Chapter 257 – Battle

Bai Chen Feng was suspicious. This Huan Qing Yan usually viewed him like a great enemy when they met, so why did she suddenly become so friendly?

That smile might have contained goodwill, but it also contained traces of urgency?

“This lord can see that you are different from usual today! You said that you came to apologize, so why did you disguise yourself as a servant?”

Huan Qing Yan noticed some strange movement from the bushes, spurring her urgency, “Bai Chen Feng, are you still a man? Why are you being suspicious like some old woman? Let’s go.”

As she spoke, she pulled his sleeves and walked out of the garden.

As the two spoke, a large number of insects, rats and snakes swarm out from everywhere and surrounded them.

“Lass, you indeed plan to spoil this king’s plans. Fine, I will just kill the two of you…” A strange laughter came from the bushes.

Bai Chen Feng was alarmed. He drew the sword that was hanging on his waist and went on alert.

Huan Qing Yan sighed silently and stepped back.

It looks like this battle could not be stopped, and what was to happen still would happen.

When Bai Chen Feng drew his blade, he saw an eagle-headed man monster jumping out from hiding.

The monster was exceptionally vicious looking while the aura it was emitting was abnormally powerful.

“You are that demon that has been causing trouble all this time!”

Bai Chen Feng immediately focused his thoughts without hesitation as an illusion of a lion appeared above his head.

It was his spirit treasure, the manticore!

A manticore not only possessed the ferociousness of a lion, its tail also possessed a stinger; other than the ability to pierce, it was also able to release a lethal venom, allowing it to possess a much higher combat ability than ordinary lions.

The eagle-headed demon shouted before it ferociously charged towards Bai Chen Feng!

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“Men, come!” Bai Chen Feng shouted.

The power of this demon was obviously higher than him, so he needed to seek external aid. Fortunately, he stationed a large number of guards within his estate.

After Bai Chen Feng shouted, he instructed his manticore to shield him from the front before he lifted his sword and prepared to face the enemy.

Although the manticore’s cultivation was low, it was still a spirit treasure, it was able to resist a person much better than a human; at least, it could harass this eagle demon for a longer period.

“Dang dang dang!” Three hurried sounds that felt as though they were one was heard, it was Bai Chen Feng striking three consecutive times with his sword.

In the end, it was stopped by the pair of the sharp eagle claws of the demon; the demon looked fine.

Bai Chen Feng secretly sucked in cold air.

The three slashes was a special move he had trained for a long time; his training has allowed his slashes to reach the speed of lightning, with each slash faster than the one in front; if any single one landed on its target, it would be enough to kill a person on the spot.

Yet when against this eagle demon, it seemed extremely lacking.

A series of footsteps approached them from afar. The guards were rushing over.

When the eagle demon noticed it, it calmly released a shout.

The next instant, swarms of rats and snakes suddenly appeared and charged towards the guards.

The guards were startled by the new change; however, many of them were able to compose themselves before they started massacring the rats and snakes.

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The sounds of the clash filled the air as the scene turned chaotic.

Amongst the guards were two High Level spirit masters; seeing Bai Chen Feng in danger, they immediately split up from their team and went towards him to provide support.

With the combined strength of three people, they somehow managed to resist the eagle demon.

After a while, a tender voice said, “Lord Ninth, I will help you!”

It was unknown when Huan Meng Yue woke up as she also joined the battle.

However, due to her low cultivation, she was not much of help; her spirit treasure was also not suited for such occasions. After two encounters, she was casually blown away by the eagle demon with a flap of its wing, causing her to go unconscious once again.

Huan Qing Yan was hiding at a corner. She was wondering what to do now.

Which side should she help?

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