Chapter 320: Nalan Rumeng

Blue Moon City was flourishing without doubt, although it was somewhat lacking compared to Soaring Dragon City and also didn’t have such grand atmosphere like Soaring Dragon City, but this city also had a busy flow of people. Caravan and mercenaries could be seen everywhere. And with the streets paved using light blue sandstone, this city gave a rich marine atmosphere.

Roughly after half an hour, the carriage switched to a heavily guarded small path with tree shades. And immediately after that, the surrounding became very quiet, and the sounds of roaring sea waves became clearer, presumably, they were not far from the coastline.

Feeling the carriage seemed to be moving upward slowly, Long Yi lifted the window curtain under curiosity. Then, looking outside, he couldn’t help but be surprised. As it turned out, the imperial palace of Nalan Empire was built on the hilltop, and the path was sloping upward, no wonder he felt the carriage was slowly moving upward.

“Wow, it’s the castle, it looks pretty good.” Long Yi praised. Outside his expectation, this imperial palace was unexpectedly same as the castle of his previous world, but compared to any castle he had seen in his previous world, this was undoubtedly much larger.

“Of course, although our Nalan Empire’s imperial palace isn’t most luxurious and most imposing, but it is the most beautiful and most distinctive in the entire Blue Waves Continent.” Nalan Ruyue rather proudly said.

“It’s good, I wonder how is Ruyue’s lady’s bedchamber? Tonight, I want to take a good look.” Long Yi smirked and said. Before he had finished speaking three sentences, he was already using his glib-tongue.

The beautiful face of Nalan Ruyue turned red and she ferociously glared at Long Yi, but in exchange, Long Yi unscrupulously laughed.

After arriving, Nalan Wuji and Long Yi made few polite remarks, then Nalan Wuji summoned a palace maid to lead Long Yi as well as Nalan Ruyue to rest for the day. And at night, a grand ceremony would be held in the palace.

Long Yi as the husband of Nalan Ruyue naturally should live in the lady’s chamber where Nalan Ruyue used to stay.

Nalan Ruyue alone stayed in a small building of the imperial palace. This small building had dozens of various style functional rooms, and the lady’s chamber where Nalan Ruyue live in was the centermost room. Outside the lady’s chamber, there was a very big semi-circular balcony. On the balcony, there were wooden table and chairs as well as flowers. But what caught the eyes of Long Yi the most was the sea that could be seen just outside the balcony.

As it turned out, the imperial palace of Nalan Empire was built on the cliff. Behind the imperial palace, there was a deep and unfathomable sea. The sea waves were repetitively slamming again the cliff, and that scene of splashing water bloom truly was very spectacular.

“Amazing, Ruyue, your imperial palace is truly amazing.” Long Yi stood in the sunshine and looking at that vast sea, he repeatedly praised. Every day, listening to the sounds of the sea waves to sleep, truly was very beautiful.

“That’s natural. In this world, only us Nalan Empire has such scenery.” Nalan Ruyue said with a smile.

“Hehe, it seems I have to stay here for a period of time. I wonder if I can meet the legendary Mermaid Princess.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Mermaid Princess? What’s that?” Nalan Ruyue asked curiously.

“Mermaid Princess of course is……eh……” When Long Yi had spoken only half in all smiles, he suddenly paused, then was in a daze looking at those exquisite carvings on the balcony.

“Hey, Ximen Yu, what happened?” Nalan Ruyue waved her snow-white jade hand in front of Long Yi’s face. She was discontented with him for suddenly becoming absentminded.

Long Yi came back to his senses, then pointing at those carvings, he said: “Aren’t you saying you don’t know Mermaid Princess? Then what are those carvings?”

Nalan Ruyue followed the gaze of Long Yi and then said with a smile: “That is the legendary Siren. Legend says that they are the monsters that look like women with a long fishtail as their lower body. Are they the Mermaid Princess you were speaking?”

Long Yi was startled, he had never expected that this would also have mermaid’s legend. But, in his previous world, someone had seen a monster that resembles a human being with fishtail in the deep sea, moreover, also had found a corpse specimen, but after the research, that however was only a variant of fish, nothing more. It was really not the legendary fairy-like mermaid. Perhaps, the people of this world had also seen only such fishes, merely after spreading from one mouth to another, it became incredible. Long Yi thought like this in his heart.

At this time, Xiao Cui suddenly ran over and shouted loudly: “Princess, little princess has returned.”

“Rumeng? Where is she now?” Nalan Ruyue urgently asked. She truly needed to teach a lesson to that damned girl, seeing the circumstance was wrong, she sneaked off, leaving all the mess to her.

“Big sister, I am here.” A timid voice came from behind, and turning around, they saw a small head sticking out from behind the curtain of the balcony. Her hair was disheveled resembling a bird’s nest and her face was also very dirty, merely her millet colored two big eyes were looking all around nonstop. In a single glance, one would know that she was a restless girl.

“Rumeng, you……how did you become like this, still not coming out quickly.” Nalan Ruyue was surprised in her heart and shouted loudly.

Nalan Rumeng stepped out from behind the curtain, and they could see that her clothes were also very dirty. Now, looking at her from any angle, she simply appeared just like a little beggar. Whoever sees her current appearance, no one would believe that she was the princess of Nalan Empire.

“What happened? Hurry up and say, who bullied you?” Nalan Ruyue angrily said. Nalan Rumeng was her biological younger sister born from the same mother and father. Nalan Ruyue had doted her from her childhood, and now seeing her current appearance, she naturally was endlessly distressed.

“Ask me later, now I am starving to death, quickly give me something to eat.” Nalan Rumeng pitifully said.

At this time, clever and smart Xiao Cui brought some pastries and edible bird’s nests. And Nalan Rumeng as if the reincarnation of piggish eater rushed over, then grabbing the pastry with her dirty hand, she stuffed them into her mouth. It seems she might not have eaten enough for quite a few days.

“Eat slowly, no one will snatch the food from you.” Nalan Ruyue sighed.

Not long after, Nalan Rumeng, this little girl cleared off a plateful of pastry, then patting her slightly bulging belly, she comfortably burped.

Nalan Rumeng finally recovered her strength and noticed Long Yi beside her big sister. Suddenly, she was dumbfounded, and immediately afterward, she angrily glared at Long Yi and then snorting, she pulled Nalan Ruyue behind her and glowered him like a wolf.

“Big sister, all if my fault, it’s because I sneaked off, you were forced to marry this sex fiend.” Nalan Rumeng with tears in her eyes suddenly said to Nalan Ruyue with an incomparably guilty conscience.

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth twitched, and making a wry smile, he touched his nose, your grandpa, Ximen Yu, you bastard, until when should I be your scapegoat?

Nalan Ruyue was also startled, and looking towards Long Yi, she saw his beaten appearance, and a trace of a smile couldn’t help but appear on her face.

Long Yi raised his head meeting the gaze of Nalan Ruyue.

And Nalan Rumeng happened to see the appearance of two people casting an amorous glance at each other, but Nalan Rumeng being a completely inexperienced little girl, she mistakenly believed that Long Yi was threatening her big sister. She immediately stood in front to protect her big sister, then angrily said to Long Yi: “Disgusting sex fiend, you are not allowed to bully my big sister.”

“Little girl, do you need a spanking?” Long Yi intimidated her.

“You…do you dare, I will ask my father emperor to throw you into the sea to feed the fish.” Nalan Rumeng said while trembling.

“What about your father emperor? I heard it was you that originally should be marrying me, not your big sister.” Long Yi looked at Nalan Rumeng and continued: “Didn’t you say I am a sex fiend? Then, today, you and your big sister should serve me together.”

Nalan Rumeng shivered, and seeing Long Yi was approaching step by step, she felt he had an extremely ill intention.

“Looking at your dirty little face, let brother-in-law help you wipe them.” Long Yi smirked and extend his wolf claw towards Nalan Rumeng.

Nalan Ruyue somewhat helplessly looked at Long Yi. She naturally knew that this fellow was teasing her little sister. For some reason, she had already started to firmly believe that Long Yi wasn’t that kind of person from the bottom of her heart.

Nalan Rumeng suddenly screamed and a blue light suddenly burst out from her body, forming a shield to protect her. Long Yi’s advancing hand was stopped, this endlessly surprised Long Yi. This shield unexpectedly didn’t have even a trace of douqi and magic fluctuation, presumably wasn’t magic or douqi’s barrier, but it was greatly stronger than Holy Light Barrier.

Long Yi used AoTianJue’s internal force which accompanied with his powerful spirit power slowly broke through this blue shield.

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“Big sister, save me.” Nalan Rumeng was so scared that she closed her eyes seeing the wolf claw was approaching her. She was unable to understand why this fellow was able to break open her shield.

“Okay, Ximen Yu, stop teasing her, look how frightened she is.” Nalan Ruyue said in annoyance.

Long Yi smirked and retracted his hand, then asked: “What was that barrier of this little girl? How come I don’t sense even a bit of douqi nor magic fluctuation?”

“I don’t know, from childhood, the physique of Rumeng is unsuitable to train either magic or douqi, and her body is also very weak, but when she was seven years old, her body suddenly improved slowly, and when she encounters danger, she would automatically release a layer of this shield. Even a Great Swords Master cannot cut open this shield. We asked her but she herself also don’t know anything.” Nalan Ruyue said.

“There is such thing?” Long Yi strangely looked at this little dirty girl.

“Eh, big sister, could it be that he isn’t that sex fiend Ximen Yu?” At this time, Nalan Rumeng opened had beautiful eyes and seeing her big sister and this man’s relation appeared very good, she couldn’t help but ask in surprise.

“I am Ximen Yu, also am that sex fiend, but don’t worry, I however am not interested in you, a little girl that is picked up from the garbage can.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Nalan Rumeng was so angry that she snorted, and just when she wanted to refute, Nalan Ruyue pinched her cheek and asked: “You still haven’t answered my question, how did you become like this?”

Nalan Rumeng pouted, then with a look of having suffered grievances, she began to talk about the tragic experience she had encountered after she sneaked off the imperial palace.

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