Chapter 11- Innocent Lure

Chapter Eleven- Innocent Lure


Sir Ralph was deep in thought when he passed back through his divine gate. The demon’s reactions were puzzling to him. He was powerful, much more than a regular demon in a normal state. He could easily conquer other demon realms, but he wanted to cower behind his divine shield instead. He surely knows something. After landing, he noticed Lousphy standing once more, and her strength has partly returned now. However, he no longer had the position of high judge.

“Saint John, it’s a surprise to see you here.” (Sir Ralph)

The new angel looked at Ralph and responded.

“It has come to my attention, and a few others, about the special circumstances of this case. It has even caught the attention of Him. It’s rare for a demon to act like anything besides their normal studied behavior, so we shall pursue it.” (Saint John)


Sir Ralph didn’t like his authority being questioned, but the order was given from the highest ranked angel, and Him.

“What do you suggest Saint John? Summon the demon here?” (Sir Ralph)

The question was meant to be an insulting suggestion.

“Actually, yes. That’s the idea.” (Saint John)

Sir Ralph closed his mouth and didn’t say anything else. Saint John then looked toward the young angel.

“He trusts you, so convince him to come here, or you’ll become one of the fallen.” (Saint John)

Lousphy smiled and nodded.

“Of course. I won’t let you down.” (Lousphy)

Moments later, she left through her divine portal. After a few minutes, Sir Ralph looked toward Saint John, while saying what needs to be said for the witnesses to understand.

“She won’t be coming back, will she?” (Sir Ralph)


Saint John lowered his head while looking sorry, then closed his eyes.

“It’s a large burden for those who fall from grace to find new homes. This is one method to ease those burdens.” (Saint John)

Suddenly, a voice beside the two of them broke in.

“I don’t appreciate being used.” (David)

They both looked toward the voice, and saw that Lousphy was already back with the demon.

“Furthermore, I don’t like being summoned like this angels1angelsspecies. I was only asleep for two minutes before I was disturbed. If you weren’t a member of the divine, I would have all of your heads by now.” (David)


David continued with his insulting talk for a few more minutes before realizing that he was much weaker than before, and he was barely holding himself together. He fell down on one knee, then grabbed his own arm in pain.

“I never knew that the divine blessing hurt this much.” (David)

David closed his eyes for a long moment.

“You have led me to my doom angel. I trusted you.”

David collapsed, as Lousphy was about to speak. She fell to her knees and tried shaking his unmoving body. After a few attempts, she looked up at two of the highest ranking angels.

“What happened to him? Will he be okay?” (Lousphy)

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The two of them felt sorry for her. All angels begin with compassion for life. To an extent, even for people like demons2demonsspecies.

“Lousphy, demons are poisoned by the presence of the divine, as angels are poisoned by their taint. You should know this.” (Sir Ralph)


Lousphy began to shed tears.

“Help him, I promised nothing would happen to him. Please!” (Lousphy)

What little attention that wasn’t directed at Lousphy before, was now solely focused on her plea.

“Lousphy, without the demon around, the divine can easily gain control of the realm. We never even expected you to manage to bring him here. You will regain your status as an angel and will become the official watcher of his realm because of this.” (Saint John)

“I don’t care!” (Lousphy)


Lousphy yelled at the top of her lungs, interrupting Saint John.

“What am I, if not an angel? Angels don’t lie, betray others, or break oaths. We give ourselves over to our duties and our hearts to those we protect. This demon. This hellspawn trusted me and I gave him my word. My word that nothing will happen to him. This demon has shown qualities unlike a demon before him because he wishes to be known more than just one of the sons of the Supreme Overlord. He just wishes to escape his destiny of being used by one of his siblings. He wishes to be his own person, so he has chosen a different path. Please let me stay as an angel, but an angel that I want to be. I would love nothing more than that. Strip me of my wings if you must, but please let him live.” (Lousphy)

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All turned silent to this pure act of love. It has been many millennia since such an act of selflessness had been seen by an angel in their homeland. In all the wars of all time between angels and demons, never has an angel pleaded for a demon to live. She cared for him as she would any other. Everyone there felt ashamed as her tears hit the ground. In just a moment, they stopped.

“The sword. Demonic force lives in the sword he made, even here. Someone, anyone, please get it. It may still be able to bring him back.” (Lousphy)


Sir Ralph signaled two angels to go, even as Saint John gave the command. Everyone would be sad about this occurrence. She has agreed to lose her status and her wings in exchange for his life. With such devotion to her beliefs, she surely would have been a very powerful member of the order. At least, many believed, the demonic presence of the blade would finally fade away and the fallen angel would be free again. Lousphy impatiently waited quietly for the sword, even as it entered into her sight once more. She took it from it’s cloth and the black blade pulsated strongly of divine presence. So strongly, that everyone could feel it.

“No, no, no! You need to pulsate demonic energy to heal him. You are only making it worse.” (Lousphy)


The sword didn’t change or listen as she set it in his hand, expecting it to shift to white, but it didn’t. However, David’s eyes still opened.

“The pain… it’s gone.” (David)

David went for her throat, but stopped before his hand touched her skin.

“What did you do to me? I don’t have my demonic energy anymore, so I should be dead. You betrayed me.” (David)

David withdrew his hand and closed it into a fist.

“No, angels don’t lie. Not on purpose or intentionally, like I would either.” (David)

David put his hand to his head as he opened it.

“I gotta reason with it at least. I knew the risks, and I had permission. This doesn’t make any sense. The amount of divine energy coming off the sword would kill even my father eventually. So…, why am I still alive?” (David)


David lifted the sword to see it better, before a smile came across his face.

“I see. The blade is repulsing the divine energy, not creating it. Yes, that makes more sense.” (David)

David looked at Lousphy again.

“You didn’t betray me angel. My trust was well placed, and my plan might actually come to fruition. I recall your trial now. No, I didn’t do anything to control you. The trap was only an alarm. I couldn’t control her as much as she controls me. However, I find myself in a unique position with where I am.” (David)

David bent over to a happy looking Lousphy. David saw the tears on her face and wiped them away with his thumb. He looked deep into her eyes, then he moved her to get himself up.

“Everything so far has been done according to the will of the divine.” (David)


David said at the top of his voice.

“I think it’s time for some demonic influence in my attempted bargaining, far more than I initially wanted. On your side of things, no less. First of all, whatever arrangements I’ve decided with this one will be held. Secondly, if a demon ever needs to testify, they will be brought to a neutral place instead. Lastly, let me get some godd*** sleep.” (David)


David fell forward, then Lousphy caught him. Even with the blade’s help, he was still terribly weak. Without thinking, Loushpy brought him home to Luna, then took him from her and laid him down on the bed. This time, he would surely only awaken if a volcano erupted in his bed.

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