Chapter 16- Compromise of Nature

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David looked at Luna in a new light. He knew four generations went into his father’s first dragon. Though he is long dead, Luna’s great-grandfather’s soul still resides in the Supreme Overlord’s favorite ring. Her ancestor’s sperm is still sealed within the vaults for future candidates. Not that his father would have them implanted without doing it himself, if he ever cared to do so with a dragon of course. David rubbed under her jaw, which pleased her. She was worth more to the demon than his entire realm, even his entire dominion. David sighed after that.


“I don’t care if she’s the dominatrix. She can rape me whenever she wishes. A demon is expected to be raped every now and then. Right now though, this talk has made me rather wary. You and Lousphy can talk about what details are left of our marriage. I’ll likely agree to them.” (David)

David patted Luna, then they turned to go into the cave. Lousphy noticed that David seemed to limp. She thought even simple day to day actions didn’t weaken him that much.

“Lousphy.” (Sir Ralph)

Sir Ralph called out to her, so she turned her head around to look at him.

“Despite everything, you have performed quite admirably. However, you know that only a four winged or greater divine can be wed locked or be permitted to have children. In light of such events, I’m very surprised that you haven’t grown your own yet.” (Sir Ralph)


Lousphy became surprised at the announcement. It was rare for an angel to grow their own wings. It shows that they are truly special and are normally gifted beyond even the great ones. She smiled, then thought over what David had been saying about their marriage.

“Sir, I think nothing is left to be discussed. David would never hurt me, I feel it. If you continue to try to manipulate him, I will cast off my wings myself and be with him, then deny all terms beneficial for the divine. I love him and I’m sure I could get by standing beside him while not being a member of the divine. I wonder how far you can pull his strings without me?” (Lousphy)


Sir Ralph looked closely at his subordinate and felt angry that she would do what she just suggested. Truly, Lousphy was an angel all her own. Her principles are the very base type of all angels1angelsspecies and that innocence makes her both strong and powerful. Politics and war had long taken that away from Sir Ralph. He smiled and admired the youthful angel for that fact.

“It’s your choice. You hold and understand your position in this matter rather well. It’s rather refreshing to see such a young spirited angel so devoted to the principles of the divine that you’re willing to cast yourself from them.” (Sir Ralph)


Lousphy understood both meanings of that comment the moment she discovered the feeling inside herself and when he told her. David was an odd demon and she was an odd angel. If anything, it could work out if it’s them. For the first time in her life, she didn’t want the approval of the divine, she only wanted her heart’s approval. It was what she always wanted. Her heart was with the divine once, and still is, but now it’s also for David.

“Sir Ralph, you’re forgetting one important fact. The divine are allowed here for only one reason; David allowed it. I met him because he allowed it. The first true agreed upon peace between a demon and the divine since the end of the Greatest War has just been crafted because David allowed it. Now, his treaty can’t exist by himself, but he did allow it despite what you tried against it and him. His reasons are his own, but you have failed to realize that this treaty is a miracle. A miracle that hasn’t occurred in eighty thousand years. Not only that, but he loves me. I know this without a doubt.” (Lousphy)


Without warning, Lousphy jumped through her divine portal to the room she had in the church in town. It was a bare room with just a bed, and a table with a plate of bread and a clear glass of water on it. For a moment, she felt guilty about how she let the situation progress this much against David up to that point. She suddenly left Sir Ralph to think over it herself, then she noticed her appetite. She took the bread and ate it, then drank the water after a long prayer.


She prayed for common things such as happiness and love, but she also prayed for David’s happiness, then for Luna’s, and then for the treaty to hold. In the end, she found herself thinking about the wedding. Long after she finished her meal, night fell once again. She hadn’t noticed until now, but two full days and a night passed during the negotiations. No wonder David was exhausted. Tomorrow, she decided, she will try to do something for David. The question is… what?


Lousphy slept on the question, then woke up with an answer. Something simple would be good, like a walk. The moment she was ready to go, she used her divine portal to be right outside the cave, where Luna was almost waiting for her.

“Good morning.” (Lousphy)

Luna looked at her a little surprised, but responded in kind.

“Morning. If you’re here to see David, he doesn’t want you to see him right now.” (Luna)

Lousphy became worried. Did she do something wrong? Luna saw her doubts the moment they showed on the angel.

“He’s feasting.” (Luna)

Lousphy was really worried now. Why would she not want to see him eat? She has before.

“That doesn’t sound too bad, maybe I could join if he made stew.” (Lousphy)


Lousphy checked the answer by the dragons3dragonsspecies look.

“You’ve seen him eat, yes, but now he’s feasting. Have you not noticed how weak he’s been lately? He’s been starving, and the smoothies only stem his hunger. Right now, the question is not what he’s eating, but who.” (Luna)

Lousphy felt a knot in her throat from the answer. The thought of David eating someone was horrifying. Luna noticed this, so she moved next to Lousphy so she can stroke her neck and comfort the angel.

“Last night, David investigated the letter you received. He found out who sent it and made the minion’ guild turn them over to him. They just got here about half an hour ago, so he should be done shortly.” (Luna)

Lousphy didn’t feel any better after hearing that. It was still a life that he was taking. Luna rubbed her side and noticed she needed to be comforted more.

“Lousphy, you understand the circle of life, do you not?” (Luna)

Lousphy looked further down the cave, then nodded.

“The organisms higher in the food chain eat those below them. That’s the way of life, and that’s nature.” (Luna)


Lousphy felt only slightly better after realizing what the was dragon referring to. This was natural for a demon. In fact, it was likely very uncommon for a demon to not have done something like this already. Then, she realized, him giving up his right to eat the townspeople’s makes him lose a major source of growth. However, if they weren’t members of the divine, she had no right, or even way to stop him. It still felt like murder to her though, which is wrong.

“It’s not.” (Lousphy)

Luna growled and moved away from her.

“Don’t you say it. David is fighting against his very nature for his plans. Don’t make him fight his biology for you too. You must have known that David is a vampire demon. He must have told you that he eats to survive.” (Luna)


Lousphy grasped her hands together.

“But one life for another?” (Lousphy)

Luna looked at Lousphy with a sorry look in her eyes.

“Is it really alright for you to even judge what someone’s life is worth to another? Is David’s life worth more than those that he kills? What about the worth of the one that will eventually kill him? What about the lives you’ll also have to take one day compared to your own?” (Luna)

Lousphy opened her mouth to speak, but couldn’t. The dragon was right.

“Still, to ignore this will go against my very nature…. against my biology.” (Lousphy)


Luna moved to the angels side to let Lousphy stroke her neck again.

“Of course we don’t want that, but David would bend to your will and starve to death for you. You must’ve notice that. I’m here to see if you can compromise, as I will not bend as freely as David would. You, in your heart, must know that there are times when death is deserved. A mass murderer or such an equal crime for example. Even most demons2demonsspecies recognize some evils as wrong. However, their definitions and yours are different. You must recognize that the rules are in place for a reason. In this case, you helped make them. So, I will use an example you will understand. Is it right to trade one life to save a thousand?” (Luna)


Lousphy immediately answered.

“Of course.” (Lousphy)

Luna paused though to let her be sure of the answer.

“Even if that one life is the only one able to save millions and those thousand are the worst scum in existence?” (Luna)

Lousphy took a step back, ashamed. Of course, that wasn’t a fair trade. Luna continued her point. “Now, for the opposite. Would a million angels throw themselves to death because of a single word?” (Luna)

She paused to think about it this time. What word could cause such a thing, or who’s? Instantly, she understood the example.

“It’s happened before, and it may happen again.” (Lousphy)


Luna nodded.

“Yes, you see where I’m leading you now. David must eat to survive, but that doesn’t mean he’s evil for it. This is the first real meal David’s had in this realm. He will savor it because he personally knows that he doesn’t know when his next opportune one will be. He knows that you won’t like this part of him, so he’s trying to keep it from you.” (Luna)

Luna paused, not sure what else to say. She was at her limit with just the explanation that she was given. Lousphy stared down the cave as she rubbed Luna’s neck. The angel’s gentle touch sent soothing ripples through her hard flesh, much different than what David did when they first slept in this realm.

“Luna.” (Lousphy)

She then looked at Lousphy.

“I still can’t accept this, but there must be some way to compromise. Must he eat sentient life?” (Lousphy)


Luna looked at her, annoyed.

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“Sentient or not, it’s still life. The lives of plants and animals. No matter how much or how little, we all kill. Even you’ve accepted this. I eat meat and I eat other animals. That’s my biology, and that is what I do to survive. If I must, I will also cannibalize another dragon to survive. Humans have also cannibalized their own when the need arises. It’s not wrong. The strong eat the weak, that’s nature. For a time, a demon could live on plant and animal life, but to get enough nutrients, he must feed and not just eat. No matter what, David is and always will be a demon. As I am a dragon and you’re an angel. Try as we might, those are all we are.” (Luna)

Lousphy looked sorry in Luna’s eyes. No matter what, she couldn’t condone murder. With her explanation though, she might just accept it under the right conditions. The thought of her saving a murderer came to mind. The seemingly lifeless body she hovered over a few months ago suddenly started moving again. She remembered the time that she begged for David’s life to be saved.

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Then, the words came back to her.

“What did you do to me? I don’t have any of my demonic energy anymore. I should be dead. You betrayed me.” (Memory of David)

That gave her an idea.

“Luna, a demon’s demonic energy is their life correct?” (Lousphy)

She nodded, not knowing where this was heading.

“Well, did you know how David could live without any demonic energy in his body? I mean, none at all. It’s happened before.” (Lousphy)

Luna gave a silent pause. That would explain why she thought David was dead even after seeing him moving and talking after returning from the angel’s trial.

“Perhaps, you have stumbled onto something important. Maybe, David had another form of power in his body that kept it alive for a few more minutes, but I don’t know how it could help here.” (Luna)


Another idea came into her head.

“A demon puts his life force into whatever he makes. However, humans can steal demonic powers on occasions. Could it be possible that David could create a human analog that will keep him stay alive without demonic energy?” (Lousphy)

Luna looked at Lousphy in wonder, before looking away without answering.

“What you speak of might be possible. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I don’t have any doubts that if you ushered that, and the ring didn’t warn you, then it might be possible. That’s something you must talk to David about though. However, for now, you must accept that he must be the demon that he is. Will you?” (Luna)

Lousphy thought about it, then slowly nodded her head. Her blind love had led her to this. Luna relaxed as she moved to the mouth of the cave.

“David!” (Luna)

She yelled.

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