Chapter 12- Demonic Wedding Bells

David opened his eyes, and he had a headache that made him think that he spent the last thirty years on a never ending bender. After a few moments of continuous concentration that took nearly a minute to achieve, it was gone. David got out of bed, not caring that he had been stripped naked, then moved to splash water on his face. The cold water helped awaken him even further, just enough to notice the heavy breathing of a dragon behind him.

“Luna, how hard did I push myself this time?” (David)

Her voice came from behind him.

“About six months. I warned you that you were in no shape to go. Even if you were in shape, what made you go anyways?” (Luna)


David splashed himself again before answering.

“I don’t know exactly…. That angel, I think. I believe her name was Lousphy. She has a strong spirit. I could spend all eternity trying to break her and I think I would enjoy every moment of my failure until I give up after trying everything. There is something I received from you that makes me think that perhaps I don’t even want to try.” (David)

David splashed his face one final time before seeing Luna in his vision, but then he was very surprised to see Lousphy sitting beside her at the table.

“Is modesty strange for you, demon?” (Lousphy)


David sat on the bed and made no attempt at hiding himself, even as he sat down.

“If I choose nudity in my own chambers where even Luna isn’t allowed uninvited, then that’s my own choice angel. Live with it.” (David)

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Lousphy looked at the dragon to keep her eyes away from David.

“Luna said divine matters are to be settled with you only, so I have been waiting for months for you to wake up. If I knew you were like this, I would have waited to be summoned instead.” (Lousphy)


David enjoyed the uncomfortable feeling he was giving the angel by only showing his sexuality. After a few moments, he figured that there was no further benefits, but harm, in continuing his actions, so he wrapped himself in his cover.

“Fine, I’m no longer exposed. Now, tell me what you wish for, so I may be at peace. If it’s at all possible with all the angels1angelsspecies barging into my place of personal rest.” (David)

Lousphy looked sorry for doing so.

“Your terms were agreed upon. The sword has been placed in my care and as long as you’re in this realm, it can be used at your leisure. Furthermore, I have been assigned to be this realm’s permanent watcher.”

David gave a smile, then turned to Luna.

“Can you get the mail?” (David)

The dragon nodded and left.


As soon as she was past where the wall was, David moved it back in place.

“I didn’t want her to hear this. What the hell did you do to me?” (David)

Lousphy kept quiet because she didn’t have an answer.  

“I think the divine blessing was reflected by the sword, like what you said.” (Lousphy)

David looked coldly at her, then sighed.

“I remember what I said. What I don’t get is… Why do I find you desirable?” (David)

Lousphy blushed.

“You noticed it too.” (Lousphy)


There was silence between them as David molded the cover around him to be a temporary set of clothes. He stood up when it was done, and got a drink out of the fridge, then drank it dry in seconds.

“I feel close to Luna because she trapped me in a moment of weakness. However, you and I have never opened up, yet I feel a similar bond between us. I don’t want to harm or lie to you. Explain why.” (David)

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Lousphy closed her eyes as she moved her wings to cover her arms.

“Love.” (Lousphy)

David took a step back, then looked away.

“D*** love. Demons aren’t even supposed to know how that feels, it’s only a weakness to exploit. Me being able to feel it is… not beyond me.” (David)


He paused a moment to consider, then figured that he got it from Luna.

“How do I get rid of this curse? By raping you or something?” (David)

Lousphy stood and readied to defend herself in case he chose to do that. David looked at her curiously, then amusingly smiled.

“No, that won’t work. That will destroy what love you have for me, but not the love I feel for you. It’s obvious…. you must rape me.”(David)

Lousphy took another step back.

“I can’t do that. Besides; my oaths, principles, and wishes won’t let me do that. Only in marriage will I ever lay with a man.” (Lousphy)


David rubbed his chin in thought before setting his empty drink down.

“Marriage between a demon and an angel is a curious concept. It’s never been done before. Even the term marriage is different between our two races. It literally means soul leaching for us. Tell me angel, will you marry me?” (David)

Lousphy was very stunned and startled by the thought. It took her a full minute to even come to terms with the question. Technically, there were no rules against an angel and demon becoming wed locked. Perhaps, because no one ever considered it even possible. However, Lousphy had noticed she did have feelings for him. The kind of feelings that she let go wild half a year ago in offering to sacrifice all she has to save his life.

“My type of marriage, or yours?” (Lousphy)

David smiled, truly humored.

“That’s a good question. Tell me how your race marries, and I’ll tell you mine.” (David)


Luna took the obvious hint that they wanted some privacy. She got the mail, then set it outside the door before deciding to take a fly around. She went high and enjoyed a round trip of the realm. Despite its size, her own, and practice, it took her less than an hour for a full look around. After that, she rested for a little while, then did a quick hunt for some dinner, and a little extra for David as well. She knew that David will get more from it the fresher the prey is. She scratched on the door, then the wall moved away. She picked up the mail with her clean claw, then put the dead boar on the table. David had a wicked look on his face as he took out his dagger and started skinning it. The slick metal cut the fat and meat cleanly. After a moment, David looked up to see a sick looking Lousphy.

“Want some? I’ll have enough for now, so I can spare some.”(David)


Lousphy put a few fingers to her lips.

“I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat.” (Lousphy)

David lifted an eyebrow, then went back to his butchery. Meanwhile, Luna had set down the mail on the bed and moved beside Lousphy.

“Come on angel, let’s leave him be.” (Luna)

The dragon led the angel out of the cave and to a peak above, where they sat watching the sunset. They sat there wordlessly until after Luna finished cleaning herself like a cat.

“Angel, I don’t know why he’s so happy around you, but I like him pleased. He’s my friend.” (Luna)

Lousphy looked at the dragon curiously and wanted to know how this dragon made a demon her friend. Even after six months of politely trying to find out, she was no closer to knowing than the day they met.

“I don’t think a demon will make an ideal friend.” (Lousphy)


Luna looked to her side and decided to lay down.

“True, I could have made it look like I was mistreated while the inspector was here overlooking my living conditions, but I was given to David and I was told to trust him. I have been with David since I was born. Even before I tricked him, he has always been gentle to me, caring even. In fact, I believe David wanted a friend just so he wouldn’t be alone.” (Luna)

Lousphy listened to her passion and belief in David that she wouldn’t have believed if she didn’t meet him before. She finally made a decision after thinking about something for over an hour.

“Luna, what it’s like being close to David?” (Lousphy)


Luna laid her head down as she watched the angel stare at the setting sun. The golden glow made their white wings look like they had a golden glow to  them as well.

“If you can get him to be truly honest with you, then it’s really great. However, that’s the main problem.” (Luna)

Lousphy looked at her.

“How will I be able to get him to be like that to me?” (Lousphy)

Luna considered answering her question, but that would be best done between the two of them. Luna lifted her head.

“I’m in a situation Lousphy. I feel like your prodding me for information. I’m happy to give you what I know because you have divine influence on me. A passive ability to prevent lying from small things like the mortal creatures of existence, like myself. In fact, I was happily giving in to such. However, we are going deeper into matters that aren’t mine. I don’t mind aiding and advising, but answering will get me involved. I don’t wish to anger David anymore then he already is with me. The fact that I trapped him will be a memory he won’t like for all time. Perhaps, one day, I will make it worth it, but that will probably be a long time from now. So, if you will permit angel, I will now get some sleep. I’ve had a long day, and David will have me busy before long.” (Luna)

Lousphy watched as the last of the sun went down past the edge of the realm. Luna let her eyes close to the light fading around the angel.


David thought over the marriage proposal. It’s not a true marriage by either standards of the divine and demons2demonsspecies, but truthfully, it never could be anyways, it’s more like something in between. He caught himself thinking about d***ing Luna for sharing these feelings with him. He wanted nothing more but to use the divine as a shield until he had a spawn that will overthrow him, as that is the demon way. Now, he had more than he bargained for from the divine. He has a dragon as a friend instead of a pet, and an angel he’s madly in love with. He had almost no standing army except for a few town guards and a captain to lead them. After thinking for while, he noticed the time and figured that it would be dark out by now.

“To he** with it. I always get in trouble for thinking. This time, I’ll follow my instincts.” (David)

David finished the boar smoothie he made, then left his hobble in the cave. When he went out of the door, he found Lousphy standing outside almost stunned and about to knock.

“You hungry?” (David)

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