Chapter 258 – Tons Of Beautiful Demoness…

Help Huan Jiu Li? But he was a demon.

Help Bai Chen Feng? Impossible; in addition, what if Huan Jiu Li got hurt?

The conflict within her heart was endless, so with a silent sigh, she stopped circulating her spirit energy. There’s no point joining the fight; rather than choosing, she should just stay put and observe the situation.

The battle continued.

The three men and one eagle’s fight had reach peak intensity, but the snakes and rats were unable to contend with the guards and were being slaughtered.  

The Eagle Demon’s strength was in fact at the level of a Demon General, which was equivalent to a True Spirit Master. However, due to the current body not being his own, its abilities had fallen greatly.

Seeing that the situation was turning dire, with a flash of viciousness, it ignored the two guards and dashed towards Bai Chen Feng while raising a sharp claw.

Bai Chen Feng did not expect the situation to change so suddenly and was unable to defend in time; as the claw pierced into his chest, he shouted out in pain before bending his body backwards and fell!

After the Eagle Demon unleashed that attack, its face turned pale and was unable to avoid the two slashes that came from the two guards from behind. While covered in blood, it quickly moved away.


Slowly, the battle stopped.

The Eagle Demon was still standing on the battlefield, but it was now on the verge of collapsing.

The scene was in chaos, and the whole garden had basically been destroyed as the corpses of critters and of the guards littered the field.

A nauseating scent of blood and death permeates the air.

Huan Qing Yan suddenly felt a chill running through her body; a wave of sadness and grief came from the reincarnated girl as she took over the body.

She quickly went towards Bai Chen Feng’s side. Bai Chen Feng’s clothes were in tatters; due to the sharp claws of the Greater Demon, he was covered in blood and injuries.

“Bai Chen Feng, Bai Chen Feng…”

She checked his breathing but found none.

Tears uncontrollably begun to well up in her eyes.

Huan Qing Yan was feeling exceptionally unhappy, the reincarnated girl actually cried for a trash like Bai Chen Feng!

But since the emotions of the reincarnated girl was currently in a mess, she was unable to forcefully stop her; all she could do was to console.

The Eagleman was also not in a good state; being covered in injuries, its eyes shined like a wild beast, vicious and cruel; it had turned mad due to the slaughter.

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It picked up Huan Qing Yan who was beside Bai Chen Feng and mocked, “Huan Jiu Li, look at the woman that you like! She is crying for a man like Bai Chen Feng; despite your feelings for her, she still doesn’t like you. Aren’t you dumb!”

Huan Qing Yan’s neck was strangled by the Eagle Demon and was feeling very uncomfortable, “Brother Jiu Li, it is not like this…”

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D*mmit, the person who liked Bai Chen Feng was not her, it was the reincarnated girl!

However, she was unable to explain now. If there was time, she could still slowly explain things to Huan Jiu Li regarding this matter but at the current situation, no matter how good her eloquence was, she could not explain things properly.

“She still dares to find excuses! Huan Jiu Li, why not let me help you kill this woman on your behalf! Return to the demon clan with me, there are tons of beautiful demonesses there…” as the Eagle Demon spoke, he pouted, “Fine. Since you do not wish for her to die, this king shall let her off; the mission is complete. Let’s go.”

“Pa” with a sound, Huan Qing Yan was thrown onto the ground.

At that time, a powerful aura covered the garden; someone was coming!

Huan Qing Yan’s heart tightened, despite the discomfort on her throat, she hoarsely said, “Brother Jiu Li, quickly, run…”

Little did she expect that not only did the Eagle Demon not move, it stood proudly on the spot.

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