Chapter 324: Light Pope

Seeing the pale face of Yinyin, Long Yi involuntarily sighed in his heart. Feng Ling, this girl truly gave her a deep wound. Perhaps, it would be very hard for her to recover in a short time or perhaps, it might even leave a shadow in her heart for her lifetime. The fault of Feng Ling was his fault, so Long Yi was also feeling guilty in his heart. He truly wanted to do something to make up for her.

“When did you return?” Long Yi looked at silent Yinyin for a long time, she seemed to be immersed in her past, so he hurriedly changed the subject of the conversation.

Yinyin came back to her senses and said bitterly: “I don’t know what else was there to continue staying in Mea Holy Magic Academy, that place no longer has any reason for me to stay.”

“Yinyin…” Long Yi couldn’t help calling out but he didn’t know what to say.

Yinyin looked up and saw the worried expression of Long Yi and said: “You don’t need to worry and also don’t need to comfort me. I understand everything I should understand, merely understanding is one thing but the feeling however is……”

“Time will change everything, believe in me, you will certainly be happy, otherwise, it will be very hard for me and Feng Ling to be happy throughout our life.” Long Yi sighed.

Yinyin nodded her head and with glimmering eyes, she said: “Today is your ceremony with Princess Ruyue, you should stay beside her. She has been continuously shooting a glance towards this side, presumably is jealous. You don’t need to accompany me, I want to be alone to calm down a bit.”

“Okay, after I have some free time, I will come looking for you, where is your residence?” Long Yi indeed notice many people were looking towards this side, so in order to avoid the trouble, he had to say like this.

Yinyin quickly gave her address, then turning around, she mixed into the crowd. After a little while, she disappeared, presumably, she went to a quiet corner.

Long Yi returned to the side of Nalan Ruyue and said with a smile: “She is a friend I made before in Mea Holy Magic Academy, you might have seen her before.”

“Why are you explaining that to me? Whoever she is, what’s that to do with me?” Nalan Ruyue indifferently said. But, listening to her carefully, one could sense that her tone contained a bit of sourness.

“I thought you want to know, but it seems I was showering affection on an uninterested party.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile.

At this time, he suddenly heard the guards outside shouting loudly: “Light Pope, HIs Majesty Charles has arrived.”

Instantly, the bustling banquet hall became quiet, all the people including imperial maids shuttling back and forth also stopped, Light Pope Charles? Did they mishear, this person who rarely appear in front people and who also possessed god-like position in the entire Blue Waves Continent, did he really come here?

Long Yi also had doubts in his heart, how could Light Pope Charles appear here? But hearing Nalan Wuji wanted to wait for a person to come and host this ceremony, it was not impossible.

Before Long Yi had a lot of time to think, he sensed a dense light magic aura flooding the entire hall which made people’s spirit feel refreshed and also very warm. A middle-aged man dressed in pure white priest robe suddenly appeared in the hall.  His face was shrouded in a layer of white mist so nobody could clearly see his face. And behind him, there was a milky white halo made from the light magic elements. In a glance, he looked just like a god.

Long Yi laughed in his heart, Light Pope really was as he had expected. Playing the role of a mysterious person, did he truly think that he was a god? But, Long Yi wholeheartedly admired his strength. Charles was the first person he had seen who could materialize the magic elements other than himself. Was his realm truly only Master Archmage like the legend says? Or, just like Wushuang, he had already reached Magic God realm?

Nalan Wuji hurriedly walked over leading a crowd of officials, and knelt down in incomparable denotation, then said loudly: “Nalan Wiji respectfully welcome Your Excellency’s arrival.”

At this moment, everyone woke up with a start, then kneeling down, they expressed how they were very fortunate to see Light Pope and how deeply they rejoiced for that. From this, one could see how important the position of Light Pope was in this entire Blue Waves Continent. Even the emperor of an empire was kneeling down. What an honor this was. Using religion to dominate truly was a pretty good choice.

Nalan Ruyue as Light Church’s saintess had also already knelt down, and now, in this entire banquet hall, only Long Yi alone was standing like a crane standing among the chickens.

Seeing only Long Yi hadn’t knelt down, Nalan Ruyue anxiously used her hands to pull his pants. In her heart, Light Pope was God, and God’s status was something no-one could compare. He was the person sitting high in the clouds overlooking all living things, this was the result of childhood brainwashing.

But Long Yi still remained unmoved and standing straight, he straightly looked at this Light Pope Charles who was shrouded with rings of light. And Charles was also observing him.

Long Yi felt incomparably vast pressure from all around and his internal organs felt splitting pain. But the internal force and spirit power of Long Yi instantly bounced back this attack, beginning to oppose this huge pressure. And Long Yi’s handsome face also turned red from white and again white from red, and finally changed into a light golden.

“Break for me.” Long Yi roared and multi-colored rays of light flashed from his body, then the air seemed to distort out of shape. After that, a crack appeared on the pressure of Light Pope and Long Yi urgently fell back two steps, escaping his encirclement. After battling with Swords God Murong Bo over a long period of time, now he could easily adapt to the pressure of this level. Moreover, Light People was clearly not using all of his strength, he was only probing Long Yi. Now, Long Yi also understand that his realm was very likely to have already attained Magic God realm.

Charles didn’t attack again, merely laughed. His voice was so warm that it made people feel pleasant. And he said: “This world has many geniuses but you are the best among all of them, Ximen Yu, you really didn’t disappoint me.”

“I never disappoint anyone including my enemies.” Long Yi said with a smile. He was casual on the surface, but inwardly, he however was calming down his churning blood and qi.

“Why didn’t you kneel when you see me?” Charles didn’t understand the profound meaning of Long Yi’s words, merely asked curiously.

“Kneel? Why should I kneel? I do not recall such rules, only know that Light Church always advocates benevolence, freedom and equality. Since everyone is equal, why should I kneel?” Long Yi said with a smile. In fact, there were many places where the rules of Light Church were contradictory to itself. On one hand, they mention everyone was equal and on the other hand, there was a strict hierarchy in ranks compared to any other forces.

“Good, very good, truly is a young hero, no wonder Kexin, that girl never forgot you.” Charles laughed.

Kexin! Long Yi was startled. Since after the imperial banquet of last time, that girl had left Soaring Dragon City. For her strong possessive desire towards him, Long Yi felt extremely helpless. Could it be that this time she had come following Light Pope?

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