Chapter 314: Again meeting Red Lady

In the vast clear sky, with the sunshine tickling down, there were very few white clouds dotted in the azure blue sky.

“Everyone, rest and reorganize beside the brook in the front, and after eating the lunch, we will continue our journey.” Long Yi lift up the curtain of the carriage and said to the cavalry captain.

“Yes.” This cavalry captain wiped his sweat and answered, then transmitted his order to rest and reorganize beside the brook.

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Right now, summer was already in full swing, so the weather was very hot. Although Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue were unaffected by this hot weather, but for these escorting cavalries, this weather however was a kind of arduous test. In addition to being exposed to this scorching sun, they were wearing thick and heavy metal armor, so it was a very strenuous for them.

Similarly, inside the carriage, maid Xiao Cui was also full of fragrant sweat. She was just an ordinary person, so she naturally wasn’t able to be so indifferent to the weather like Nalan Ruyue.

“I am dying, I’m dying, I hope we quickly reach Blue Moon City.” Xiao Cui used all her strength to fan herself and said.

“Isn’t Blue Moon City hot too?” Long Yi smiled and asked. Blue Moon City was the capital city of Nalan Empire.

“Of course not, our Blue Moon City is near the sea. The wind that blows in is very nice and cool, ah, I miss the taste of the sea so much.” Xiao Cui closed her eyes and had a yearning look. This naïve appearance was very cute.

Sea? Long Yi murmured. After arriving at this world, he had not seen the sea yet. Now, hearing the words of Xiao Cui, he also missed the sea. Was the sea of this world just like the sea of his previous world?

Jumping out of the luxurious carriage, Long Yi stretched out his hand towards Nalan Ruyue behind him. This was Blue Waves Continent’s a kind of etiquette of big aristocrats.

Nalan Ruyue didn’t refuse and let Long Yi help her come out of the carriage. This made the officials of Nalan Empire think that they were harmonious husband and wife.

“How long will it take to reach Blue Moon City?” Long Yi sat down leaning against a big tree beside the brook and asked Nalan Ruyue.

“After crossing the forest in the front, we will enter the border of Nalan Empire, and with our current pace, we will reach Blue Moon City roughly after ten days.” Nalan Ruyue answered, then taking out a clean water from her space ring, she gently sipped a mouthful of water. A beauty was precisely a beauty, even when she was drinking water, she looked so attractive.

“Why are you staring at me like this? Are flowers blooming on my face?” Nalan Ruyue saw Long Yi was intently watching her and her beautiful face unconsciously turned red, then rolling her eyes, she said.

“No, but you have a magnet that is attracting my gaze to your face without my own accord.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“You are annoyingly talkative, I don’t feel like reasoning with you.” Nalan Ruyue turned her head and a slight smile appeared on her face. The complement of Long Yi made her quite comfortable.

Long Yi smiled and shrugged his shoulders, then he looked towards Xiao Cui who was still fanning herself continuously. It seemed she truly was on the point of death due to this heat. Presumably, she was an ordinary girl, and with her entire body completely wrapped around with thick clothing in this heat, she naturally was unable to bear this heat.

“Girl, do you want me to help you?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“How can you help me, son-in-law?” Xiao Cui curiously asked.

“If I help you dispel the heat, you have to kiss me, is that okay?” Long Yi smirked teasing her.

“So hateful, son-in-law is bullying others.” The little face of Xiao Yi suddenly become red till her ears, and Nalan Ruyue also ferociously glared at him.

“I am just joking with Xiao Cui, why are you glaring at me as if you want to eat me?” Long Yi innocently said to Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue coldly snorted and turned her head again.

Long Yi curled up his lips, then stretching out his hand, his hand flashed and cold qi began to gather. Instantly, an ice cube that was half the height of a person appeared in front of him.

“Wow, ice cube.” Xiao Cui exclaimed in pleasant surprised and suddenly feeling nice and cool, she happily threw herself onto this ice cube and began rubbing her hot face above it, exclaiming comfortably.

“Feeling well, do you want a few more……” Long Yi laughed, but he suddenly stopped mid-sentence, and frowning, he shouted loudly: “A large number of troops are moving towards this direction, everyone, be alert.”

Those two hundred escort cavalries immediately prepared and mounted the horse after hearing the words of Long Yi, then surrounded Long Yi as well as the officials of Nalan Empire to protect. Barbarian Bull also alertly looked all around standing beside Long Yi with Greenstone Rule in his hand. These days, Long Yi had already established his prestige among these two hundred escort cavalries. En route, when they encounter trouble several times, he easily resolved them, moreover with his strength and affinity, he quickly became one of these cavalries who had gone through fire and water.

“How many people?” Nalan Ruyue walked over to Long Yi and asked softly. She was clear that the strength of Long Yi was far above herself and his sense was also very sharp.

“Roughly a thousand. They have dense killing intent surrounding them, they should be very strong.” Long Yi replied. Even from so far away, he could sense that sharp sword-like acute spirit, therefore they shouldn’t be as simple as being only strong.

Not long after, rolling smoke and dust appeared on the horizon and the earth began to tremble. Clearly, the other party was riding unicorns, rushing towards them. Moreover, their number was so many that these two hundred escort cavalries became tense and unsettled.

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“Eh, it’s her.” Long Yi muttered. With his eyesight, he could clearly see how the people in the front look like.

“Who?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

“A woman I have met once by fate.” Long Yi laughed.

Nalan Ruyue felt stifled in her heart and ferociously glared at Long Yi, but now, Long Yi was already lost in thoughts.

“Pervert.” Nalan Ruyue muttered in a bad mood while looking at the front. This moment, that large contingent of troops had already arrived near them, and she could also clearly see the people in the front.

The person in the front and also most conspicuous was a woman who appeared very flirtatious. She wore a dazzling fiery red skintight gown and had a fiery red big bow on her back. Moreover, along with the galloping of her unicorn, her breasts rose and fell violently, making people couldn’t help but worry whether her big breasts will fly out from her clothing in the next moment.

“Yu Hongniang [1], Lightning Mercenary Group.” Nalan Ruyue whispered. She had also heard the famous name of Red Lady. She however was a remarkable woman of the mercenary world. Being a weaker sex, in the mercenary world where strong could be found everywhere, she made a big name for herself, this was not an easy task. Moreover, her mercenary rank was incredible S rank.

In a blink of an eye, Red Lady lead Lightning Mercenary Group arrived close at hand, then they stopped their horse.

Long Yi looked as far as he could see and understood why Lightning Mercenary Group was so famous in the mercenary world. Although they only have a thousand and so people, but each and every one was very strong. Among them, there was no lack of Mages and Great Swords Masters, all were elites. Moreover, they had gone through fire and water together, so they had a tacit understanding with each other. It could be said that, if Long Yi wasn’t here, then they could easily exterminate this group of Nalan Ryue if they wanted. But then again, how could Red Lady have nothing to do and go provoke an Empire?

The sparkling eyes of Red Lady scanned and her gaze rested on Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue. Then dismounting from her horse, she walked two steps forward and said cupping her hands: “I, Red Lady greet Princess Ruyue as well as Young Master Ximen, please forgive me for any disturbance.”

A trace of a smile appeared on the face of Long Yi. No wonder this woman was able to lead A-ranked mercenary group. Compared to her, how many men could have such somewhat bold and uninhibited manner as well as neither haughty nor humble bearing? This made him admire her.

Long Yi signaled two hundred cavalries to withdraw, then walking to the front of Red Lady, he said with a smile: “Red Lady, we meet again, it seems the fate that brings us together isn’t shallow, isn’t that so?”

Red Lady also smiled and said: “Young Master Ximen, speaking with me like this, aren’t you afraid that Princess Ruyue will get angry?”

“She isn’t that kind of narrow-minded person.” Long Yi turned his head and looked at expressionless Nalan Ruyue and said with a smile.

Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes, then walking forward, she indifferently nodded her head at Red Lady and said: “I have heard your famous name ‘Red Lady’ a long time ago, now seeing you in person, you really have a well-deserved reputation.”

“Keke, Princess Ruyue’s beauty is also well-known under the heaven, I, Red Lady has been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Young Master Ximen truly has a very good fortune.” Red Lady giggled and her pair of breasts violently shook attracting the eyes of everyone.

“Don’t be so distant, aren’t you tired of being polite here and there?” Long Yi rolled his eyes and then asked: “Red Lady, are you all leaving for that Lightning God Forbidden Area SS ranked mission?”

Red Lady nodded her head and said: “Yes, many mercenary groups have already failed there. Until now, not even a single group is able to accomplish this mission. This time, we are cooperating with Nalan Empire’s Iron Blooded Mercenary Group to see whether we can be able to obtain the left eyeball of Lightning God.”

“Iron Blooded Mercenary Group? Then now, are you all not going to Ye Principality?” Long Yi asked. Iron Blooded Mercenary Group was also a famous A-ranked mercenary group which was in the top ten among hundreds of A-ranked mercenary groups of Blue Waves Continent. The combined power of these two mercenary groups would be very powerful.

“No, we are planning to go to Nalan Empire’s Blue Moon City and meet with Iron Blooded Mercenary Group. We still need to prepare a number of essential items.” Red Lady smiled and replied. Her tone was filled with strong self-confidence, and this self-confidence was simply her unique temperament.

“Since we are going in the same way, how about we travel together, it’s lively with more people.” Long Yi said with a smile and he didn’t conceal his appreciation of Red Lady.

“If Princess Ruyue doesn’t oppose, then why not?” Red Lady looked towards Nalan Ruyue. In fact, she was also full of curiosity about Long Yi as well as this extraordinarily beautiful saintess.

“Of course, I am happy if you are to travel us, we just so happen to have fewer companions en route.” Nalan Ruyue faintly smiled and said. When she was dealing with unfamiliar or not close people, her smile always was reserved maintaining her distance.

Red Lady also didn’t mind, then turning around, he ordered everyone to dismount and rest, then together with Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue, she sat beside Nalan Ruyue’s luxurious carriage.

[1] Yu: (surname) I, my, me, Hong: Red, Niang: young lady [And her mercenary nickname is Red Lady (Hong Niangzi)

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