Chapter 251 – Unable To Avenge

The crown prince, Bai Chen Yu, was lightly coughing while clutching his chest within the study.

His long-term sickness had no signs of a cure.

“This prince understands, the days where Ninth can continue being rampant is numbered. Do not do anything about this matter for the moment, we need to give face to the Lord Emperor. After some time, this prince will help you find justice for this shame,” Bai Chen Yu consoled after he finally stopped coughing.

When Old Master Hou saw him, he felt concerned, “I thank the prince for your kindness, this old official knows what to do. How is my lord’s body recently?”

“Still the same, no worries. That woman called Huan Meng Yue, you should also ignore her for a while. This prince has plans for her.”

“This old official understands.”


After some time, Old Master Hou left the Crown Prince Estate, but within his heart there was not a shred of anger.

The rage he displayed early had now become calmness.

He did not know if he was overthinking, but he felt that the hope of Lord Crown Prince curing his sickness was becoming smaller and smaller.

It might be also because of this exact reason, that the emperor was regarding Bai Chen Feng highly as time went by.

Lord Crown Prince’s mother was from a very powerful clan; they had established great achievements for Hanging Cloud Empire over many years, and this was also Lord Crown Prince’s backing, but… if his days were numbered, no matter how strong the backing was, it would just turn into nothing.

The reason he dared to display his displeasure and confront Bai Chen Feng was because he currently had Lord Crown Prince to support him, but once Lord Crown Prince falls, offending Bai Chen Feng meant that he was digging his own grave.

‘My dear son, your old man is sorry. It seems like father will be unable to avenge you.’

The steps of Old Master Hou grew heavier as he walked.


Bai Chen Feng’s mood was rather good.

With the Greater Demon massacring so many people yesterday, he guessed that the days of being under prohibition would be numbered.

In addition, Huan Meng Yue managed to rank up to a Two Star spirit master by using the period of hiding to cultivate.

Also, the lands under his management had recently paid a large sum of spirit stones as tribute.

All this led to Bai Chen Feng having a good mood, so he decided to bring Huan Meng Yue out to shop. He wanted to buy items that could help Huan Meng Yue improve faster. With how deep Huan Meng Yue had fallen for him, she would surely become a great help for him in the future…

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Even though Huan Qing Yan caused trouble in Spirit Master Alley and exposed Huan Meng Yue’s identity, he also did not mind that.

This was his lord father’s instructions, even if the population were suspicious and gossiped, no one would dare to confront his Lord Father, that included the Hou Estate also.

Since the truth would be revealed eventually anyhow. The case regarding the Greater Demon had reached a crucial stage; with everyone worrying about the demon, few amongst the commoners would focus on matters regarding their Ninth Prince.

The carriage was filled with several articles of various sizes, and most of them were bought for Huan Meng Yue.

When both of them alighted the carriage.

Huan Meng Yue said with blissful shyness, “My lord, Meng Yue thanks you for today. My lord has treated Meng Yue so well, yet Meng Yue has nothing that she possesses to repay your kindness.”

Bai Chen Feng look at her coquettish appearance that was emitting waves of seductive interest, causing his heart to itch, “Just doing your best to repay this lord on the bed tonight will do…”

“My lord…” Huan Meng Yue seductively said.

As the duo flirted with each other, they suddenly heard a commotion of people talking nearby.

Bai Chen Feng casually asked, “What’s the commotion about?”

Very quickly, a guard returned after finding out what has happened and reported, “My lord, they were men from the Huan Clan Restaurant; they delivered some dishes, saying that their Young Mistress had caused Lord Ninth displeasure, so she had arranged them to deliver some special spirit dishes to seek forgiveness from Lord Ninth…”

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