Chapter 315: Scarlet Blood Bow

Red Lady was liberally allowed to sit together with Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi, and the rest of Lightning Mercenary Group dispersed throughout the place to take a rest. It was noon at this moment, so everyone took out their rations and wine from their space ring and began eating and drinking. In an instant, this place became rather lively.

The foods Long Yi had prepared for this journey was extremely abundant. He instantly took out seven or eight different exquisite dishes from his space ring, and using his true qi, they instantly became steaming hot and a sweet fragrance waft about.

“Red Lady, if you don’t mind, how about we drink a cup of wine together?” Long Yi laughed.

“That was my intention from the beginning, even if you don’t offer me, I will use my thick skin and will not be polite.” Red Lady said straightforwardly. When she was talking with Long Yi, she wasn’t polite at all.

After that, calling Barbarian Bull, the four people sat in a circle and enjoy the lunch together.

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Red Lady had traveled widely for many years, and she could talk really well, her experience was also very broad, moreover was the master in setting the atmosphere. She became the host and guest of this luncheon enjoying herself to the full. Nalan Ruyue also had a very good impression of Red Lady, and while talking with her now, she no longer had that distant expression.

“Red Lady, is there any new news of Lightning God Forbidden Area?” Long Yi asked curiously. This made him involuntarily recall those days when he was adventuring through Huangmang Plain with Barbarian Bull, little elf Lu Xiya and others.  If he had an opportunity, he would definitely go to Lightning God Forbidden Area to widen his knowledge.

“These days, many mercenary groups had already went there, but all of them suffered a disastrous loss. Right up until the present, no-one is able to pass through that death sea of flowers.” Red Lady frowned and replied.

“Did nobody find another path? Lightning God Forbidden Area is so big, perhaps, there must be another place or another way out.” Long Yi said. At that time, in Adventurers Bar, he and Red Lady had talked about this problem.

Red Lady shook her head and said: “Right up until the present, there is no such news, but even if someone found another path, they will not spread this news in public because the competition for the completion of this mission is very fierce. Once it is completed, the gains are not only the mission reward, their reputation will surely raise very high. It can be said that the vast majority of mercenary groups are trying to complete this mission for the reputation but not money.”

“Well, that is also the case, but now it seems, even if there are other paths, they might also be unusually dangerous because till now, there is no news of someone being able to enter even deeper of Lightning God Forbidden Area.” Long Yi nodded his head and said. He had an inexplicable feeling in his heart that made him want to go and take a look at that place.

Long Yi had a strong desire in his heart, but Barbarian Bull even more wanted to go there. He looked at Long Yi with his big bull eyes and said: “Young Master, since Lightning God Forbidden Area is not far away from Nalan Empire, how about we also try to examine that place a little?”

“In the future, if we have a time, then we will definitely go there.” Long Yi said with a smile. This moment, the situation of Blue waves Continent was becoming worse. As long as he and Nalan Ruyue reached Blue Moon City, the full-scale war might immediately erupt. He didn’t know what kind of circumstance he had to face at that time.

Red Lady chuckled and said: “Young Master Ximen, if you want to go, then how about going together with us? With many people, it might be a bit easier, don’t you think so?” She said these words not thinking to make Long Yi help her, but wanted to help Long Yi out of her goodwill. Although she had heard that the current Second Young Master Ximen was very powerful, but she thought that Long Yi should only be a Swords Master or so in her heart. Therefore, she wanted to sell him a favor.

“So this is the feeling of Red Lady.” Long Yi smiled naturally understanding her thoughts.

At this time, Long Yi’s eyes rested on the fiery red big bow on the back of Red Lady. He could sense the fluctuation of strong fire magic elements from this bow. This meant this Red Lady should be a Fire Magic Archer, merely he didn’t know how strong she was.

“Young Master Ximen seems to be very interested in my Scarlet Blood Bow, can it be that Young Master Ximen also knows archery?” Red Lady said with a smile. This Scarlet Blood Divine Bow was a Divine level artifact. An arrow shot from this bow could pierce through the mountain and crush the rocks. Moreover, it had the ability to double the strength of fire magic. She had obtained this when she was doing A-ranked mission some years ago.

“Dabbled by chance, I wonder if Red Lady can lend me your Scarlet Blood Bow to view and admire it.” Long Yi requested, but he felt his request was too rude. In Blue Waves Continent, the strong people always treated their weapon as their very own life, so how could she causally led it to him.

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But since Long Yi had already spoken, Red Lady hesitated for a while, then taking out Scarlet Blood Bow from her back, she handed over to Long Yi.

Long Yi took the Scarlet Blood Bow, and felt that it was heavy, moreover also was somewhat hot. This bow should have used rare hematite and forged using a special method. It was incomparably exquisite, appeared as if a peerless work of art.

“Good heavy bow, it seems you have quite a bit of strength.” Long Yi smirked and said looking at the sexy curvy body of Red Lady, but in his heart, he was wondering why Red Lady’s breast was so big, could it be that because she pulled this bow daily?

“Young Master Ximen is making fun of me.” Red Lady rolled her eyes creating disturbance in the lustful heart of Long Yi.

Seeing this lustful appearance of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue felt somewhat unwell in her heart for some unknown reason, then fiercely stamping on the feet of Long Yi, she twisted her leg left and right.

Long Yi hissed, and his big hand quietly stroked the thigh of Nalan Ruyue, then Nalan Ruyue immediately retracted her leg with a red face, and ferociously glared at him.

Seeing the actions of these two people, Red Lady couldn’t help laughing softly.

Nalan Ruyue was in a somewhat awkward situation, so she changed the topic: “Why are you looking at it for so long, still not returning her bow.”

“It’s fine, as it happens, I want to see the archery of Young Master Ximen.” Red Lady said with a smile, and looking at Long Yi with sparkling and crystal clear beautiful eyes, she was somewhat looking forward to seeing in her heart.

“How could he knew how to use a bow, don’t listen to his bragging.” Nalan Ruyue said.

“Who said I don’t know how to use a bow, I, your husband am proficient in all kinds of weapons. What’s more, I am even more skilled in bows and arrows.” Long Yi complacently said, then he stood up, held the bow with his left hand and pulled the bowstring with his right hand. He appeared as if he was about to demonstrate his archery on the spot.

Red Lady looked at Long Yi with a smile, and she looked as if she had successfully made a mischievous prank. This Scarlet Blood Bow of hers required a special technique to draw it, otherwise, no matter the strength, the bowstring couldn’t be drawn back.

After Long Yi stood up and made a posture of drawing a bow, he attracted the attention of everyone. Some member of Lightning Mercenary Group who knew the details were already laughing secretly in their heart. All of them considered Long Yi will inevitably lose his face this time.

Long Yi placed one leg in front of the other, then shouting in a low voice, he tried to pull the bowstring with his right hand, but to his surprise, he was not even able to pull the slightest. If he couldn’t pull the bowstring, then he would definitely lose his face, so he used the internal force of AoTainJue and injected his spirit power into the Scarlet Blood Bow, then he shouted loudly. After that, the Scarlet Blood Bow emitted blazing flame as the bowstring was unexpectedly pulled back slowly by him.

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