Chapter 321: Best quality little Lolita

As it turned out when Nalan Rumeng learned that her father emperor, Nalan Wuji, was planning to marry her to the world-renowned pervert Ximen Yu, she was very scared in her heart, next, she took a large number of silver notes, clothing and other personal items, then ran away from the imperial palace.

Nalan Rumeng who had been forbidden from leaving the imperial palace for a long time finally went out, moreover by herself, so just like a bird who was finally freed from its cage, she was excited to the extreme and she thought to travel all around Blue Waves Continent. Merely, it was good to dream, since she was a golden bird that was raised in a cage, once she flew out of the cage, either she would have the bad end of starving to death or get killed by predators. Because, without the slightest experience of life, how could she understand they ways to survive in the strange world?

After running away from the imperial palace, Nalan Rumeng truly played around crazily for several days, but after several days, she who didn’t know the principle of ‘one shouldn’t show one’s wealth’ was cheated and robbed of all the valuable things she had in her possession. If it was not for this mysterious blue barrier, then she, such a pretty little girl, might have already become the plaything of others.

Form that day onwards, poor little princess of Nalan Empire who had never been starved before had to suffer many indescribable hardships, and quite a few times, she wanted to return to the imperial capital, but thinking she had to marry that great sex fiend Ximen Yu, she hatefully suppressed those thoughts. Only after she heard the news that Nalan Ruyue and Ximen Yu were married, she timidly returned secretly feeling guilty.

“You, do you still want me to say what is good for you? Quickly go and bath first, looking at your dirty appearance, even beggars are cleaner than you.” Nalan Ruyue affectionately patted her little sister’s cheek and said.

Nalan Rumeng stuck out her tongue and along with Xiao Cui, she entered the bathroom at the side.

Long Yi sat on the wooden chair on the balcony and said with a smile: “You seem to dote on your little sister.”

Nalan Ruyue gracefully sat opposite to Long Yi and slowly said: “Not long after my mother gave birth to Rumeng, she passed away, and father emperor was always indifferent to us sisters, so I, as the big sister, how can I not dote on her?”

Long Yi smiled looking at the gentle looks of Nalan Ruyue and said: “When will you start doting me like that?”

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“What are you saying, it’s you that should be doting me……” Nalan Ruyue subconsciously replied and realizing what she had said just now, her beautiful face reddened all of a sudden.

“I should be doting you, is it? Hehe, I will, but isn’t it much better if everybody dotes each other?” Long Yi looking at the reddened face of Nalan Ruyue and said with a smile.

Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes and snorted: “I will not talk with you, other than taking cheap advantage with your mouth, what else do you know?”

“Yes, like you say, I only know how to take cheap advantage with my mouth, so if I don’t take cheap advantage, then wouldn’t you feel sorry for me?” The smiling eyes of Long Yi suddenly became deep and then he placed his hands on the table and leaned forward while speaking.

Nalan Ruyue was startled and looking at the handsome face of Long Yi approaching her, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated and she was at her wits’ end.

“You……what do you want to do?” Nalan Ruyue weakly asked.

“Of course, taking a cheap advantage with my mouth.” Long Yi as if wolf stared at her pink lips and smelling her simple yet elegant delicate fragrance, he slowly moved closer.

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The heartbeat of Nalan Ruyue accelerated, and she wanted to run away but in this brief moment, she had lost all her strength and could only look helplessly at Long Yi’s lips approaching towards her. Closer, even closer, now he was already so close that she could feel the warmth of his lips on her face.

The forehead of Long Yi bumped with the forehead of Nalan Ruyue, and their nose tips also touch each other. Now, he didn’t hesitate any longer and moved forward. His lips immediately felt soft and warm, moreover, a sweet fragrance dispersed in his lips. At this moment, both of them felt as if they were electrocuted.

Nalan Ruyue only heard the sound of her heart beating and her mind became a blank space. Moreover, a numb feeling rose from her lower abdomen and all the fine hairs on her body stood erect.

When Long Yi’s lips came into contact with the lips of Nalan Ruyue, the tip of his tongue frequently teased her pearly white teeth, and as if an instinctive reaction, Nalan Ruyue subconsciously stuck out her tongue. Immediately, the tongues entangled with each other and that feeling made her feel as if she was floating in the sky.

Long Yi wasn’t satisfied with only this situation. His big hands moved the wooden table between them to one side, then pulled Nalan Ruyue to the edge of the balcony.

After that, smelling a salty sea breeze and hearing the sound of sea waves, two people become intoxicated. And at an unknown time, the jade hands of Nalan Ruyue were already hugging the waist of Long Yi and Long Yi’s big hands however were moving about the perfect back and buttocks of Nalan Ruyue. These two people had clearly forgotten about everything else around them.

“What are you two doing, why on earth are you biting each other?” They had continued to French kiss for an unknown period of time, if not for this surprised voice, then they might have continued to kiss till the end of the world.

Intoxicated Nalan Ruyue who had closed her eyes suddenly trembled, then slowly opening her eyes, she saw Long Yi with a helpless expression. She screamed and hurriedly push Long Yi away, then turning around, she saw red-faced Xiao Cui and curious Nalan Rumeng.

This moment, Nalan Rumeng was already clean and was wearing a set of pink princess dress which perfectly showcased the outline of her just developing little breasts, and her wet millet colored hair was hung to her waist. Her skin was soft and fair, and her facial features were exquisite, which was a bit similar to Nalan Ruyue.

“Truly a rarely seen best quality little Lolita, after two years, she would become disastrous.” Long Yi clicked his tongue, praising again and again in his heart.

Nalan Ruyue nevertheless was mortally ashamed, she was unable to understand why she unexpectedly forgot herself and kissed Long Yi, moreover, hearing the question of Nalan Rumeng, she even more was dying to find a hole to jump into it.

“Big sister, why are you not telling me? Is it fun to bite each other?” Nalan Rumeng naturally knew that men and women shouldn’t be intimate but she also knew that husband and wife could be very intimate, merely she didn’t quite understand why they were biting each other.

Long Yi rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “This is a kind of game between husband and wife that enhance the feeling between the two.”

“Is that so? No wonder, when I had run into someone else’s house when I was very hungry to steal something to eat, I saw a couple of husband and wife doing such things, but they didn’t wear any clothing and were rolling about on the bed.” Nalan Rumeng said and her face suddenly reddened.

Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue looked at each other in blank dismay, wasn’t the girl excessively pure? In the imperial palace, there actually was such a pure girl, truly was a rare sight. What’s more, Nalan Rumeng should already be 14-15 years in age.

“You actually peeped, shameless.” Nalan Ruyue was embarrassed and having heard what was said, she immediately reprimanded Nalan Rumeng to cover up the shame and panic in her heart.

“I just saw it accidentally, but big sister, a husband and a wife, doing such things, is it really fun?” Nalan Rumeng as if a curious little baby asked.

Nalan Ruyue ferociously glared at Long Yi as she didn’t know how to answer her little sister’s question.

“Of course, it’s very fun, how about you accompany this brother-in-law to try?” Long Yi smirked and joked.

“Sex fiend, humph, do you think I don’t understand anything? If I want to try……want to try, then I will try with my future husband.” Nalan Rumeng snorted.

As for Xiao Cui, this girl nevertheless was unable to bear and with a red face, she ran out.

Nalan Ruyue pulled her little sister to one side and sat down, simply ignoring Long Yi. This smelly fellow unexpectedly didn’t cover up, instead even seduce her little sister. Now, she tried to not think that French kiss as much as possible.

After that, the two sisters chatted together but they frequently look towards Long Yi who was blankly staring at the seas, clearly, he was their subject of talk.

Long Yi looked at that sea with waves upon waves outside the balcony and he suddenly recalled Liu Xu, that violent dragon and his son Big Head. He wondered how they were doing now.

From the explanation of Liu Xu, Dragon Island was located somewhere in this sea. He wondered how far away it was from Nalan Empire. And recalling that Elder of Dragon clan who had nearly taken his life, Long Yi gnashed his teeth. He would definitely pay him back hundredfold with thanks for his favor of that time.

While he was lost in thought, Long Yi saw a group of dolphin swimming on the sea surface, they frequently jumped out and dive in the sea surface. He was very fond of these playful and also really intelligent fellows. He recalled that in his previous incarnation, every time he went to the seaside, he would always play with these cute fellows.

Long Yi suddenly jumped out of the balcony, then gliding to the sea waves, he began to tread on the sea waves.

“Ya, big sister, look at him.” Nalan Rumeng excitedly stood up and ran to the edge of the balcony looking at Long Yi’s indescribably free and elegant figure.

“Du, du, du.” Long Yi imitated the sound of dolphins.

Then that group of dolphins immediately surrounded and happily jumped around him.

“Big Sister, I also want to play, take me there.” Nalan Rumeng pleaded Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue hesitated, with her Mage realm strength, she could fly carrying one person, but she wouldn’t be able to support for a long time.

“Fine, but your big sister can only support for a little while.” Nalan Ruyue agreed. Then holding the hand of her little sister, she used Float Magic and glided towards Long Yi.

But, at this moment, Long Yi however stood on the back of a dolphin and was about to go far away.

Nalan Ruyue immediately shouted loudly: “Ximen Yu, wait a minute.”

Long Yi turned his head and waving his hand towards them, he said: “Come down, I will take you two to the sea to play.”

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