Chapter 319: Blue Moon City

Long Yi was surprised and bewildered. Seeing these dozens of ice-sculptures, he immediately thought about Wushuang purely on the conditional reflex.

“What’s going on? Ah…this…” Nalan Ruyue also lifted the curtain and looked in the front, and seeing human-shaped ice-sculptures, she couldn’t help screaming. She also sensed dense water magic elements remaining in the air.

Long Yi immediately soared as if a roc and landed in front of these human-shaped ice-sculptures. Behind him, Red Lady and Barbarian Bull followed.

Long Yi frowned. Looking at the attire of these people, they should be a certain small-sized mercenary group. There were warriors and magicians too.

“Eh, they are not frozen in ordinary ice.” Red Lady exclaimed after using her Scarlet Blood Bow to feel out this ice-sculpture.

Long Yi reached out his hand and come into contact with one ice-sculpture then he immediately felt bone-piercing chill invading into his body. He immediately retracted his hand and said: “Profound Yin Ice.”

Yes, it was indeed Profound Yin Ice, and for such wide-area attack range of Profound Yin Ice, if one was not at least Master Archmage, then it was simply impossible to accomplish. And looking all over Blue Waves Continent, other than Water Master Archmage Shui Linglong, there was only one another person that has this capability i.e. Wushuang who had already reached Magic God realm. Could it be that she had also come to Nalan Empire?

“It’s nothing worth seeing, let’s set out, but increase your vigilance, everyone.” Long Yi indifferently said then returned to the carriage.

A large contingent of troops began to set out again. As Blue Waves Continent was the world with the law of the jungle, that scene of just now merely gave everybody misgivings, nothing more. Therefore, all along the road, they just commented on it. Someone said this was the deed of Shui Linglong and some said this was the deed of a hidden expert. Everyone had diverse views.

As for Long Yi, after entering the carriage, he remained silent and his eyes were unfocused. Sometimes, he would laugh and sometimes he would frown, his expression was fluctuating. Nalan Ruyue wanted to ask what was wrong with him but again didn’t dare to ask this critical question.

“Was it Wushuang? It should be, it seems, she still hasn’t remembered her past, otherwise, why wouldn’t she come to me?” Long Yi sighed in his heart and recalling every aspect of the time since he had encountered her for the first time, his heart became even more bleak and dreary.

And seeing Long Yi suddenly appearing lonely, Nalan Ruyue finally couldn’t help pulling the sleeve of Long Yi and asked softly: “What’s wrong with you? Since the time you saw those frozen solid people, you are extremely depressed, do you know who had done that?”

Long Yi shook off the hand of Nalan Ruyue in annoyance and said: “Don’t bother me, let me have peace.”

Nalan Ruyue was startled, and grievance emerged in her heart, moreover, with her eyes turning red, tears threatened to fall down. Wasn’t she just worried about him? But who would have thought that she would get no thanks for her good intentions? Furthermore, he found her annoying.

Nalan Ruyue took a deep breath enduring her tears, and to vent off her anger, she cursed in her heart nonstop: “Cruel and unscrupulous dirty fellow, ungrateful stinking fellow, fickle damned fellow…”

Long Yi nevertheless was still immersed in his own thinking. And after an unknown period of time, he gnashed his teeth and said: “Wushuang, you are my woman. I will never allow you to forget me, never.”

Thinking this, the eyes of Long Yi glimmered with incomparably firm radiance. Only after this, his heart lightened and he came back to his senses.

After coming back to his senses, he saw Nalan Ruyue was facing him with her back, and Xiao Cui was hatefully glaring at him as if she was dying to bite him.

“Eh, this atmosphere appears somewhat not too right, what’s going on with you two? Xiao Cui, do you and I have an enmity? Why on earth are you looking at me like this?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and asked.

“Humph, don’t talk to me, I have never thought you were such person.” Xiao Cui turned her head and her tone of speaking was 70-80% similar to her master Nalan Ruyue.

Long Yi was startled, and could roughly guess that he might have offended this master and servant pair.

Until next day, Nalan Ruyue truly didn’t speak a single word with Long Yi, and also didn’t give him a good face, truly making Long Yi to sigh in his heart: “Women, no matter how dazzling halo they had around their body, beneath the surface, their heart was pinpoint like minuscule.”


Along with the rolling of the wheels of the carriage, ten days had already passed. Long Yi and his group had already passed through several big cities and were already about to arrive the capital city of Nalan Empire, Blue Moon City.

And to the pleasant surprise of Long Yi, the closer they were to Blue Moon City, the weather was the more pleasantly cool. Moreover, the scenery was also extremely refined. It wasn’t rugged like Hengduan mountains, wasn’t showy like Violent Dragon Empire and also wasn’t bleak like Proud Moon Empire. It however was exquisite like a fairy and had blue water and green mountains. Here birds were singing and flowers gave forth fragrance and had very rarely seen sceneries. Even the constructs of this city were so exquisite. Furthermore, there wasn’t majestic aura but have a special aura that emotionally affected the people.

Traveling all the way, Long Yi came to the conclusion that Nalan Empire was definitely the most suitable country for human habitation, but there was a prerequisite, i.e. in peacetime.

Now, with the repetitive warfare with Proud Moon Empire, more than half of the border cities had already been destroyed and all the common people of Nalan Empire were also panic-stricken. Because of many families’ youngsters had responded to the call to enlist themselves in the army for this war, each time, when the name list of casualties in a large-scale or small-scale wars was published, there were always some white-haired elderly people, young wives and also children lamenting. The sorrowful atmosphere enveloped the entire Blue Waves Continent’s sky which was completely incompatible to the refined scenery.

A large contingent of troops went over to an unusually broad street encountering those caravan, travelers and so on in an endless stream.

“Ah, it’s the carriage of imperial family and Lightning Mercenary Group. Princess Ruyue and lord son-in-law are back. From now on, we don’t need to be scared.” A passerby excitedly said to his companion. The arrival of Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi would bring about a chain reaction to Nalan Empire as well as the entire Blue Waves Continent, generally, everybody knew this.

“Yes, Yes, Proud Moon Empire has pushed us too hard. They have killed many officers and soldiers of our nation, but this time, joining the hands with Violent Dragon Empire, we will definitely wipe out Proud Moon Empire.” That companion hatefully said, presumably his family member or friends might have lost their lives in the war.

The troops slowly marched forward and they could vaguely see the city gate in the front.

Long Yi lifted the window curtain of the carriage and stuck out his head. Suddenly, a burst of pleasantly cool wind blew over and he could smell a little salty smell of the sea. And with his ears perking up, he could indistinctly hear the sounds of sea waves too.

“Princess, we are about to reach our home, did you smell, it’s the taste of the seas.” Xiao Cui excitedly began to chatter continuously.

“Yes, we’ll be home soon.” Nalan Ruyue also had a smile on her face.

Long Yi also looked at Nalan Ruyue and said with a smile: “Ruyue, my wife, are you still angry with me?”

Nalan Ruyue snorted but her expression wasn’t that firm. In fact, she already had a mind to reconcile with Long Yi long ago, but she had a face to maintain. Moreover, this damned fellow, he unexpectedly also didn’t give her a way out, and he would frequently chat intimately with Red Lady too, this nearly infuriated her to death.

“We’ll reach Blue Moon City soon, if you keep on ignoring me, then how will your father emperor and your people look at us? They will think that there is a problem between us, and then wouldn’t they worry to death?” Long Yi with thick skin sat beside Nalan Ruyue and said with a smile.

“Who…who is ignoring you, obviously, you are ignoring me.” Nalan Ruyue squeezed out a trace of a smile and made unfounded counter-charges without any politeness.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, then grabbed the little hand of Nalan Ruyue with his big hand. This girl, she clearly wanted to talk with him long ago, still regarding face as all-important, she was persisting.

“What are you doing, let me go.” Feeling her hand was grabbed, Nalan Ruyue’s heart violently jumped and with her face turning red, she exclaimed.

“You are my wife, still we didn’t talk for so long, so I think we should nurture feelings for each other, what do you say Xiao Cui?” Long Yi smiled and asked without the sense of shame.

Xiao Cui happily smiled. She was angry with Long Yi because princess had to bear grievance, but she still began to persuade Nalan Ruyue before even one day had passed. And right now, just seeing these two people in good terms again, she was very happy. She had grown up beside Nalan Ruyue from her childhood, so she knew her master very well. She knew her master was a very calm person. Other than her close relatives, she kept a distance from everyone else. And because of her beauty, many disgusting flies had continuously swarmed around her, but she had never seen Nalan Ruyue giving a special treatment to any noble sons or any men until Nalan Ruyue met the renowned legendary sex fiend Second Young Master Ximen of Violent Dragon Empire in Mea Principality. After that encounter, she suddenly saw the changes in her princess, no matter if it was her gaze looking at him or her talking tone, all were completely different. Sometimes, she could see her princess had an appearance as if she was just a dainty and delicate girl, and at that time, Xiao Cui realized that her princess had unusual feeling towards Ximen Yu.

Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes but didn’t struggle again, merely her little hand was rather sweaty because of nervousness and shyness. And thought that Long Yi would laugh at her feeling this.

“Since we are about to reach your home, can it be that your hand is sweaty because of the nostalgia?” Long Yi gently smiled and turning over the palm of Nalan Ryue, he wiped her sweat. But in fact, how could he not understand why Nalan Ruyue was nervous?

The heart of Nalan Ruyue softened and melted under the warm smile of Long Yi. Now, she obediently let Long Yi held her little hand and she suddenly felt happy.

At that time, there were already a large number of troops surrounding the city gate of Blue Moon City, and entering and exiting were stopped for the time being. There was also a handsome middle-aged man in the middle of the soldiers. He was wearing a bluish-purple emperor robe as well as sea blue imperial crown. He looked especially prominent, and although his face was ordinary and rather pale, but he had a kind of scholarly and refined aura.

This middle-aged man was surrounded by dozens of fully armed bodyguards, and behind him, there furthermore were several old men wearing various element magic robe, presumably they should be the imperial magicians of Nalan Empire. This means that middle-aged man was very likely to be the Emperor of Nalan Empire, Nalan Wuji.

In addition to the middle-aged man, there were dozens of big and small civil and military officials. It seems, the welcoming standards of Nalan Empire were several grades higher than Violent Dragon Empire, but it could also be that Long Yi being the son-in-law from the particularly important alliance by marriage of Nalan Empire, they attached him such importance.

Looking at that luxurious carriage being escorted by cavalries as well as Lightning Mercenary Group, a gratified smile appeared in the slightly pale face of Nalan Wuji. Although he felt guilty for sacrificing his beloved daughter’s happiness but obtaining the alliance with Violent Dragon Empire, he felt the gains were far bigger than losses. Yes, the imperial clan had always been somewhat indifferent in family affection, the marriage of sons and daughters were only for obtaining maximum benefit for the imperial clan. Nalan Wuji undoubtedly succeeded perfectly in this point.

The troops slowly stopped, then the officials of Nalan Empire that had accompanied Nalan Ruyue to Violent Dragon Empire ran forward quickly and along with two hundred cavaliers, they respectfully kowtowed to Nalan Wuji.

Only after they finished kowtowing, Long Yi came out of the carriage, then reaching out his hand towards the carriage, he supported Nalan Ruyue, then calmly and unhurriedly, he walked over to the front of Nalan Wuji.

“Ximen Yu greets Your Majesty the Emperor.” Long Yi slightly bowed and greeted.

“This daughter Nalan Ruyue greets father emperor.” Nalan Ruyue gave an imperial curtsy and her expression had already reverted to her usual indifference appearance.

Nalan Wuji closely examined Long Yi for a good while and said with a smile: “Good, very good, let’s return to the imperial palace now, and prepare for the ceremony tonight. At that time, we father-in-law and son-in-law cannot do without drinking several cups.”

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“That’s natural, merely I wonder if imperial palace has excellent wine.” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Hehe, my worthy son-in-law also seems to be a wine man. Our imperial palace has a wine named Sea Soul, its fragrance is profound and lasting, after examining myself, it is by no means inferior to Elf clan’s Hundred Flowers Wine.” Nalan Wuji patted the shoulder of Long Yi with a smile showing his affection.

“Then, this son-in-law should taste it.” The eyes of Long Yi shone and said with a smile. In this world, there were only very few wines that could be mentioned in the same breath as Elf Clan’s Hundred Flowers Wine.

At this moment, Red Lady however was stopping at one side. She was not very fond of facing officials’ hypocrisy, she felt extremely disgusted.

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At this moment, Long Yi came to the side of Red Lady and Red Lady also jumped down the horse, and she looked at Long Yi with a slight smile.

“Red Lady, come to speak about it, I owe you for your protection these days, truly thank you.” Long Yi said to Red Lady.

“Young Master Ximen, why speak such words? After discussing with you for these days, this little girl’s knowledge has increased greatly, so it should be me that should be thanking.” Red Lady said with a smile. These few days, she was fond of nothing better than going to look for Long Yi for a chat. When he opened his mouth, he would always speak a number of stunning arguments which only sounded clear and logical but unbelievable. Because they were always chatting closely, the people around them ambiguously talk among themselves saying, this iron-hearted woman finally had her mind perturbed. Red Lady also didn’t refute them as she had a good impression on Long Yi, but admiration accounted for the most part without any sentiment of men and women.

“Hehe, then we both shouldn’t distress ourselves. Now, I am going to the imperial palace, are you coming with us or leaving?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Red Lady nodded her head and said with a smile: “We will separate here, but we will stay in Blue Moon City for a period of time, if Young Master Ximen has a free time, then come visit me at this city’s adventurer’s bar. As long as you ask the bartender, someone will lead you to me.”

“Okay, I will definitely come when I have a free time.” Long Yi smiled and waved his hand towards Red Lady while entering the carriage. Then, along with the imperial guards of Nalan Empire, the carriage entered the Blue Moon City.

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