Chapter 317: Range attack and close combat of Red Lady

With twinkling stars all over the sky, a gentle breeze blew. The night time of Blue Waves Continent had always been enchanting like this. In his previous world, it was very hard to see such a pure and tranquil night sky. The science and technology had already annihilated such Pure Land of that world, turning them a part of the history.

Long Yi felt very lucky to be able to come to such magical and beautiful world. But from some expects, he again felt unlucky, because that blue planet Earth was his roots. No matter how bad it was, he also couldn’t cast it aside. A person without roots, no matter how magnificently he lived, his heart would still have a lonely place that nothing could fill.

“F*uk, why am I being so sentimental tonight?” While flying in the sky, Long Yi shook his head to discard these annoying thoughts, but he couldn’t deny, even if he had many beauties beside him, some matters could only fester in his mind forever.

Landing in front of the luxurious tent of him and Nalan Ruyue, Long Yi easily passed through the barrier, entering the tent. Inside the luxurious tent, he saw a piece of curtain had partitioned the space into two half. In previous days, they two had always slept like this, and if they happen to encounter a town, although they would sleep in the same room but one would sleep on the bed and other will sleep in the tent.

“Ruyue, Ruyue, wifey, did you fall asleep?” Long Yi called out in succession, but he didn’t hear any response from Nalan Ruyue.

Could it be that she was meditating? Long Yi stealthily raised the curtain and looked inside, only to face two furious eyes. Nalan Ruyue sitting on her bed was ferociously glaring at him.

Long Yi was shocked, this girl obviously didn’t sleep nor meditate, but how come she was ignoring him? Was she still angry? Thinking about it, from the afternoon till now, she had hardly spoken anything to him.

“Wa, your big eyes are frightening. Why are you looking at me so hatefully? Did I offend you or something?” Long Yi simply raised the curtain and walked in, ignoring the murderous gaze of Nalan Ruyue. Then, he sat on her soft bed.

“Get out, I don’t want to talk with you.” Nalan Ruyue turned around and said angrily. This appearance looked just like a girl who was wronged by her lover.

“But I want to talk with you, just say it, how did I provoke the anger of Your Highness the Princess?” Long Yi looked at Nalan Ruyue, pretending to be suffering from injustice.

Nalan Ruyue was somewhat embarrassed, thinking about it, Long Yi did nothing special to offend her, but she was somehow angry with him. When she saw him and Red Lady getting close, she became even angrier.

What is wrong with me? Nalan Ruyue asked herself, now, she truly looked rather unreasonable. She also didn’t understand why she became like this. However, Nalan Ruyue suddenly recalled the scene she had seen from far away just a moment ago where Long Yi was very close to Red Lady, and she got angry again for no reason, then she just snorted. After that, using her little hands, she pushed Long Yi as she said: “Get out, I don’t want to see you.”

Long Yi however caught the little hands of Nalan Ruyue and pulled her, causing Nalan Ruyue to unstably fall into the bosom of Long Yi. Immediately after that, dense musk-like man’s aura surrounded her.

“You, what do you want to do?” Nalan Ruyue’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and she felt as if her heart was about to jump out from her mouth. Even her palm was moist with sweat.

“You say, what do you think I want to do?” The big hands of Long Yi hugged the fragrant shoulder of Nalan Ruyue, and his handsome face slowly approached her face leaving only a few centimeters distance between them.

Nalan Ruyue slightly trembled and opened her eyes wide. Moreover, she suddenly breathed heavily as if she was lacking oxygen and her entire body became incomparably stiff.

Long Yi look at the beautiful eyes of Nalan Ruyue, and again looking at her slightly opened pink lips due to nervousness, his heart involuntarily swayed, and his lips slowly moved closer.

But just before Long Yi kissed Nalan Ruyue, don’t know from where she got strength, she pushed away Long Yi, then just like a startled rabbit, she jumped to the other end of the bed but her towering beasts were still rising and falling violently.

“Ximen Yu, you…you bastard, aren’t you bullying me enough?” Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful autumn pupils were lightly moist and her hands were still trembling slightly.

Long Yi sat up, and making a wry smile, he said: “I believe you like me.”

“Like…like you? You…don’t talk nonsense, I don’t…don’t like you.” Nalan Ruyue panicked as if her heart’s secret was exposed, but her mouth however still didn’t admit.

“You don’t like me? Then, when you see me together with Red Lady, why are you showing such a big reaction? Moreover, feeling wronged, why didn’t you talk to me? If this isn’t liking, then what is?” Long Yi looked at Nalan Ruyue with keen, sparkling eyes.

Nalan Ruyue was dumbfounded, and with her eyes glimmering with uncertainty, she somewhat stutteringly said: “Who…who had a big reaction? I was angry because, because you don’t understand restraining yourself, now, you are my husband, but you got so close to a woman you had just met. Seeing this, how will my Nalan Empire’s officials think?”

“Yes, that’s it, I am angry because of that.” Nalan Ruyue thought in her heart, then her heart lightened greatly all of a sudden because this excuse convinced herself.

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Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, then said with a smile: “Then, it seems I was imagining that my love is reciprocated, hereafter I will pay attention, okay, have a good rest.” After speaking, Long Yi stood up and left conveniently pulling the curtain.

Pretend, you can pretend, I will see how long you can pretend. Long Yi thought. He didn’t believe the excuse of Nalan Ruyue.

Early in the next morning, Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue came out from the tent. Long Yi’s face was bright and clear, but Nalan Ruyue’s complexion was not so good-looking, she seemed to have not slept well last night.

At this moment, the sun has still yet to rise, and the air was very pure and fresh. The green grasses were full of sparkling and crystal-clear dewdrops. This truly was a very comfortable summer morning.

Long Yi ran to an open and spacious ground, there, he stretched his body and began to use a set of numerous and complicated Shaolin Monastery’s Clear Void Palms. Now, his cultivation of AoTianJue had already reached the pinnacle of the third layer, so his Clear Void Palms had extraordinary momentum which attracted the attention of many people.

“Princess, isn’t son-in-law very amazing?” Xiao Cui shyly whispered to Nalan Ruyue.

“Yes, but why is your face so red?” Nalan Ruyue patted the face of Xiao Cui and asked with a smile.

“No, what I mean is……” Xiao Cui looked all around like a thief, then again whispered to Nalan Ruyue: “What I mean is in the bed, even though he rolled about with princess the entire night without sleeping, now, he is still so energetic……”

Before Xiao Cui could finish speaking, Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful face heated up, then she immediately covered the mouth of Xiao Cui and reprimanded: “Damned girl, if you talk nonsense again, I will sew your mouth, where did you learn these noxious things?”

Xiao Cui whimpered, then struggling free from the hand of Nalan Ruyue, she replied with a red face: “In the past, I heard a lot of palace maids discussing such matters, they said that in that aspect, men could only last at most ten or so minutes. But looking at princess, it seems princess didn’t sleep  for the entire night, but son-in-law is still doughty as a dragon and lively as a tiger, then he definitely must be very amazing.”

Nalan Ruyue bit her lower lip and firmly pinching the cheek of Xiao Cui, she said: “What does a child know, hereafter you are not allowed to mention such embarrassing things.”

Xiao Cui hissed in pain and whispered: “I am already eighteen, how can I still be a child that knows nothing?”

At this time, Long Yi finished performing a set of his fists, and he felt his entire body was more relaxed. But just then, he heard a sound of applauding coming from one side. Looking ahead, he nevertheless saw Red Lady was clapping with a charming smile while looking at him.

“Young Master Ximen, what is this training? I have never seen this kind of technique before.” Red Lady asked curiously.

“This is called fist techniques, naturally is using fists to carry out attack and defense moves. Its close combat might is very powerful.” Long Yi explained with a smile. Among the profession setup of this different world, there was no existence of Martial Artist.

“Use fists? Why not use a sword? Can this kind of technique be able to oppose Swords Masters?” Red Lady asked in surprise as she thought this was basically impossible in her mind.

“Of course, it can. When the cultivation of fist techniques reach sufficient level, they can crush the stone with their bare hand, at that time, their single fist can kill or severely injure the opponent.” Long Yi somewhat proudly said.

“This, is it possible to give this little girl one or two pointers?” Red Lady’s eyes sparkled as she asked. She clearly wanted to try the might of fist techniques.

Long Yi was startled, as Red Lady however was a long ranged magic archer, although he could use Great Cosmos Shift to approach and defeat her, but like that, the might of fists technique basically wouldn’t reflect.

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Red Lady giggled, then using a ribbon to tie her long hair into a ponytail, her hand flashed and a huge sword that was half as tall as a normal person appeared in her little hand. This huge sword brought about a strong contrast to her slender figure. This made her have a kind of inexplicable heroic and also charming temperament.

“Perhaps you don’t know, but I am also a Great Swords Master.” Red Lady’s huge sword shook and emitted a deep blue colored douqi.

“Now I finally understand why Mercenary Guild gave you a mercenary rank of S. Powerful long-range attack with strong close combat ability, I think only a few and far between people can escape your attack range.” Long Yi said in admiration.

“Young Master Ximen is flattering me, everything is just for the sake of survival.” The beautiful eyes of Red Lady flashed with a cold radiance of swordswoman, as well as there was a trace of incomprehensible pain.

Long Yi didn’t understand the words of Red Lady, and when he was thinking of asking again, Red Lady had already initiated the attack.

Long Yi didn’t dare to belittle, the strength of Red Lady was beyond his expectation, no wonder, she was one of the only ten SS ranked mercenaries of Mercenary World. These people had climbed out alive from the corpses’ mountain many times, and their experience was also very rich, moreover, they were skilled people.

“Young Master Ximen, be careful.” Red Lady holding the sword jumped up, and suddenly a deep blue sword light appeared on her huge sword, and then as sudden as the peal of thunder, her huge sword slashed towards Long Yi.

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