Chapter 313: Set out (End)

Long Yi moaned feeling his little brother was grabbed by the warm and smooth jade hand of Han Yan. Moreover, with the up and down movement of her jade hand, he was truly too excited. Long Yi felt as if his stomach was burning with raging fire and his blood vessels were about to explode.

Suddenly, Long Yi felt his cold in the lower part of his body, and he was shocked to see his little brother was already exposed in the air, and it was ferociously holding its head high throwing out its chest.

“Your size is truly big, and it looks frightening.” Han Yan squatted down and her head got closer to Long Yi’s little brother as if she was quite curious to why it could be so big.

Long Yi took a deep breath and looked towards the sky, only to see the night was about to pass. Han Yan, this girl truly stalled him for quite a time. Recalling Nangong Xiangyun and other two were waiting for his return, his ** subconsciously calmed down greatly.

“Eh, how come you are soft now?” Han Yan exclaimed in surprise seeing the angry little brother was unexpectedly becoming soft slowly. Then raising her head and looking at Long Yi, she saw that the fire of lust in his eyes had already disappeared becoming very clear.

“Get up, I want to return now, I also don’t want to know your answer.” Long YI faintly said. Now he also understood that it was impossible to learn very secret matters from this woman.

Han Yan saw the firm eyes of Long Yi and laughed: “It’s still quite early, why are you so impatient? I have yet to serve you properly.” Han Yan said and before the surprised gaze of Long Yi, she lowered her head and opening her lips, she unexpectedly took Long Yi’s somewhat soft manhood into her mouth.

Long Yi startled and feeling his little brother had entered a moist and warm mouth, and especially with this strong visual impact, the last line of defense of Long Yi was nearly collapsed.

The technique of Han Yan was clearly inexperienced, but she seemed to have a sky-high natural gift in the matter of men and women, not long after, her movement of taking in and out become more and more skillful, giving Long Yi bigger and bigger stimulation.

Damn it, ***. Long Yi struggled in his heart. This kind of amorous treatment, no men were willing to end it immediately. But, thinking of his wives waiting for him in the home, Long Yi firmly suppressed his heart, then maximized his self-control to push open the head of Han Yan, and then he quickly arranged his pants.

Han Yan was astounded to see Long Yi’s action, as this man went beyond her expectation. He possessed the most notorious reputation and was frivolous, but sometimes, his self-control and things he did always surprise her. Could a normal man resist her charm? Could a man have a sexual pleasure with her while wanting to kill her? How could he still maintain his soberness and reject her when she was serving him with her mouth?

Long Yi coldly looked at Han Yan and turning around, he left.

“Wait a minute, if you are bent on leaving, then I will also not stop you. I, Mu Hanyan still hasn’t fallen to such extent. Just now, didn’t you ask me why I was able to sense you? The answer lies in my pet, it has just finished evolving, now no matter who it is, don’t imagine that it’s possible to come within the diameter of 30 meters around me without my knowledge.” Mu Hanyan pointed at the white crane beside the brook. It appeared very harmless, even to the extent that no aura of a magical beast could be sensed from it.

Long Yi suddenly understood, as it turned out, it was the fault of this fellow. Then, when he attacked Mu Hanyan last time, why wasn’t he discovered? Immediately afterward, he suddenly recalled that it had just completed its evolution according to Mu Hanyan. Perhaps, at that time, it was in the process of evolving, so he had succeeded.

“What rank magical beast is it?” Long Yi couldn’t help asking.

“Magical beast? Hehe, I am also not clear about this.” Mu Hanyan shook her head and laughed.

Long Yi nodded his head, then looking at snow-white beautiful white crane one last time, he flew towards Ximen residence.

Mu Hanyu’s smile slowly disappeared and she sighed. Then picking up this white crane and caressing its soft and smooth feather, she muttered: “White Feather, you tell me, how about I hold this man?”


When Long Yi returned to Ximen residence, he had very little time that was set aside for him. He guessed that he roughly had only one hour left before the daybreak.

The light of the bedroom was still on, clearly, Nangong Xiangyun still hadn’t slept yet, merely he didn’t know whether Leng Youyou and Beitang Yu were also inside the room or not. Softly opening the door, Long Yi smelled three different fragrance, clearly, all three women were present inside.

“My husband.” Three women were half-lying on the bed side by side, and only their bare hands were revealed outside the brocade quilt. Clearly, they were only in their underwear. And they called out to Long Yi in pleasant surprise seeing he had returned, but other than happiness, there was a little sense of loss.

As for Long Yi, seeing three bewitchingly charming beauties on the bed, this moment, Long Yi rained down curses on Mu Hanyan in his heart. He clearly was this close to achieving his dream of 4P, but it was almost daybreak, and now there was not enough time left for even the foreplay.

Long Yi threw off his outerwear and jumped onto the big bed, then spreading open his hands, he took all three women in his bosom.

“My husband, what were you doing in the military camp? How come you return so late?” Nangong Xiaongyun asked with hidden bitterness leaning on the shoulder of Long Yi.

Long Yi pondered for a moment, the matter of encountering Beauty Shop’s proprietress Mu Hanyan en route, then, having those adult only time, even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn’t tell that.

“It is definitely not that, weren’t you doing shameless things with another woman? But here we sisters were foolishly waiting for you for such a long time.” Leng Youyou pinched the soft flesh of Long Yi’s waist and pouted glaring at Long Yi.

“How could that be? Do you think I, your husband am that kind of person?” Long Yi righteously said, while secretly thinking the situation was not good. All women were similar, even one could cause the total disorder when they eat vinegar, let alone three women.

“You are, with such dense fragrance of an unfamiliar woman, if you say you were not doing that, then do you think I will believe you?” Leng Youyou said angrily, then she sat at one side of the bed fuming with anger.

Nangong Xiangyun and Beitang Yu also sniffed Long Yi, and soon after that, they also glared at Long Yi. He really had a very dense unfamiliar fragrance. It was not the fragrance of them three.

Long Yi felt dizzy, was the nose of these girls the dog’s nose? They were able to discern just by smelling. All of this was Mu Hanyan, this bitch’s doing. Now, not only his dream of 4p was gone, instead, a fire was lit in his backyard.

“Well, don’t be jealous. I truly did nothing with her, it’s about to get daybreak, be obedient and come let your husband hug you all.” Long Yi lean against the bed and said to three girls.

Three women became silent and their expression also softened. Yes, he was about to leave, so what the point in making it difficult for him? At this time, Long Yi however jumped out of the bed.

“My husband, where are you going?” The three women were startled and thought that Long Yi was leaving because he was angry.

“Going to wash myself so as to avoid harming your oversensitive nose.” Long Yi laughed and entered the bathroom.

After hastily washing, Long Yi in bathrobe got into the quilt. This time, three women were obedient, they voluntarily entangled with him making Long Yi enjoy the great luck with women.

Four people tightly hugged together, and no one opened their mouth. Just closing their eyes, they felt each other’s heartbeat. They were parting soon, so all words seemed to lose color, only this tight hug was the best consolation.

Time didn’t know the concept of stopping. It only knew how to flow continuously regardless of the time of day or night until the universe was destroyed.

When the sun’s brilliant rays of light wantonly trickled down, and when the birdies on the branch began to sing merrily, Long Yi knew that the time to part had come.

Three women got up, then helped Long Yi wear his cloth and also freshen up. They meticulously served Long Yi and not even a slight crease was let off by them. And beyond the expectation of Long Yi, all three girls didn’t cry him while hugging like he had imagined. Even though their eyes were already red, they endured without shedding a single drop of tear. This appearance instead made Long Yi feel even harder to take in his heart.

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“My husband, take care of yourself, be careful of everything.” Nangong Xingyun warned in a low voice and her eyes already filled with tears.

“Rest assured, what sort of person am I, your husband? I will not only take care of myself, I will also increase my weight, you will know when I return back.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“So hateful.” Nangong Xiangyun gently pounded Long Yi as the words of Long Yi had broken the sentimental mood.

“Well, it’s time, I should go to the imperial palace now, Xiangyun, Youyou, Yu’er, I will miss you all, come give me a farewell kiss.” Long Yi laughed.

The three women took the initiative to kiss Long Yi’s lips without any shyness, and after hugging them, Long Yi opened the door and walked out.

Walking to the courtyard with three women, Long Yi saw Li Qing and Barbarian Bull were waiting for him for a long time.

“Li Qing, are you also leaving?” Long Yi looked at Li Qing and asked.

“Yes, Young Master.” Li Qing indifferent replied.

Long Yi nodded his head, then stretching out both arms, he gave Li Qing a big hug and said patting his back: “Make effort, I, this Young Master believe in you, you will definitely pass the test of your clan, and when we meet next time, we must drink until we are dead drunk.”

Li Qing felt the warm feeling of care and his frozen expression slightly fluctuated.

Releasing Li Qing, Long Yi looked towards Barbarian Bull and said: “Barbarian Bull, go to the city gate and wait for me, after I come out from the imperial palace, we will set out together.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Barbarian Bull excitedly said.

Long Yi turned around, then waving his hands towards three women, he blew a kiss, then instantly disappeared from the line of sight of everyone.

Nangong Xiangyun took two steps forward and was no longer able to suppress her feelings. Her emotions burst out absolutely uncontrollably, and with tears flowing out like a broken dam of the river, she hugged Leng Youyou and began to cry loudly.

Leng Youyou’s eyes were also full of tears, but she was far more experienced than Nangong Xiangyun. Very quickly, she controlled her emotions, then patting the back of Nangong Xiangyun, she whispered: “Xiangyun, don’t be sad, didn’t our husband say, sweethearts that didn’t experience parting are not real sweethearts, they have to experience that kind of unforgettable longing. The sweetheart that’s capable of preserving even after parting is truly perfect.”

Beitang Yu sniffled, firmly holding back her tears. She still had to go to the military camp to train. She believed that, in the near future, she will definitely be able to meet Long Yi again. At that time, how wonderful that would be if she was able to go into battle together with him. Thinking this, Beitang Yu return to her room and after wearing military attire, she went to military camp.


Returning to the bridal chamber of the imperial palace, he saw Nalan Ruyue was dressing up with the help of Xiao Cui. He found this scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Seeing Long Yi had come, Xiong Cui hastily greeted with courtesy. Now, Long Yi however already had a connection with Nalan Empire, and also was her master, so she naturally didn’t dare to give cold-shoulder.

“Wifey, did you sleep smoothly yesterday?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“You don’t have to worry, I slept soundly. But seeing you smiling so hatefully, it seemed you were flushed with success last night.” Nalan Ruyue said in annoyance.

“The frustration of autumn wind is real, now that I have to bid farewell to my beloved wives, how can I be pleased?” Long Yi sighed half-jokingly.

Nalan Ruyue gritted her teeth and glaring at Long Yi, she snorted.

Xiao Cui looked at her princess who was acting impetuously, and again looking at helpless newly-appointed son-in-law, she suddenly laughed.

“Damned girl, why are you laughing? Do you want a beating?” Nalan Ruyue said in dissatisfaction.

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“Forgive me, Princess, Xiao Cui only felt this amusing. Now, Princess and son-in-law truly resemble fighting star-crossed lovers.” Xiao Yi happily said. She had followed Nalan Ruyue for many years, she naturally knew her master’s temperament very well. She knew that she was not truly blaming her.

“Yes, I and he are enemies[1].” Nalan Ruyue said, but now, her tone and expression didn’t resemble like that desolate Saintess.

“That’s why you two became husband and wife, I hear after fighting, star-crossed lovers will become relatives by marriage.” Xiao Cui laughed up her sleeves.

The face of Nalan Ruyue turned red and she glared at Long Yi, but she saw that, without her knowledge, Long Yi was already sitting beside the desk and supporting his head with his hand, he was blankly looking outside the window. Seeing this, without any reason, she was even angrier. This bad fellow actually ignored her like this, truly was infuriating to death.

At this time, Long Yi however was thinking about the proprietress of Beauty Shop, Mu Hanyan. In the end, who was this mysterious woman? What kind of role did she play in the camp of Long Zhan? It was hard to see through the world-class acting of this woman where truth was mingled with the false.

At this moment, the rites officials of the imperial palace came waking up Long Yi from his thoughts. He decided to not think about the matter of Mu Hanyan for the time being, in any case, her every move was being monitored by Skynet’s intelligence personnel.

Under the rites officials’ guide, Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue made obeisance to Emperor Long Zhan, and Long Zhan bestowed a big pile of things along with a scroll of an official document to Long Yi. Long Yi had to deliver this scroll to the Emperor of Nalan Empire.

Soon, Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue sat in a luxurious carriage, the other officials of Nalan Empire also entered other carriages and as for other guards, they rode their horse. Then along with 200 hundred cavalries of Nalan Empire, they were escorted to the city gate by the city guards of Soaring Dragon City.

What made Long Yi feel slightly strange was, he thought that his father Ximen Nu would come to the city gate to see him off, but outside his expectation, he didn’t come, only Barbarian Bull was waiting for him there.

The carriages gradually moved away from the city gates gradually proceeding towards the south. Long Yi leaned on the pillow and took a nap. He had a premonition that this trip to Nalan Empire would definitely be very exciting.

[1] Yuanjia (冤家) can mean star-crossed lovers and also ‘enemy’.

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