Chapter 15- Treaty of D&L

Luna arrived back in time for the most important matter that wasn’t directly and immediately important to the realm. She moved beside David, then moved her head to be rubbed by him. He obliged her happily as he overlooked the tablet. Everything that he thought of since he first talked to Lousphy at this moment was discussed by him and a very high member of the divine.

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“I also agree with this contract. As this is the first of it’s kind, I will allow the divine to hold the original copy to know and have a model to go by for future endeavors. Now, for the final matter concerning me and Lousphy…. I wish to know if the divine object. Note though, this matter is personal and is no way affected by the contract we just made.” (David)


Sir Ralph looked at the tablet, then back at the demon and the dragon. Though he acted like a demon, the act of petting the dragon confused him slightly. It’s something typically a little odd.

“If this is even to seriously be considered, I must know what you plan to sacrifice to her and the divine.” (Sir Ralph)

David stopped rubbing Luna’s head, then gently pushed her away and pointed at her.

“She’ll bring her here, I wish her to be here for this.” (David)

Luna growled, annoyed, as she took off and had to circle around the area as she noticed her search target coming, which made her land after Lousphy did. The talking didn’t continue again until she returned.

“Yes, I’ve made several personal sacrifices for her. However, to the divine, I’ve made none. I understood clearly the moment she was kept put under your command that she was to spy on me.” (David)


Lousphy couldn’t stand to look at herself, or David, because she was very ashamed of this fact.

“Go ahead and spy on me. Almost everything I say is common knowledge to those of the underworlds and netherworlds. Just, don’t pretend that I’m an idiot when you try to keep things from me.” (David)

Lousphy opened her mouth while surprised, as she turned back to him.

“She can and she will, but there are some things that I will be forced to tell her, and I will tell them to her in such a way that she won’t allow be allowed to tell anybody else. As a confessor, she must keep these things to herself and if must be, only tell Luna and nobody else. If she says she can’t say, then it’s by my word that I told her that the information is kept between us. As well as certain things she may learn, she must keep them a secret if she knows that I wouldn’t want others to know. The ring I gave her will tell her if she’s ever in doubt. I won’t even know the topic, but she will feel my feelings on the matter at that moment. Now, what I give the divine is nothing more then what information I permit to be used. However, it depends on whether they wish to use it, because it doesn’t matter to me as long as it has no reflections that are good or bad on my realm.” (David)


David smiled toward Lousphy after he finished, then felt Luna’s head in his hand. She was smiling as well.

“What about children? Your demands for her? What about when there comes a time where she must choose between the divine and you?” (Sir Ralph)

David felt blood drip as he gripped his fist, not touching Luna, but hidden by the table. He took a moment to calm himself before responding.

“Children will be a choice between the two of us. I don’t know the way it works with angels1angelsspecies, but a demon can only have a child with another if they want one. As for everything else, she is completely free to choose. As a servant of the divine, she can be infinitely useful, but I still love her. I will accept any decision she makes, even refusing to go further into this scheme of ours.” (David)

Lousphy suddenly felt insulted. She moved over to him and slapped his red cheek, making it even redder. David was more surprised by the gentle kiss after it. The ‘tough love’ was expected by a demon, but not the apology. He did nothing more than accept it with love before letting her move back to where she was.

“In public, we will keep it strictly business as we can and in private…. Well, that’s private. Now, for the details of the marriage; I know you want to know. I think a ceremony would be unwise, as it will advertise what we’re doing to everyone who notices, yet doing nothing isn’t the way of either the divine or the demons2demonsspecies. So, I wish to hear your opinion on what to do about me and her actually doing this.” (David)


Sir Ralph considered that for a bit. It was true what the demon was saying, so it has to be something small that they can get away with.

“Would you be willing to leave this realm and come back to our land?” (Sir Ralph)

David took a moment to smile and nod, realizing where this was heading.

“If you don’t trick me with another one of your divine wrath traps, of course. I will have the sword to help protect me, and I won’t be in a weakened condition as I was last year.” (David)

Sir Ralph slowly nodded. He was uncertain he could remove the traps from even a small area for a short time, but he wasn’t sure anyone could for that matter. However, it may be possible to let the demon not set them off, or perhaps disable them for a little while.

“That might be arrangeable. I will have to look into the request further. However, there is the bed acts yet to be discussed.” (Sir Ralph)

Lousphy cheeks turned red, and David thought over it for a bit.

“What do you mean?” (David)


Sir Ralph had encountered this a few times over the years, and other times in his dealings with other demons. This was a day of firsts for him though, so this matter was also a new one.

“Intercourse.” (Sir Ralph)

David scratched his chin, because he forgot that sex was apart of marriage.

“As what has happened many times today, I think we have different words we use. To start with, sex with demons is called rape. It has one dominating another or several, or a group dominating a number less their own with one leading them. The dominatrix in me and Lousphy’s case would have full control and say; when, where, what, and how the sex plays out. Unfortunately for me, I have never taken a fancy to that yet because I was going to learn about that in my second century…” (David)


David stopped and sighed, figuring they would find out sooner or later.

“It really was shameful to be kicked out of school. I mean, to a demon, that’s almost impossible. We could kill the teachers, forge our records, or even break every rule in the book. I have to be a real f*** up though to nearly get expelled and piss my father off enough to not only notice me, but want me to leave his side for good. Honestly, I have no idea why he was so generous in giving me Luna and this realm.” (David)

Luna, who had not said or done anything since returning behind Lousphy, raised up some and looked at David.

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“Not only did we come together David, but both my parents were members of prime breeding stock from his stables. Four generations of husbandry was used in making me.” (Luna)

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