Chapter 10: Divine Judgement

Chapter Ten- Divine Judgment


The judges watched the memories go past. It was amazing that anyone actually supported her. Among them, none of them had done such a thing and those were only the ones at their rank and below that could have supported her. The memory wasn’t a lie either, the truth supported what she remembered. Lousphy rested a few moments before continuing her testimony. She was now in the room with the once ‘Sir’ Howard.


“Lousphy, it has come to our attention that a new demonic realm has come into existence. At present, I have no one available with proper experience that can manage demons2demonsspecies, so I’m left with you.” (Howard)

Lousphy listened closely, but she couldn’t help but feel the sword against her side.

“Lousphy, take note, you’re just an advance scout and are there to survey and act properly on behalf of the priest that calls for you to do something beyond your ability. The priests that are selected are very experienced when it comes to demons, so you shouldn’t have any trouble.” (Howard)


She was then handed a document that had the history of the realm that she was going to on it. Realms were divided between islands floating above an abyss, and the magic and properties of these realms were mysterious. Rivers, for example, flow from one end of a realm and out the other through magical caverns to a place that’s the source of all water. No man, demon, nor angel can enter such a place. All realms flow down the abyss like a river.


Eventually, it came to an end after several hundreds of thousands of years. Then, there was an area where new realms are born. Such a realm is near here, but not far enough to never have been noticed before due to its size. About two thousand years ago, the realm was discovered. Quickly, an angel and a demon fought over the rights to it for its abundant natural resources.


Word is, they both perished together and then another demon under the control of the Supreme Overlord claimed the land after them and gifted it to their master. Without a guardian barrier around it, several realm fragments have collided with it, making it even larger with time. After that, it was left mostly untouched through the years, except for random criminals who flee there to find a place to hide before being tracked down.


Then, about 20 years ago, the ownership of the land changed again, and it was given to the spawn of the current Supreme Overlord. It’s said that he’s the 7th out of 9th person in the line of succession for his father, but this is little more than hearsay from the spies of the divine. After reviewing the document, taking note the last entry was several days ago, she laid it down and readied herself to depart.


Lousphy lost control of the memory and it faded away. She had exhausted herself from fighting Howard, and it showed as much. After straining to get her mind back, she was trying to focus, but was failing, as Sir Ralph spoke.

“Enough Lousphy, you need to rest now. We will continue this after you rest and the other judges and me meet more of our own daily demands.” (Sir Ralph)

Lousphy looked up, worried and wobbly.

“Please, I beg you, don’t delay. I can’t wait years to know my fate, not again. Even if I’m innocent, I’ll be broken.” (Lousphy)

The judges were starting to stand, then stopped suddenly, so they all looked at the oldest  and most experienced one.

“Then, what do you suggest young angel? Do you have any witnesses that can backup your claims?” (Sir Ralph)

Lousphy lowered her head, because she knew that she didn’t have any. In her tired state, her discipline had waned, so she spoke without thinking.

“The demon!” (Lousphy)


There was a commotion amongst all of them for her suggesting such heresy. Never had a demon been freely permitted to roam the lands of the divine. Even Sir Ralph couldn’t authorize such a  thing. Only the highest ranking angels1angelsspecies and Him himself could. However, the demon would be the only credible witness, as credible as a demon could be of course. He trusted her to keep his secret. It’s only right for him to protect her when she gets into trouble for keeping it.


“What you’re suggesting young angel isn’t possible. No demon is allowed in our holy grounds.” (Sir Ralph)

Lousphy raised her head again with renewed hope.

“He has a dragon, it will speak for him when he isn’t able to. Even the most devoted minions of the demons can come if their intentions are pure and their wills are free.” (Lousphy)

When silence fell down again, Lousphy noticed that Sir Ralph was gone.


Luna had just pulled the covers up to David’s neck, when an angel appeared in front of her. It was a majestic sight that she didn’t care to see, and she felt truly insulted by the intrusion on spoiled ground.

“Angel, you dare!? These are the private chambers of David, you are to be gone, NOW!” (Luna)

The angel seemed to fade to her last…. ordered…. word, which surprised him greatly. She had such power to order even an angel like himself and she even nearly succeeded. The young dragon had a lot of promise.


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“I came here because your master has matters that’s he’s deeply involved in. I’ll say them, then I’ll go. I hope fate favors me with you.” (Sir Ralph)

Luna squinted her eyes.

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“Matters involving the divine are for David to attend only. I don’t know his plans for such things and they are truly none of my business. Talk to David if you wish too. He’s awake, but resting with his eyes closed.” (Luna)

Luna backed away from David’s bed as David forced the bed under his back to raise up as he rested, unmoved.


“You’re curious of the trap I put in the young angels mind. It was for both of our safeties. I anticipated that one day…., she may encounter another demon other than me. It’s supposed to have been activated for me to wipe the memory of the secret I lent her out of trust and hope for neutral talks between me and the divine. I never would have guessed I would have to protect her against another angel.” (David, weakley)

Sir Ralph looked down at the demon in front of him. It was obvious he was in a severely weakened physical and magical state, which is why he spoke with a weak voice.

“So, you admit to meddling with someone else’s mind without permission?” (Sir Ralph)

David looked right at him.

“I’m a demon, of course I did, but I also know that I couldn’t do what I did without her opening up to me, which you know as well. I did trick her of course, but the trick cost me more than it did for her.” (David)

Sir Ralph had heard enough and began to leave, but his divine gate was shut by the demon.

“Not so fast Angel, my connection to that other angel is gone now. However, I find that I trust her more than the one who has the tenacity to intrude on me in my very home while I’m resting. I wish to see her again.” (David)


Sir Ralph noticed that it wasn’t a request, but a demand. He has chosen who to interact with. The cold eyes of the demon were cutting into his very will to refuse. He was, however, still a veteran of many fights with demons.

“You’ll get your wish demon, I’ll go now.” (Sir Ralph)

Yet again, Sir Ralph was about to leave, when his way was blocked. This time, the barricade barely held.

“This is my realm angel, you’ll leave when I say so. We aren’t done yet.” (David)

Sir Ralph tested the restraint on the barricade. It wouldn’t hold again against even a novice angel, let alone him. However, the demon was clearly using whatever spare power it had to do just that. Sir Ralph decided to listen for a few more moments at least.

“You can’t keep me here, and you know it.” (Sir Ralph)

David closed his eyes.

“Then go angel, I’ll exercise my right to banish every piece of divine presence in my realm. You can’t stop me, it’s such a thing that a demon can do.” (David)


Sir Ralph became confused after hearing that.

“What right is that demon? To my knowledge, the divine hasn’t given you any leave.” (Sir Ralph)

David’s eyes shot open again. This time, they went to Luna.

“Grab the third drink from the right on the top shelf.” (Daivd)

Luna nodded and went to the fridge and got out an orange drink. David drank it from start to finish without stopping. He then set the glass on the table beside his bed.

“I don’t want the other demons invading me, so I wish for the divine to shield, but I’m prepared to live without it. I made several sacrifices to this end. One of which, I have no doubt that you know of, the sword.” (David)

Sir Ralph remembered the holy and demonic blade, the sword of balance. David smiled as he noticed the angel’s expression change.

“It took me only a few hours to make that sword, angel. Ironically, the two spirits wished to continue their eternal struggle. As I let her be apart of fate, I’ll let you do the same.”(David)

David started to slowly lower his bed again while his eyes never left the angel.

“I gave the sword to the angel, not the divine. Now leave, I need to rest.” (David)

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