Although the ceremony was cumbersome but compared with Violent Dragon Empire, it was much better. This entire night, host and guests enjoyed themselves to the full. And from the Sea Soul Wine collection of Nalan Wuji, Long Yi drank tens of ** making Nalan Wuji endlessly distressed.

When the night was still young, Long Yi was lying on the bed of Nalan Ruyue’s lady’s chamber. Huala huala, the sounds of sea waves could be heard and the sea breeze was blowing the curtain of the balcony. In this salty sea atmosphere, accompanied by the sounds of sea wave, sleeping was truly a pleasant thing.

“Still can’t sleep? I wonder if the smell of alcohol on your body is very disgusting?” Suddenly, a somewhat nervous voice of Nalan Ruyue came from another edge of the bed.

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