Chapter 316: External appearance and inner thoughts coincide

The blazing flames shone upon the handsome face of Long Yi, and his black pupils that could cause people to palpitate appeared to be burning.

He continuously drew back the bowstring and the fire magic elements in the air condensed, forming a long arrow. Gradually, he drew the bowstring until the bow turned a full moon.

“How could this be? How did he achieve this?” Someone who knew the inside information couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, and as for Red Lady who was the owner of Scarlet Blood Bow, she was even more shocked. Even she herself couldn’t pull the bowstring of Scarlet Blood Bow into the full moon. But this man here unexpectedly accomplished that.

Suddenly, Long Yi loosened his right hand, shooting the arrow. Then, with a whistling sound, everyone only felt the violent flashing of red light, and a burst of heat wave seethed seemingly wanting to roast them alive. The flame arrow in the hand of Long Yi had already changed into a dazzling red light shooting towards a small hillock in the front.

Hong, a loud explosion sound resounded and the earth trembled. That small hillock was already fattened to the ground by that flame arrow. Now, with mist rising in the air, the air was filled with a dense scorched smell, moreover, there were several wild beasts’ incomplete corpses emitting steam, unexpectedly were roasted.

A cool breeze blew over, and that aura pressuring people slowly dissipated. Everyone also came back to their senses in succession and looked at Long Yi in deep admiration. Among all these people, only Nanlan Ruyue wasn’t surprised, as she was already aware of Long Yi’s strength and also knew that he had innumerable abilities. Moreover, being together with him, he would always do many things that were unbelievable.

“This really is a good bow, of course, my skill is also very good, otherwise it wouldn’t have displayed such great power.” Long Yi ignored the gaze of everyone and returned Scarlet Blood Bow to Red Lady.

Red Lady took the bow and couldn’t help asking: “Young Master Ximen, how did you do that?”

“What how did I do that? What is archery? Isn’t that just drawing the bowstring, then releasing the arrow aiming at the target? Isn’t this the simple principle everyone know?” Long Yi smirked and said. His heart was naturally brimming with confidence. Other people might lose their face, but he, Long Yi had confidence in handling any matter that he faced.

Red Lady knew that Long Yi was talking nonsense, so she didn’t ask again. But she involuntarily started to get very curious about this man. With regarding this man with a notorious reputation who unexpectedly was so unfathomable, she was curious about to what extent his full strength was.

After this small episode, Long Yi’s standing immediately soared high. Now, not only the cavaliers of Nalan Empire, even the high and low members of Lightning Mercenary Group held Long Yi in extreme awe and veneration. Strong was always respected in Blue Waves Continent.

At this moment, time was not too early, so in order to reach Blue Moon City as soon as possible, Long Yi and Red Lady commanded the troops under them to prepare to set out. Then the group of more than one thousand people marched towards their destination.

After they had crossed the dense forest in the front, the sky was already dim as the flourishing sun had already hidden half of it behind the western horizon. But this place could be considered as the territory of Nalan Empire.

Long Yi stuck out his head to looked at the front and saw the wilderness plain that stretched as far as the eye could see. It seemed they wouldn’t be able to reach the nearest town from here today.

Retracting his head inside the carriage, Long Yi happen to see Nalan Ruyue retracting her gaze in panic and her beautiful face became red, appearing just like a thief that had been caught.

Long Yi suspiciously stared at Nalan Ruyue, sizing her up, then he laughed: “Weren’t you stealing a glance at me just now? If you want to look then look, it’s not like I am preventing you from looking.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, who…who stole a glance at you?” Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful face become even redder and shouted with a guilty conscience.

“Hehe, didn’t steal a glance then didn’t steal a glance, why on earth are you overreacting?” Long Yi smiled and sat beside Nalan Ruyue. He felt her embarrassed appearance was very cute.

“You are way too narcissistic, I advise you to restrain yourself a bit, and don’t always seduce women, otherwise you might provoke ill will.” Nalan Ruyue’s red face reverted back to normal and snorted coldly.

Long Yi was startled and said in confusion: “Why are you saying such words? When did I seduce women?”

“Go on to say you haven’t, when you were looking at Red Lady, you look just like a wolf who is hungry for several days, moreover, at noon, when you were borrowing the bow from her, you quietly felt her hand, don’t think that I didn’t notice that.” Nalan Ruyue angrily said.

Having heard what was said, the expression of Long Yi became unusually odd and then said with a smile: “You are jealous, right? Otherwise, how come you are paying such close attention to me and Red Lady? You noticed even such subtle movement of touching hands, you are truly observing in detail.”

“I am jealous? Truly funny, I am too lazy to speak with you, don’t talk to me.” The expression of Nalan Ruyue clearly appeared rather frenetic and unnatural, but she hurriedly turned around, and no longer look at Long Yi.

Long Yi touched his nose, women, they truly are strange.

As for Xiao Cui, she was strangely looking at her princess and son-in-law, and she was totally at a loss. Nalan Ruyue hadn’t told her about the matter of fake marriage.

At night, because there was no town nearby, a large contingent of troops could only camp in the wilderness. And roasting various kind of wild beasts in bonfires, mercenaries sat together in twos and threes in circles while boasting and chatting idly. Moreover, they were also drinking gallons and eating. Some were singing heartily in a loud voice, startling innumerable nocturnal birds.

Long Yi was lying alone on a large stone at some distance, he had held a long grass in his mouth, and had used his hands as the pillow, quietly looking at the vast starry sky.

In the blink of an eye, it had already been four years since he had arrived in this world. He had experienced too many matters, and many of them appeared unbelievable when recalling them, making him wonder whether it was truly him that experienced them?

“How come you are staying here by yourself? Aren’t you going to accompany Princess Ruyue? Look, she has already entered her tent to rest quite early.” A charming voice resounded beside the ear of Long Yi.

Long Yi bit the grass in his mouth and without opening his eyes, he said: “Why would she need me to accompany her? She is earnestly hoping for me to leave as far away from her as possible.”

“Hehe, is that so? But I can see that she really likes you.” Red Lady sat down beside Long Yi and said with a smile.

Long Yi smiled faintly but didn’t reply. A kind of ambiguous feelings had always existed between him and Nalan Ruyue, but both of them didn’t prod through, that’s all. Nalan Ruyue should have a bit of good opinion of him, but to what extent, Long Yi wasn’t sure.

At this time, Long Yi sniffed, smelling Red Lady’s sweet body fragrance. He had heard that the women with dense body fragrance had very strong **, but he didn’t know whether that was true or false. Although Red Lady appeared warm as fire, but in the men dominated Mercenary World, her reputation however was very good, and there were many people courting her, nevertheless, she was still single.

“What are you sniffing?” Red Lady slightly turned her head and saw Long Yi was sniffing something, so she couldn’t help asking curiously.

“Red Lady is very fragrant, so I couldn’t help smelling few more times.” Long Yi slightly smiled and spitting out the grass in his mouth, he sat up. Now his handsome face was merely few centimeters away from Red Lady, and he could feel the fragrance she was exhaling.

The sudden getting up of Long Yi frightened Red Lady, then hastily moving her head away, she said with slight displeasure: “Are you always so flirtatious with women?”

Long Yi smiled, then stretching his legs, he sat side by side with Red Lady and said: “What do you think? Everyone in Blue Waves Continent already knows the reputation of sex fiend Ximen Yu.”

Red Lady looked at Long Yi and shaking her head, she said with a smile: “I feel the rumors are not true, although you are glib-tongued sometimes, but you are absolutely not that kind of person.”

“So sure? Perhaps, I’m good at pretending.” Long Yi laughed at himself and said.

“I believe my eyes to judge a person, still if your nature is truly like that of rumors then you are too frightening.” Red Lady giggled and said.

Long Yi look at Red Lady and said: “Are you curious about me? If you are, then be careful, usually, people’s affection for another person begins with curiosity.”

Red Lady was dumbfounded, then chuckled while covering her mouth, and along with her laughter, her breasts also swayed nonstop, attracting the gaze of Long Yi.

Even though she felt the gaze of Long Yi was remaining at her breasts, Red Lady didn’t mind it. She was a person who had seen through many wind and waves, so she didn’t shout this was rude while covering her breasts with her hands like little girls, instead, she threw out her chest showing her pride.

“Big sister’s figure is truly nice.” Long Yi highly praised,

“Then, how is it compared to Princess Ruyue?” Red Lady asked with a smile.

“This……this isn’t something I should speak carelessly, seeing from the outside, big sister’s breasts appear somewhat bigger, but I wonder if their external appearance and inner thoughts coincide.” Long Yi watched at the towering breasts of Red Lady and said with a lewd smile.

Red Lady was somewhat unable to bear and rolling her eyes, she said in displeasure: “I truly cannot handle you, just give you a few rays of sunlight and you are shining brilliantly [1].”

Long Yi smiled while thinking, Red Lady, you are wrong, even if it is a night without any sunlight, I can still shine brilliantly like before.”

“Where is your home?” Long Yi retracted his smile and asked.

“Wherever I go, that place is my home.” Red Lady slightly smiled and said giving a gentle breeze like feeling.

“So cool, isn’t that ‘having home nowhere equivalent to having a home everywhere’?” Long Yi laughed.

“Having home nowhere equivalent to having a home everywhere? Well, yes, it’s like that.” Red Lady looked at Long Yi but his starry eyes were somewhat blurred, unexpectedly he was absent-minded all of a sudden.

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After a good while, Long Yi came back to his senses and saw Red Lady was staring at him.

“I’m sorry, just got absentminded there.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and apologized.

“Do you know how you look like just a moment ago?” Red Lady asked.

Long Yi shook his head and said with a smile: “Is it possible that I looked different from now, was it handsome or ugly?”

“I felt as if you have experienced many difficulties and hardships as well as the greater part of your life.” Red Lady looked at Long Yi again, but she could no longer find that feeling.

“I was pretending intentionally because I hear experienced men are very attractive to women.” Long Yi moved close to Red Lady and said with a smile. Then not waiting for the reply of Red Lady, he flew back to the campsite leaving behind Red Lady who was looking at his back view lost in thought.

[1]  给你几线阳光你就灿烂: just give you a few rays of sunlight and you are shining brilliantly: just give you a bit of complement, and you are very proud of yourself

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