Chapter 260 – Young Master Ya!

The mysterious elder coldly smiled, “Lass, you are rather sharp. However, you should have never appeared here.”

D*mn, this person was indeed not a good soul; after colluding with a demon, he not only killed the demon to silence it, he also wanted to silence her.

When a person got unlucky, even cold water could be stuck in between their teeth. This was a place of misfortune where lives were lost one after the other.

The incident regarding the Greater Demon did not happen by chance – it was a plot.

This person should be planning to kill Bai Chen Feng; although it should be a simple thing for him, he got a Greater Demon to act on his behalf…

The schemes and tricks tied to this plot were definitely complicated.

Huan Qing Yan replied in fright, “Elder, please show mercy; I have neither heard nor seen anything, and I promise I will not speak a word of this.”

The mysterious elder replied emotionlessly, “Only a dead person could be trusted!”

With that sentence, Huan Qing Yan’s clothes were soaked in cold sweat.

What to do?

It seemed like she was out of tricks…

It looks like she would really die here, that mysterious elder could kill as her as easily as killing an ant…

Goodbye dear flavors, goodbye my dreams of becoming the god of gluttony, goodbye my cute otherworld…

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Suddenly, a refreshing voice came from outside the garden, “You should at least give a good reason why you want to kill.”

When Huan Qing Yan heard that voice, her tensed up mind immediately loosened up.

“Young Master Ya!”

The next second, a noble figure riding a huge white dragon descended from the sky; the grace and majesty of the person and his ride was akin to an ancient god descending onto earth, with transcendent poise and bearing.

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When Huan Qing Yan captured that image in her eyes, other than perfect and handsome beyond words, there was no other way for her to describe it…

Ji Mo Ya’s sculpted and perfect face was slightly smiling.

However, this smile was filled with a cold rage that was exceptionally terrifying…

When the mysterious elder saw Ji Mo Ya, he immediately forgot about silencing Huan Qing Yan; instead, he turned and ran away without uttering a single word.

When he left, the oppressive aura that was covering the garden also disappeared along with him.

Very quickly, a large group of guards ran into the garden…

“Lord Ninth, Lord Ninth!”

“The lord, has died…”

“Princess Wu You…”

The situation turned chaotic.

Very quickly, the royal guards from the palace and a group of silver mask guards also arrived.

“We thank Young Master Ya for breaking the field formation!” A silver mask guard paid his respects to Ji Mo Ya who was still in mid-air.

They had reached the back garden earlier but were unable to enter and did not know what had happened because of the barrier that was set up. When they were feeling anxious, Ji Mo Ya arrived!

Ji Mo Ya nodded at the group below him and also specially did a check on Huan Qing Yan’s condition; seeing that she was fine, he immediately chased after that old man in the direction that he left.

Huan Qing Yan was filled with fervor as she gazed at the direction where Ji Mo Ya had disappeared, ‘D*mn, isn’t Ji Mo Ya so handsome, so awesome?’

Huan Qing Yan was not the only one that felt that way, most of the people present also felt a sense of worship and respect towards him.

Those who were feeling jealousy and envy were exceptionally few, since no one was at the level of Ji Mo Ya. There’s no reason for them to have such feelings.

The garden was still rather chaotic due to Bai Chen Feng’s death. The Ninth Prince Estate was in a state of unrest as they had lost their master.

During that time, Huan Meng Yue woke up after the guards performed first aid. When she woke up and learnt that Bai Chen Feng was dead, Huan Meng Yue was dumbstruck before weeping loudly.

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