Chapter 13- First Date

Lousphy looked confused as she answered.

“I told you…, I don’t eat meat.” (Lousphy)

David looked at her thin physique. Her bright thin clothes presented her features as sexy to mortal men. David also cared about her looks, but he was looking toward her spirit now.

“I don’t only eat meat. It’s only a part of my diet, I can start a stew.” (David)

She smiled at him and nodded. David gestured her inside, then he used his abilities to open the fridge and start cooking without even looking. He gestured to the only seat as he sat down on the bed.

“Would you like anything for dessert?” (David)

Lousphy shook her head.

“I don’t indulge in such pleasures.” (Lousphy)

David raised his shoulders and turned on the weather with a flick of his finger. After seeing the nightly weather clear in just a few seconds, he flicked his finger again and turned it off.

“Well, I propose we eat outside, so let’s make it a date. What about wine? Do you drink liquor?” (David)

Lousphy nodded slowly. He couldn’t know that angels1angelsspecies are immune to getting drunk since he hasn’t been around them much.

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“A little.” (Lousphy)


David smiled.

“All I have is the cheap kind unfortunately, except for a few old bottles that Luna bought shortly after I went into my first coma. I was going to save those three for three different amazing occasions. The day I’m considered a true overlord, the day my dad dies, and the day of my greatest victory.” (David)

Lousphy began listening, interested.

“I understand the first and the last, but why do you wish your father dead?” (Lousphy)

David looked at her, then sat down on the bed.

“Well, my father, as you know, is the Supreme Overlord. However, I’m not the favorite one to overthrow him. Far from it in fact. Out of the eight, I’m thought to be fifth or sixth in line.” (David)

Lousphy put her elbow on the table, then placed her head in the palm of her hand.

“How so? You seem like a force to be reckoned with by normal standards.” (Lousphy)


David tensed up, then relaxed again.

“That’s it. By normal standards, I am a large cut above normal demons2demonsspecies. In fact, very few normal demons my age would come close to equaling my levels of power and ability. However, among my siblings, there is succubus, true hellspawns, and mega-satans. Of these, there are two that I know of that can never succeed my father.” (David)

David made a twirling motion in the air with his finger, then the stew in the pot started to stir slowly.

“The first is a mega-satan class and is the youngest child. One day, my father stubbed his toe and broke it off. He grew a new one without even caring, and after several servants were discovered with their life force drained, that’s when we found Tony. There is a joke in his name as well. However, more to the point, he has all the physical strength of our father, but he is, and always will be, very unintelligent, no more than that of a child.” (David)


Lousphy could imagine a demon of that class frolicking, trying to catch a butterfly in a field. David let her imagination run wild for a few moments before continuing.

“The other one is a half demon, and the oldest child. With some demonic abilities, like our eternal lives, but with so many of his mother traits, he had long been lost from memory, but only his name is known. He has hunted our father for untold centuries, never able to beat him completely. I should say that his mother is a half breed already, she’s from between a man and a fallen angel.” (David)

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Lousphy’s eye became even more curious as he told her that story. He had many others kinds of siblings. In fact, David got so caught up in talking about his family, that he almost forgot the stew. He put it in bowls in just a few moments before it started burning. The only time he was quiet that night was during the meal. In those hours of the night, they both forgot they were immortal rival species, only love struck lovers. It was a while before Lousphy noticed that David had his hand clutched, then he stopped talking and got off the bed.

“This has been rather nice Lousphy. The sun is about to come up, and I must start resting again. However, I got something for you.” (David)


David opened his hand and there was a white ring in his palm.

“I understand that you didn’t have any more demonite.” (Lousphy)

David was standing, then took a knee in front of her.

“A blood oath is the most non demon ritual a demon can perform without shunning. However, there is one other even more so that has never been performed outside of marriage. It’s making a soul binding ring from a demon’s own heart.” (David)

David took her finger, but held out from putting it on her right away. He looked into her eyes and was in pain for doing something not even close to demon like.

“Lousphy, with this ring, I pledge a blood oath of eternal marriage. With this pledge; I will always tell you the truth, I will never lay with another for pleasure or purely for self desire, and I pledge death before I break any of them unless I have your consent.” (David)


David then slipped the ring on her finger. After a few moments of intense burning, Lousphy noticed it wasn’t pain that she was feeling at all, but love. Love doesn’t hurt any angel. The ring shined brightly on her hand as a black gem formed in it.


For some reason, the demonic presence didn’t hurt. David stood and smiled.

“Until you’re ready to devote yourself to me, I’ll wait for you. Until then, all that’s left is your part.” (David)

David turned back to the bed and sat down.

“It has been awhile since I let my impulses drive me.” (David)

David looked toward Lousphy and smiled gently. He was happy to be free of the pain of love and still keep the pleasure of it. After a few moments of that, exhaustion swept over him, so he laid down and returned the clothing to become bedding once more. Within moments, his eyes started closing as Lousphy noticed he had fallen back asleep. She got up and set the dishes by the sink to be washed, then kissed him on the forehead before leaving.

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