Chapter 9: Walk Home

Chapter Nine- Walk Home


Luna walked down one of the paths in the woods outside town. To her, it went better than she expected, and she was expecting to fight an angel.

“David, did it go as you planned?” (Luna)

She asked, while keeping vigilant of their surroundings. David put a hand on her back again. He sat right near the back, so he felt every movement of her hind legs. He was using her wings for braces.

“No, I expected to have to fight that woman. Even at full strength, I feel like I may have still lost to her. The mere fact that she didn’t want to start a war with the demons2demonsspecies probably made her stop.” (David)

Luna became perplexed.

“I see.” (Luna)


After a minute, she felt David’s leg grip loosen.

“David, tell me about the treaty you mentioned.” (Luna)

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She already knew, but she could feel David losing consciousness.

“The supreme treaty? Several tens of thousands of years ago; my father, the Supreme Overlord, united the demons under his absolute rule. These strings of wars weakened the demons as a whole, so to avoid a fight with the divine at the time, a great peace pact was made. This is the foundation of what we know today, and the laws and consequences of them.” (David)

David paused and blinked a few times, then dipped his body downward before suddenly straightening up.

“And?” (Luna)


Annoyance appeared on David’s voice.

“What else? You know the facts as well. The rights of claimed lands and such. The center of every realm has a core, it defines the realms owner and it can protect it as well via barriers. A realm wouldn’t have portal stones in it if didn’t have a core. These portal stones show exactly who the realm belongs to in their design.” (David)

David suddenly stopped talking again, and dipped forward. Luna stopped and looked behind her to find him still under his cloak, with a hand on his face.

“I didn’t say to stop moving.” (David)

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Luna reluctantly obeyed. After another moment of silence, she spoke again.

“So, what are your plans now?” (Luna)

David leaned back, feeling slightly better for a moment.

“Return home and rest. My life force is nearly gone and it’s affecting my stamina and mental state. It’s becoming hard to think straight.” (David)


Luna can agree to that. She has to come up with something to show that David is their leader, and she is only the steward. As she moved, she thought about it before David said something else.

“All I really want is to live. I have no desire to fight over my father’s throne, it’s way too stressful. You’ll only know your death is coming, the one who’ll grant it, and that you don’t have the power to prevent it.” (David)

Luna paused again. She acted like she was removing a limb from her path this time, but it was actually unnecessary. She sensed these feelings deep inside David, but she never thought that he would actually say them.

“So, what do you think of that angel David?” (Luna)

David leaned forward again, then pressed his torso against her back.

“I would like to meet her again. There’s something about her.” (David)

As soon as the words left his mouth, he lost all of his strength and slipped off Luna’s back.


She sighed while being annoyed as they saw their cave, which was also their home. For her, the home was satisfactory because it was dark and roomy. It had everything a dragon like her could ask for, but for David, it was inadequate. She wanted him to have majesty and dignity, these kind of feelings were inherited from her ancestor. A grand mansion and fortress that is revered across all the realms. It had to be filled with the best technology of the demons, and magic of the divine.


An army of strong warriors and an elite guard no army could match, and Luna is at the top, leading them as a General in David’s name. All realms will respect and revere the very mention of them, their wealth will also be unimaginable. Their prestige unending. Her thoughts of grandeur ended in a moment as she struggled to get David back on her back. This time, instead of sitting, he was on her like a sack on a pack animal.

“Let’s get you to bed. We have a lot of work to do in the future.” (Luna)

Then, to herself, she said.

“Or rather, I have a lot of work to do.” (Luna)


In the cave, Luna set David down on the bed and put a smoothie in his hand that was made of strawberries and liver. He put the straw to his lips and sucked it down without stopping, then she put the cup to the side to tuck David in. She knew that David needed rest now because he needed his strength for what’s to come. As she took one last look at David, she caught herself thinking about that angel they met. Like David, she also wanted to see her again.


She imagined them becoming friends to a certain degree. She shook her head to clear such thoughts. Unless the status quo between demons and angels1angelsspecies changed, that’ll never happen though. It was in this moment, a series of events began to occur that’ll make Luna’s childish thought come to fruition far beyond her imagination. It’s all thanks to her desire’s being reflected into a weakened David.

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