Chapter 259 – Silence

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Although that person was yet to arrive, the Eagle Demon seemed to know who that person was, “Old man, this king has completed the mission, quickly open…”

“Demon! How can my Hanging Cloud Empire allow a beast like you to continue your rampage? Hand over your life now!” The person was an elder with a blurred face.

His face was shrouded in a layer of grey mist, preventing people from identifying his appearance, yet the power emanating from him was great.

When he arrived, the whole garden seemed to be sealed within a barrier.

When people from the outside knocked on the barrier, only a dull sound was emitted as they were prevented from entering.

Huan Qing Yan also felt a weird sense of suffocation.

The oppressive aura was literally coming down on her as thought it was trying to turn her into a meat pie…

While the Eagle Demon was faring even worse as it immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

He was already heavily injured during the deadly match with Bai Chen Feng, now the injuries got even worse due to this unexpected assault when his defenses were lowered.


The Eagle Demon was both startled and enraged, “Old Man, you intend to ignore the backlash of the blood pact and silence me… Truly vicious!”

When it formed a temporary pact with the old man, they had also formed a blood pact. If any party were to break their promise, they would receive a backlash from the energy of the heavens and earth, causing them to lose at least ten years and up to hundred years of their cultivation.

This mysterious old man has a very high cultivation; if he were to break the pact, his cultivation would surely drop by a hundred years. The Eagle Demon never expected that a person would be willing to pay such a high price to silence him!

Huan Qing Yan looked at the elder and turned to look at the Eagle Demon; she seemed to have understood something.

“Die demon!”

The mysterious elder coldly said without replying the demon and sent a palm strike at it.

Before the palm reached, the Eagle Demon already felt a pressure as great as a mountain pressing down on it; it was without doubt something it would be unable to resist!

With the heavy injuries on his body, it was intending to escape.

But its body was unable to move an inch!

The Eagle Demon felt a huge sense of crisis; it made the hard decision to forsake this body, and a black smoke emerged from Huan Jiu Li’s head and flew away.

Now that it had forsaken the body, it would be unable to survive in the black smoke state for long. However, the dire situation had left it with no other choice.

“To think that this Great Eagle King has met such a despicable human cultivator like you today! This king will definitely repay this debt in the future!”

Seeing the Eagle Demon King escaping into the distance, the mysterious elder was not flustered, he instead coldly laughed, “You no longer have a future!”

As he spoke, he took a step forward.

This step allowed him to immediately reach the black smoke.

In a flash, the elder’s hand started forming seals quickly, causing the black smoke to be caught by an invisible energy, preventing it from moving further. Before the black smoke could react, it turned into a pile of grey ashes and fell onto the ground…

‘It died just like that?’

The Eagle Demon King that terrorized the Hanging Cloud Empire for so many days was killed so easily by this mysterious elder?

The elder did not even use his spirit treasure!

Huan Qing Yan stared dumbstruck at the scene, this old fella’s power was not ordinary!

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Even if she wanted to plan something, it was useless as the battle ended too quickly; this elder’s strength was truly too terrifying.

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Due to being released from possession, Huan Jiu Li had lost consciousness and fell onto the ground. Huan Qing Yan boosted her courage and quickly approach him and dragged him to a corner, hoping that mysterious elder would just forget about them.

However, her way of thinking was simply too childish.

When the lump of black smoke completely disappeared, the mysterious elder shifted his attention towards Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan felt as though a sharp needle had pierced into her mind…

Huan Qing Yan squeezed out a smile, “Senior, you are truly powerful, you destroyed that Greater Demon with just a wave of your hand. This junior, Huan Qing Yan, greatly admires…”

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