Chapter 261 – What Are You Crying For?

After crying, she pointed at Huan Qing Yan and the unconscious Huan Jiu Li, “The Greater Demon is Huan Jiu Li, and Huan Qing Yan is an accomplice! They are the ones that caused the death of Lord Ninth, so quickly apprehend them!”

The imperial guards immediately surrounded Huan Qing Yan and Huan Jiu Li.

Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth in anger and quickly said, “Brother Jiu Li was only being possessed by the Greater Demon. It was the Greater Demon that killed people, not him. Now that the Greater Demon has left his body, do not put the blame of deaths on him…”

“Do not listen to her… I saw it with my own eyes, Huan Jiu Li is that Greater Demon! He can transform, Huan Qing Yan assisted him, and they worked together to attack Lord Ninth… I can only blame myself for my low cultivation and was unable to stop them, causing Lord Ninth to…” Huan Meng Yue weep as she spoke.

Her tears were not fake, as she had a real reason to cry for.

She spent so much effort to obtain this great tree called Lord Ninth to shelter under, before she could even enjoy her fill, that tree fell. Causing her to become a person without backing, how could she not get hurt or agitated?

Bai Chen Feng had died; it was also true that Huan Jiu Li was possessed. That Greater Demon had died, and that mysterious old man had also ran away…

Under such circumstances, no matter what Huan Qing Yan said now, no one would believe her. The imperial guard commander said, “This lady, please come with us to assist with our investigation.”

Huan Qing Yan bit her lips, as she was trying to think of a comeback, the Feather Guard Captain, Yu Yi, said, “My apologies but Lady Huan is the spirit chef of our Aged Consulate. Young Master Ya had instructed, without his permission, no one has the right to bring her away.”

As he spoke, the Feather Guards circled Huan Qing Yan and defended her.

When Huan Meng Yue saw that, she immediately lay on Bai Chen Feng’s body and cried, “Lord Ninth, you have died a unjust death! As a great prince of the Hanging Cloud Empire, you were killed by the evil hands of a demon man, yet there are outsiders who are protecting that demon man, allowing the murderer to go scot-free…”

The imperial guard commander was initially hesitating about offending the Feather Guards of the Ji Mo Clan, but after being incited by Huan Meng Yue, he said, “I have heard that Young Master Ya was a reasonable gentleman; he would not allow any spies of the demons to go unpunished. Since this woman is related to the Greater Demon, please do not cause us any problems and allow us to do our lawful job.”

“That would at least be after our Young Master has agreed.”

The Feather Guards were unyielding as they continued to protect Huan Qing Yan, and the situation was on thin ice as the two forces confronted each other. The Silver Masked Guards and the guards of the Ninth Prince Estate stood at the side and did not seem to have the intention of joining the conflict, but if there were to be a confrontation between the two parties, they would without doubt support the imperial guards…

As both sides reached a tense state, a weak voice reached the group.

“What’s all this noise about? This prince has yet to die, so why are all of you so noisy?”

Everyone stared wide-eyed and looked at the direction of the voice…

It’s Bai Chen Feng!

Bai Chen Feng was clutching onto his chest as he panted twice; he looked at the tearing Huan Meng Yue beside him and said, “This prince has yet to die, so what are you crying for? Scram, you are causing this prince pain when you are lying on my body…”

When everyone finally managed to react, their attention all focused on Bai Chen Feng.

Huan Meng Yue quickly pulled at him, “Ninth Prince? You did not die?”

“My lord, that’s great! So you weren’t killed by that Greater Demon…”

“Someone quickly inform his majesty that Lord Ninth is not dead, quickly invite the imperial doctor over…”

Huan Qing Yan was the most surprised. Bai Chen Feng was supposed to be dead. She had confirmed it earlier on personally, and she could see his internal organs through that gaping hole on his chest; even his breathing and pulse had also stopped.

Why was he alive then?

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