Chapter 322: Humanoid Siren?

“Good, good, big sister, let’s go.” Nalan Rumeng hastily nodded her head urging her big sister. When she saw Long Yi was so coolly standing on the back of a dolphin, she was already yearning in her heart.

“Big sister doesn’t have this kind of ability, so don’t blame me if you drown.” Nalan Ruyue said in annoyance.

Nalan Rumeng was depressed and pouting as she enviously looked at Long Yi.

But Long Yi just said with a smile as if he already knew what she was worried about: “Don’t worry, with me here, do you think I will let you two drown?”

Nalan Ruyue hesitated for a moment, and thinking of Long Yi’s endless capability, without any reason, she believed in him. If they truly fell into this sea, then that certainly would be dangerous, because although their swimming ability was very good, but today, the sea area wasn’t calm, so if they were far away from the shore, it might be truly difficult for them if they want to swim back.

Seeing this flower and jade-like sisters descending towards him, Long Yi again made ‘dudu’ dolphin sounds. Immediately after that, another two dolphins, one at the left and another at the right, floated up on the sea surface. Shortly afterward, Long Yi extended his hands and grabbed the waist of two women as they screamed.

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The beautiful face of Nalan Ruyue reddened but she didn’t dare to struggle, merely rolled her eyes as Long Yi hugged her. She didn’t want to admit but there was still a trace of pleasantly sweet feeling in her heart.

And on the other side, Nalan Rumeng however was tightly hugging Long Yi in fear. Her petite chest was stuck close to Long Yi’s arm as she shouted in fear: “Brother-in-law, don’t let go.”

Long Yi smiled looking at Nalan Rumeng who possessed an exquisite face and smelling her delicate fragrance, a lustful intent couldn’t help but rippled. Now, he finally understood why there were so many lolicons in this world, little Lolita’s unripe feeling was a kind of most fatal attraction for men.

“Grab properly, now, let’s go.” Long Yi, hugging a pair of incomparably delicate and charming beautiful sisters on his left and right respectively, proudly urged dolphins to swim forward.

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Nalan Rumeng was scared at the very beginning, but immediately afterward, she excitedly yelled and screamed, after all, she still was a little girl. Now, she was so excited that she forgot that the man beside her was the world famous greatest sex fiend, moreover, for her, now, Long Yi was a God-like hero.

Under the led of the dolphins, three people went farther and farther away from the coast. Now, looking back, one could only see seawater as far as one could see, the imperial palace of Nalan Empire had already been left far behind.

Nalan Ruyue felt indescribable worry, as people possessed innate trust on the ground and once they were thoroughly surrounded by vast seawater all around them, then they naturally wouldn’t have a peace of mind. Nalan Empire was near the sea, but their shipbuilding technology was not that advanced. Some fishing boats could only sail to the places that were not far away from the coast as they couldn’t withstand the huge sea waves.

“Ximen Yu, let’s return, we are already too far.” Nalan Ruyue said feeling somewhat fidgety.

“Don’t, just move forward to explore.” Nalan Rumeng however said excitedly. Now that she knew Long Yi was amazing, she already had great confidence in Long Yi that she would be very safe beside him.

Long Yi looked at the sky. In another two hours, it would be night, and tonight, he had to participate in grand ceremony banquet, so they should return now.

Just when Long Yi was intending to return, he suddenly felt a spirit fluctuation as if someone was staring at them. He suddenly turned around and saw a shadow quickly diving underwater on the left side not far away. If he didn’t see it wrong, then that shadow seemed to have long blue hair.

Nalan Ruyue was also startled and looked over there practically at the same time. Now, looking at each other, they saw shock in each other’s eyes.

Long Yi immediately wanted to dive into the sea and examine, but considering the safety of two sisters, he didn’t dare to act rashly and returned as planned while Nalan Rumeng was shouting in dissatisfaction.

When three people returned to the imperial palace’s quarter of Nalan Ruyue, several female officials and Xiao Cui were anxiously waiting for them. And only after seeing all three of them were safe and sound, they relaxed. If something happened to them at this critical juncture, then that certainly would be no end of trouble.

The female officials had specially come to dress up Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue, and at this moment, since there was not much time left, they immediately surrounded Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue then began their work.

After repeatedly turning around, when it was evening, they finally fished dressing up. Nalan Ruyue wore the noble imperial attire of Nalan Empire, and Long Yi wore snow-white flawless silk robe. Now, they two, a handsome man and a beautiful woman, appeared just like a match made in heaven.

Now, when there was only less than an hour left before the start of the banquet, the female officials retreated. Nalan Rumeng also returned to dress up, leaving only Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi in the room.

“Did you see that?” Long Yi sat on the sofa and asked frowning. Was that shadow a human?

“Well, I only saw blue hair, could it be that it truly was legendary Siren?” Nalan Ruyue appeared especially enchanting after the meticulous dress up.

“It’s not impossible, at least I didn’t sense human aura on that creature.” Long Yi nodded his head and said. This world is big, there is no lack of strange things, perhaps, there truly are people with fishtail living under the sea and not a variant of fish species.

Nalan Ruyue thought and said nodding her head: “Our Nalan Empire already has many ancient legends regarding the humanoid monster at the bottom of the sea. But, most of them are passed mouth to mouth. In our childhood, we loved to hear these stories told by the seniors of the imperial palace.”

“Stories? How about you tell me those stories tonight?” Long Yi laughed. He made his mind to go to the sea and explore when he had time.

Nalan Ruyue glared at him and said hatefully: “Tonight, you will be sleeping on the ground, if you dare to touch me again, then I…I will castrate you.” When Nalan Ruyue said the word ‘castrate’, her beautiful face was already very red.

Long Yi was so surprised that his eyes nearly popped out, such boorish words, when did she learn to speak them? He said: “Ruyue, when did you degenerate?’

“Aren’t all these I learn from you, this scoundrel?” Nalan Ruyue couldn’t help but chuckled looking at the surprised expression of Long Yi.

“Everything I taught you are things that would benefit you physically and mentally, and even can regulate the menstrual function, make you more attractive, and nourish your skin, but when did I teach you such wicked and violent things?” Thick skinned Long Yi said with a smile.

Nalan Ruyue bit her lower lip. She was not innocent Nalan Rumeng who knew nothing, naturally, she knew that Long Yi was flirting with her.

At that time, Xiao Cui ran in and said that the ceremony banquet was about to begin and then she asked them to immediately proceed to the palace’s banquet hall.

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