Chapter 323: Yinyin

This moment, the banquet hall of Nalan Empire’s imperial palace was already decorated brilliantly. Various colored magic lamps were either inlaid or hung on every corner of this banquet hall. Moreover, the banquet hall was filled with officials as well as their family dressed in various styles formal attire, thus the hall was lively.

Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue stood upstairs watching the crowd continuously shutting back and forth below, and they couldn’t help having a headache. Honestly speaking, both of them were not too interested in this kind of occasion. Just recalling the ceremony at Soaring Dragon Empire with those numerous and complicated protocols nearly made them collapse. They wondered if this ceremony of Nalan Empire would be a bit simpler.

At this moment, Nalan Wuji along with his few beloved imperial concubines entered the banquet hall, and instantly, some powerful ministers and nobles went to bootlick one after another. According to the usual practice of Blue Waves Continent, in banquet or so on unofficial occasions, monarch and his subjects were extremely casual.

“Princess, son-in-law, it is time to go down.” A palace female official reminded in a low voice.

“Then, let’s go down, my beautiful princess.” Long Yi turned towards Nalan Ruyue and said with a smile, then lifted his right elbow signaling Nalan Ruyue to hold him.

Nalan Ruyue shyly smiled faintly, then raising her hand, she gently held the arm of Long Yi and then gracefully walked down the stairs.

The appearance of the two immediately attracted the gaze of everyone present. Now, Long Yi had a confident and carefree smile, whereas Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful face was slightly red and coupled with her goddess-like beauty as well as that noble and reserved temperament, they simply were a perfect match. All of a sudden, everybody was full of praise in succession.

Long Yi brought along Nalan Ruyue to the front of Nalan Wuji, and looking around, he sized up two gorgeously dressed youths beside him. Looking at the pattern of their attire, they should be imperial sons of Nalan Wuji, i.e. Nalan Ruyue’s half-big brothers. According to the information he obtained from Ximen Nu, one of them was a warrior and another was a magician. Their realm wasn’t low, one was Swordsman, and another one was Intermediate Magician. The one who was a warrior was called Nalan Wu, and the magician was called Nalan Wen. Both of them and previous Ximen Yu were jackals from the same lair, out-and-out profligate sons.

“Father, big brothers.” Nalan Ruyue indifferently greeted but her beautiful eyes had a trace of suppressed disgust.

Nalan Wuji nodded his head with a smile and kindly looked at them, but who didn’t know he was a cold-blooded, cunning and merciless person? For the sake of profit, he could sacrifice anything.

“Brother-in-law, I’ve long heard your well-known name, how about you accompany us brothers to drink tomorrow? We admire you very much, and have some issues where we want your advice.” Nalan brothers were excited to meet Long Yi. They felt as if they found a like-minded brother.

Long Yi made a perfunctory smile, but in his heart, he was pitying Nalan Wuji who had used any means possible and also taken great pains to build up and run the empire. If the empire fell into the hands of these two brothers, then it certainly would be fun at that time.

The time of the ceremony was almost here, but Nalan Wuji however was just smiling and chatting with some favored ministers without the slightest intention to announce the start of the ceremony.

“Your Majesty, it’s time, shouldn’t……” A minister beside Nalan Wuji reminded him.

Nalan Wuji faintly smiled and said: “We still have to wait for a person to come and host, it doesn’t matter if it is a bit late.”

“Your Majesty, could it be that the bishop of Blue Moon City will come to host the ceremony?” This monster asked curiously.

Nalan Wiji mysterious smiled and said: “Of course not. You will know when that person arrives.”

Seeing Nalan Wuji didn’t want to answer, the ministers no longer inquired and began talking with each other again.

As for Long Yi, he accompanied Nalan Ruyue to deal with those swarming crowds. Suddenly, he sensed a pair of familiar gaze watching him. He subconsciously turned his head but he only saw a crowd of people and that familiar gaze also disappeared.

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“Strange, I don’t know anyone in Blue Moon City.” Long Yi muttered. He roughly knew only some members of Lightning Mercenary Group here in this city, but only officials as well as big nobles of powerful forces of Nalan Empire were invited to this banquet of today. Everyone else had no chance of attending.

At this time, Long Yi suddenly heard a youth calling: “Yinyin, where are you going? I was looking for you for a long time.”

Long Yi was startled, Yinyin? A very stubborn girl who had whole-heartedly loved Feng Ling, that tomboy girl, appeared in his mind, but shouldn’t she be in Mea Holy Magic Academy? Long Yi thought but pondering for a bit, he suddenly began to understand. Yinyin was the Miss of Nalan Empire’s noble family, so for her to be here wasn’t a surprising matter. Now, it had already been a long time since he had left Mea Principality, so it was also normal for her to return to her family.

Long Yi walked through the crowd and sure enough, he saw that familiar figure not far away, who else it could be if not Yinyin? Today she was wearing black formal evening wear, and together with her tall exquisite figure and sparkling azure blue brooch on her chest, she appeared rather beautiful but cold.

And as for that youth who was entangling with Yinyin, he was precisely Nalan Ruyue’s big brother, Nalan Wu, but Yinyin obviously had impatient expression.

“Yinyin, it’s truly you, I thought I had a dim eyesight for mistaking someone else for you.” Long Yi walked over in large strides with a smile.

“Long……Young Master Ximen, congratulation.” Yinyin looked at Long Yi with a complex gaze. This was the man who had snatched her sweetheart, so, sometimes she really didn’t know how she should face him. Still, Yinyin had a kind of gratefulness towards him. At that time, if not for his consolation, then she might not have any courage to keep on living and recalling she had thrown herself into his embrace and cried loudly, now, she truly felt mortally ashamed.

“Do you two know each other?” Nalan Wu asked in surprise.

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“Yes, we have a somewhat special relationship.” Long Yi ambiguously winked towards Nalan Wu.

Nalan Wu was dumbfounded and discontented appeared on his face, but immediately afterward, it disappeared and said with a smile: “As it turned out she is brother-in-law’s girl. Since that is the case, I will go look for another target. But, brother-in-law should be careful, my little sister is ferocious.” Finished speaking, Nalan Wu entered the crowd looking to hunt another target.

Yinyin’s beautiful face reddened and rolling her eyes, she said to Long Yi: “What nonsense are you talking, who has a special relationship with you?”

“Hehe, aren’t our relationship sufficiently special?” Long Yi smirked and said.

Yinyin was startled and her face turned pale from red, clearly, the words of Long Yi reminded her sad past. The relationship between them two were indeed very special.

“Thank you.” Yinyin said in a low voice.

Long Yi sighed and said in a low voice: “You have yet to lay down?”

Yinyin trembled, something was not easy to lay down. For the first time, she fell in love with a man, but that man turned out to be a woman just like her, this blow was honestly too much for her.

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