Chapter 318: Vinegar jar (jealous person)

Long Yi gently stepped forward and dodged like a ghost. Then the deep blue sword light passed through his afterimage and cut the ground. Suddenly, a 4-5 meters long fissure appeared on the meadow.

“Very fast speed.” Red Lady was surprised in her heart, then no longer holding back, she began to attack Long Yi like a rainstorm.

Looking at the deep blue douqi fluttering in the air, Long Yi continuously dodged. The douqi of Red Lady was very high-leveled, and her attacks, as if floating clouds and flowing rivers, each move went well together with other. Although it appeared no different from other douqi, but her link however was incomparably compact, moreover, was changeable in nature so it was hard to guard against her moves.

Still, with Great Cosmos Shift, as if a loach, Long Yi easily moved about the gaps of this series of douqi attacks. He often dodged the attacks in an unthinkable angle with a relaxed smile on his face.

Red Lady attacked for a long time without success. She wasn’t even able to scratch the edge of Long Yi’s clothing after all those attacks. So, exhaling a mouthful of chaotic qi, she stood still and grumbled in a flirty manner: “Young Master Ximen, you agreed to compete using fist techniques, but now you are only dodging, are you thinking of not keeping your words?”

Long Yi smirked and said: “I just wanted to experience the attack power of Red Lady, that’s all. And sure enough, you are very fierce.”

“Is Young Master Ximen mocking this little girl?” Red Lady said in dissatisfaction. She had attacked for such a long time but had come back empty-handed, thus hearing Long Yi’s words, she naturally felt as if Long Yi was mocking her.

“Of course not, this fleeing technique, if I recognize it as first under the heaven, then no one including  even Swords Saint would dare to recognize it as second.” Long Yi said appearing rather self-satisfied. In this world, perhaps only he could mention fleeing so openly and proudly.

Red Lady was dumbfounded and laughed: “I cannot deny that your fleeing technique is first under the heaven, but what I want to see is the might of your fist techniques.”

Long Yi smirked, then taking the stance, he gestured Red Lady with his right hand to come and said: “Come, I promise, I will not to dodge again, but you should be careful.”

“It ought to be you that should be careful, look at my Hundred Repetitive Slashes!” Red Lady shouted loudly. After that, her figure moved swiftly, and with the huge sword in her hand dancing, layer upon layer of afterimages of a huge sword appeared, then deep blue sword lights just like waves, repeatedly attacking towards Long Yi. The name ‘Hundred Repetitive Slashes’ truly had a deserved reputation.

Long Yi looked up, then moving his AoTianJue’s internal force to his legs, he unexpectedly jumped straight towards the waves of Red Lady’s sword lights. Seeing this, the eyeballs all the on-lookers nearly popped out. The current posture of Long Yi was simply too handsome just like Heavenly God’s incarnation, causing a number of young and beautiful female magicians have red hears in their eyes.

Red Lady was shocked in her heart, but she proved herself to be a veteran S ranked mercenary. She changed her stance and her huge sword sent out several sword qis.

“Wa, you want to make me die sonless.” Long Yi flipped backward, dodging the sword lights that were chopping towards his family jewels between his legs. But while shouting, he attacked Red Lady with his fist.

Red Lady felt nothing at first, but when his fist reached near her, she felt a deadly pressure, which caused her internal organs to churn endlessly, so she hastily used her huge sword to block.

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The strength of this fist exploded coming into contact with the sword, and inch by inch, a series of explosion occurred. Red Lady was forced to retreat again and again, and only after retreating more than ten meters, she was able to stand stably, moreover, her beautiful face was already ghastly pale.

“The might of fist technique is pretty, isn’t it? Now, do you still want to continue?” Long Yi said smiling broadly.

But Red Lady was still not convinced. She calmed down her aura and suddenly wearing a ring on her finger, her expression became incomparably solemn, clearly was preparing to make a real move.

Those with initiative gain, those without lose. Long Yi also retracted his joking mood. Then, changing into a wisp of smoke, he rushed towards Red Lady.

But before Long Yi could approach, Red Lady’s huge sword slashed down like lightning. The speed was incomparably fast. Seeing this, Long Yi was startled in his heart, then condensing internal force in his fists, he punched towards that incomparably fast sword light.

Everyone had never thought that Long Yi would actually dare to welcome the sword light with his bare palm, especially the members of Lightning Mercenary Group. They however knew that that ring Red Lady wore was a treasure. It could be said that even compared to the space ring of Long Yi, her ring was better. The space ring of Long Yi could increase his douqi by 30%, but the ring of Red Lady however could increase her douqi by 40%, moreover, also doubles the attack power. In these last few years, unknown numbers of monsters as well as enemies had died under her this divine ring.

Dang, metal colliding sound resounded, and the lightning-like sword light disappeared without a trace, but Long Yi however didn’t retreat, instead, he left behind an afterimage, arriving at the front of Red Lady.

Red Lady panicked and thought to use her sword, but she suddenly felt pain on her wrist, then her huge sword flew out of her hand. And at that moment, a fist approached near the space between her eyes.

In haste, Red Lady released a defense barrier sealed in her ring, but outside her expectation, that fist easily broke through the barrier and approached nearer.

Ah, Red Lady closed her eyes. But she only felt a burst of wind and the expected pain didn’t come.

Red Lady opened her eyes, then saw an iron fist was only half an inch away from her forehead, and behind that iron fist, Long Yi was standing in front of her with a smile.

Long Yi retracted his fist, and that numb feeling on his fist began to dissipate. Just a moment ago, directly colliding his fist against Red Lady’s douqi with increased power wasn’t easy. His fist was protected by his internal force, so there was no injury, but his sleeve however was torn to pieces by that sword qi.

“This little girl is convinced. I have never thought that such mystical technique actually exists in this world. Perhaps, in the near future, Martial Artist Masters will become the profession on the same footing as Warrior Masters in Blue Waves Continent.” Red Lady looked towards Long Yi with keen, sparkling eyes seemingly wanting to see through him.

“Hehe, perhaps.” Long Yi smiled and then picking up the huge sword, he handed over to Red Lady.

Red Lady nevertheless didn’t take and said with a smile: “This sword is already damaged, it is worthless now.”

Long Yi looked at the sword blade after hearing the words of Red Lady and saw the sword blade had a subtle crack. Then laughing hollowly, he retracted the sword and said: “This truly wasn’t intentional, some other day, I will definitely compensate you for this sword.”

“No need, no matter how good the sword is, under your hand, it cannot withstand even a single blow.” Red Lady appeared to be displeased and complaining, but this kind of bearing was fatally attractive to Long Yi.

Long Yi laughed and didn’t dare to look directly at Red Lady. This woman was downright enchanting, she absolutely had the capability of bewitching people to death. Long Yi simply looked towards the sky and said: “It’s not too early now, we should set out.”

And after entering the carriage, he saw Nalan Ruyue with displeased expression was looking towards him.

The carriage slowly advanced and at this time, from outside the carriage, suddenly the lovely voice of Red Lady came: “Young Master Ximen, this little girl is very interested in your fist techniques, how about coming out and discussing about it with me?”

Long Yi looked at Nalan Ruyue but he saw she was puckering her lips and her expression was somewhat tense looking at him. Still, he pretended, he wanted to get up, but, Nalan Ruyue grabbed his big hand and said, “You are not allowed to go.”

Long Yi smiled, then looking towards the snow-white jade hands of Nalan Ruyue that was grabbing him, he smiled ambiguously. This girl had said that she didn’t like him, but she was still being jealous like this.

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Nalan Ruyue immediately retracted her hand and her beautiful face become red, but still used her gaze to warn him. The action of two people made Xiao Cui who was also inside the carriage giggle endlessly. She was truly unable to understand what was going on with her princess and son-in-law.

Long Yi lifted up the curtain and looking at Red Lady outside, he said: “I am extremely willing to discuss fist techniques with you, merely after fighting with you just now, I am exhausted, let me rest for now, how about discussing later.”

Red Lady giggled looking towards Long Yi, and then no longer nagging him, she made her horse rush to the front.

Long Yi closed the curtain and said to Nalan Ruyue: “Are you satisfied now, vinegar jar?”

“Who ate your vinegar? Don’t be so conceited, I merely feared that our Nalan Empire’s officials might let their imagination run wild, attracting unnecessary troubles in the future.” Nalan Ruyue turned around and snorted.

“But in my view, you are the one letting your imagination running wild, still, according to your viewpoint, it’s fine as long as I have a contact with Red Lady in secret, right?” Long Yi smiled looking at Nalan Ruyue.

“Of…of course……humph.” Nalan Ruyue felt suffocated in her heart and again began to act in a fit of pique.

Long Yi smirked and moved to the side of Nalan Ruyue, then stared at Nalan Ruyue without blinking his eyes, causing Nalan Ruyue to blush to the root of her ear.

“What are you staring, stay away from me.” Nalan Ruyue anxiously said, how come this person was so shameless?

“Ruyue, you are truly beautiful.” Long Yi suddenly let out a gasp in admiration.

Nalan Ruyue was dumbfounded all of a sudden and a slight smile appeared on her face but disappeared very quickly, and then she snorted: “How can I compare to Red Lady? She is more attractive to you anyway.”

“Red Lady is indeed very beautiful, but I think you are even more beautiful. When I first saw you in the forest of Hengduan Mountains, I was startled and simply though you are a fairy of the heaven that descended to this secular world.” Long Yi stared at Nalan Ruyue full of tender feelings and said sickening words.

The expression of Nalan Ruyue softened, and her eyes shone with clear luster. As for Xiao Cui, she hugged her chest, feeling goosebumps all over her skin.

“Son-in-law, don’t speak anymore, Xiao Cui can’t bear any longer.” Just when Long Yi was secretly delighted, Xiao Cui suddenly begged while trembling.

Nalan Ruyue suddenly woke up with a start, then immediately pushing away Long Yi, she said: “Who will believe your nonsense? Besides, whether I am beautiful or not, what’s it got to do with you?”

Seeing he was defeated when victory was within grasp, Long Yi reluctantly shrugged his shoulder.

At that time, the advancing carriage suddenly stopped, and the sounds of a disturbance came from the front.

“What’s the matter?” Long Yi frowned and jumped out of the carriage, but his breath suddenly stagnated as he saw not far away in the front, he saw a dozen of people had turned into ice sculptures that were shining under the sunlight.

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