Volume 2, Chapter 3: My First Step Towards A Slow Life

When we returned to Wells’ Clothing Shop, a young woman dressed like a shop clerk greeted us.

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“Welcome — O-Ojou-sama!”

“It’s been a while, Sasha.”

“Ojou-sama, Ojou-sama! I heard from Master that you had returned but I didn’t believe it. But, Ojou-sama, you really have returned!”

The shop clerk named Sasha hugged Claudia. As Claudia was overwhelmed by the sudden hug, Sasha took advantage and grabbed hold of Claudia’s chest.


“Fuaaaa~, Ojou-sama, Ojou-sama, Ojou-sama! You really are an amazing ojou-sama!”

“Wai–! Let go of me! Hyan~, where are you touching — aah, mou, let me go! Sasha!”

“– I-I’m very sorry, Ojou-sama!”

Has she finally regained her composure? Sasha bowed her head and backed away from Claudia.

Claudia let out a deep sigh while looking at Sasha.

“Sasha, I’m happy that you were so worried about me, but I’m no longer an ojou-sama.”

“No, to me, you’ll always be the ojou-sama I love. Ha~a…such a lovely ojou-sama.”

I feel like she’s lost in her love without even listening to Claudia’s story…. In other words, she’s a Yandere. Recently, I’ve been less alarmed whenever I encounter a Yandere.

“…umm, Ojou-sama, who is that man there?”

“You didn’t really give me a chance to introduce him. This is my Master.”

“…is that so?”

Uwaa. She didn’t even have to say anything. The cold stare she gave me clearly said, “It would be great if you would die.”

W-Well, I should just let that pass…if Sasha is a Yandere her Yandere trait is being raised by my SSS rank skill, To be Loved to Death by Yanderes.

Actually, I guess in this situation it’s more like To be Hated by Yanderes. Well, it’s better than being liked and endlessly chased.

“Sasha, are Mother and Father here?”

“They’re both waiting in the living room.”

“Okay, thank you.”

If I were in Claudia’s position, I’d be trying to escape this girl, but…. Claudia just smiled innocently as if she didn’t even mind Sasha’s behaviour.

“Then, we’ll be going to the living room…. Master, is something wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. It was just nice seeing you like this, you look like a different person.”

“Well, it was just a little nostalgic being home I guess, but the person you know is the real me.”

“…the real you is a slave?”

“The real me is Master’s slave.”

It doesn’t feel bad hearing her say she’s proud serving me, but…I wonder why I feel this way.

Well…anyway, it’s time to meet Claudia’s parents.

— In other words, we were now in the living room. Claudia and I sat facing her parents across an elegant wood table.

Her Father sat directly across from me and her mother was diagonally across to my right.

“It’s nice to meet you. I am Claudia’s Father, the third generation owner and proprietor of Wells’ Clothing shop, and –”

“I’m Claudia’s mother, Asia.”

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Yuzuki.”

This really is similar to a boyfriend coming to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. However, Claudia explained the situation to them beforehand so they won’t misunderstand anything.

…but, the real story isn’t much better. I bought their daughter that was sold into slavery to repay their debt…. I wonder what they think of me.

Will they see me as someone that brought their daughter back to them Or will it be more like…a man that plays with their daughter after making her his slave?

I should have asked Claudia beforehand.

Anyway, I should just drink the tea they’ve prepared and try to calm down. Ah, wait, should I not drink it until they tell me to? That’s the polite way of doing things in Japan, but I don’t know if it’s the same way here.

“Yuzuki-kun, I can’t begin to express how grateful we both are for what you’ve done. Thank you so much.”

As I was worried about this, Claudia’s father spoke then bowed his head.

This…is good, right? Claudia must have done a good job explaining things to them. I was thinking about how I should respond if they thought I was abusing her, but now it seems like I was just worried about nothing.

“Please, raise your head. It was really just a coincidence. I haven’t done anything worth your thanks.”

I finally felt relaxed enough to take a drink of my tea.

“No, our daughter told us everything. You bought her before she could be forced into an unhappy life of servitude, and now she spends every night with you as your sex slave.”

“–Guho!? *Cough* Cough*”

I began coughing up the tea I had only just managed to drink.

“Wh– Wh– Wh– What!?”

What did Claudia tell them!? I turned to face her. She just looked at me and mouthed, “It’s the truth.”

Well, it’s true that ever since that night on the ship, every day and every night we’ve been…. That’s not the point.

Claudia’s parents must hate me for what they think I’ve done to their daughter. I’m sure they’re just keeping the anger hidden while Claudia’s around.

“Don’t misunderstand us, Yuzuki-san.”

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With a somewhat gentle tone, Claudia’s mother, Asia, spoke.

“We had already sold our daughter off expecting her to live as a prostitute in order to pay for our own mistakes. You, Yuzuki-kun, saved her from this fate. We are very grateful to you.”

“I-I see….”

Their daughter with an unfortunate destiny was able to escape that terrible fate. I understand why they’d be grateful for that, but…are they really okay with her being a sex slave?

To be honest, I don’t even know what to think. Are these two people really that strange or…is it this world itself?

Because this world was created by Medea-nee….

[– Oh, but I’m nothing but an ordinary Goddess.]

…an ordinary Goddess wouldn’t be constantly stalking a single person. Rather than saying this, it was written in my log window.

As I responded to Medea-nee, Asia spoke.

“From now on, we give you our daughter, Claudia, to use as your sex slave. Please, continue to love her for the rest of her life.”

“Eh? Well…umm…sure.”

If I refused, they’d probably think I was just playing around with their daughter. And what do they mean by the rest of her life?

As a result of me being caught up in the strange situation, I agreed without fully understanding what she meant.

I guess you could say, ‘Claudia get!’ But is this really okay?

“With that settled, Yuzuki-kun, there is something I must ask you!”

Claudia’s father stood up and moved closer to me.

This guy, he’s so easily passed the idea of his daughter being a sex slave. What’s more important to him than that? As I thought this, Asia called out to her husband and said, “Dear…?”

“Don’t you think you’re being rude to our guest?”

“Oh, sorry. My wife is right. Forgive me, Yuzuki-kun.”

“No, I don’t mind, but…what is it you wanted to ask?”

“Well, there was just one thing. It’s about the clothes my daughter is wearing.”

“O-Oh…the clothes.”

A mini-skirt that I modified and an off-shoulder top that was given to me by Medea-nee. In other words, clothes that make Claudia look like a businesswoman.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t afford any other clothes for her, but I’ll be sure to buy her something else to wear.”

“No, that’s not it. Did you make these clothes, Yuzuki-kun?”

“Eh? Well…I modified the skirt, but I had nothing to do with the top.”

“…is that so?”

Claudia’s parents started speaking to each other with disappointed looks on their faces.

“Umm…is there something wrong with the clothes?”

“No, I just thought the design was revolutionary. I asked my daughter to give them to us so we could dismantle them and copy its design, but she refused because they were a gift from you.”

“Oh…I see.”

Claudia’s father seems to be the type of person that only thinks about clothing.

“Even without dismantling them I could probably recreate the design if you have some pattern paper…. Do you want me to do that later?”


Why are they so surprised?

…especially Claudia.

“Are you serious? Can you truly recreate this godly design!?”

“Yes…but calling it ‘godly’ when there’s so much skin exposed is a bit odd.”

“Certainly. It’s rather fitting for my daughter, but it’s too erotic of a design for the general population. This doesn’t change the fact that the design itself is completely revolutionary. If we alter it slightly to reduce the exposure, I’m sure it can be a wonderful design!”

I think I’m able to understand this man a little more…. The clothing Claudia is wearing can be considered overly erotic and her father is staring at her with a bright red face…. Will he be able to leave her alone?

W-Well, I’m sure it will be fine. It’s probably better if I hurry and make the design for them so he can make a less erotic top for Claudia.

“Alright, I can create a slightly modified version for you with some pattern paper.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Thank you! I can’t offer you much of a reward right now, but I swear once I’ve rebuilt our company I’ll reward you handsomely.”

Wells-san moved across the table and pressed his face close to mine.

Even if he were a beautiful girl this would be uncomfortable. So I particularly don’t like that a middle-aged man is doing this.

“F-For the time being, can you move back a little. I’ll make the design for you so can you listen to what I have to say? It actually might have something to do with why you want that design.”

“…what does that mean?”

“Do you know of Rennis’ Clothing Shop?”

The moment I mentioned that name, both of Claudia’s parents became serious.

“I know that name well. It’s another clothing store that’s rapidly expanding its presence on this island.”

“Their products are lower quality but they’re able to sell at incredibly low prices.”

“That’s right. I can’t compete with them, but…how are you familiar with them?”

I cut straight to the point and told him that there are outside powers trying to gain control over Gran Island. In order to obtain this goal, this person has been trying to crush the current economy of the island by buying out or destroying all merchant families.

“You’re telling me that Rennis’ Clothing Shop is working with outside forces in order to crush our family?”

“Yes. I’m guessing they’re able to sell their products at such ridiculous prices because they’re receiving outside support.”

“…so it was like that.”

I guess he has a lot to think about.

Wells-san clasped his hands together and began trembling.

I don’t know how long this has been going on, but…it got bad enough that he was forced to sell his daughter into slavery.

The shock of finding out that it wasn’t due to him falling behind another shop but instead was due to a conspiracy must be great.

“And…about the curse of weakness affecting you and Claudia….”

“–No way. They’re involved with that too?”

“There’s no direct evidence, but it seems to be more than likely.”

“How is this possible….”

Wells-san looked despondent. Asia said, “Dear….” and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Claudia was extremely weak when she was under the curse of weakness. Even though I didn’t know her original ability at that point, I was able to see her status window and could clearly see how weak she had become.

If Wells-san’s ability to make clothing has been affected by the curse, then he must be incredibly frustrated.

“I want to get back to my original reason for being here. I came here with Claudia knowing your situation and wanting to help.”

“You…want to help?”

“Well, as I mentioned earlier, I can recreate the design of the clothing Claudia is wearing. I also have other knowledge I could offer you that may help.”

I can say with complete certainty that my knowledge of tailoring is superior to everyone in this world. This isn’t because I’m amazing or the people of this world are stupid, it’s just the difference in the techniques used of tailoring used in either world is so vast.

And the same thing can be said for the designs of this world. There are numerous designs that I can bring to this world from Earth.

The best way I can think of helping Claudia’s family is by creating new designs for them and basically every design from Earth will be completely new to this world.

If I take into account the tastes of the people of this world, we should be fine.

“I truly am grateful for your offer….”

“Then, you’ll allow me to help you?”

“No, I don’t think it will matter. The debt we have is far too great. I told you I wished to sell the design for Claudia’s clothing, but, as things stand, we’ll likely have to close the shop tomorrow.”

“Your debt, huh. I’m sorry if this is rude, but…how much do you owe?”

Wells-san was reluctant to answer at first, but after some urging from Claudia, he finally revealed it.

They owe 100 gold coins.

Considering that the most expensive slaves cost 10 gold, that amount is considerable.

“If you pay off 15 gold coins, could you stay open for longer?”

“With 15 gold? If we had that amount, yes. We could manage for some time.”


I said this and confirmed that Claudia was okay with it.

Of the 15 gold coins I had, 10 of them were the reward I received for capturing Lang. I was supposed to split them with Claudia.

But she nodded without a hint of hesitation. I thought she may hate her parents for selling her into slavery, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So I set 15 gold coins on the table.

“Please, use this money to restore Wells’ Clothing Shop.”

“T-This is…are you really okay with this?”

I’m sure this sounds too good to be true.

My expression was serious but I could see a little hesitation in his eyes.

“Actually, I wanted to be a tailor in the future.”


“So, please, hire me once you’re able to restore your shop to its former standing.”

“Umm…is that all you’d like to ask for in return for this?”

“Yes, there’s nothing else I want. My dream is to live a calm and peaceful life.”

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