Chapter 8: Judgement of an Angel

Chapter Eight- The Judgment of an Angel


They were all amazed at Lousphy’s claim, none of them expected it. It took a little while for Sir Ralph to regain control of the court.

“Order! Order, I say.” (Sir Ralph)

The room went quiet after that.

“Lousphy, you will be asked the question again to confirm your decision. How do you plead on the crime of being directly controlled by a demon?” (Sir Ralph)

Lousphy put her hands together in front of her chest.

“I have, and have always been devoted to the divine. However, I cannot say with full certainty that I haven’t been influenced in some small way by my first encounter with him. Impressed might be a better term actually. Surprise would also be accurate. So, I will say this once again, with the full knowledge of what it might cost me; I open my mind, body, and soul to any and all members of the judges.” (Lousphy)

The room went quiet as she went to her knees and lowered her head.

“May I be clean in my time of doubt.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy closed her eyes and started recalling her first assignment.


Lousphy woke up in the barracks roomed with the other angel initiates. Many of the beds emptied over the last several days as they received their new superior officers and assignments. The young angel looked at the foot of her bed to see if a sword was awaiting her, then she was disappointed when a sword wasn’t there. The angel scanned the other beds, and noticed there were five of them left now, and two more will be leaving soon.

“Cheer up, Lousphy. It’s only been a week since the assignments have begun being sent out. You know, it could take months for candidates to be picked up by a superior.” (Young Angel, Ruby)

Lousphy turned her head to her friend, and smiled.

“I know Ruby, but I can’t help but feel anxious. So many others have been assigned, and I already feel a small tinge of jealousy.” (Young Lousphy)


Ruby put a hand on her shoulder before picking up her own new sword to take her place as an official member of the divine. She was the last one that she was closest to during the trials and challenges that all initiate angels1angelsspecies are put through. The temptations of sin and the tricks of demons2demonsspecies, to do the right thing and end the wrong, to do small things for mortals in divine lands. After a few moments, while watching the newest members leave, Lousphy wondered when her sword will come. After looking at the remaining two besides her, they headed out the opposite door and went straight into combat training until their assignments were assigned.


“Come on, Lousphy, ease up, it’s no use being angry.” (Young Angel, Yura)

Lousphy dropped the wooden blade and looked at the other two who were no match for her, even if they fought her together. It was true that she had been exerting herself more than she needed to  during training.

“I’m sorry Yura, I didn’t mean to try so hard. I was expecting to be assigned a week ago.” (Young Lousphy)

The other two looked at her with a sorry understanding.

“No need to tell us. We expected the same from you, we all did. You were among the most promising. However, your impatience has always been your downfall.” (Young Angel, Yura)

Lousphy lowered her head. She knew the truth of that as well as they did. When she raised it again, it was with a smile.

“There is still tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after that. I will happily wait a thousand years if I have too.” (Young Lousphy)

The other two looked at each other and nodded.

“We agree.” (Young Angel Yura and Aimee)

They both said that at the same time.

“Arm yourself Lousphy. I feel like we have fate on our side this time.” (Young Angel Yura)

She smiled as she picked up the wooden training sword again. For hours, the three were left alone as they practiced their combat skills until they were eventually too tired, so they decided to  leave and go back to their rooms and rest.


The next morning, Lousphy woke up to the barracks being empty except for her. A sword wasn’t there for her again. She smiled and closed her eyes. For the first time in her life, she knew that she was having doubts.

“Tomorrow….” (Young Lousphy)

She said to herself. She moved outside to where there were once hundreds of angel initiates training at one time. Not all of them were acceptable, so many died from the trials they were put through. For the first time in her life, Lousphy felt like she didn’t deserve to be an angel.

“Tomorrow….” (Young Lousphy)

She said to herself once again, while being alone the new day, and the next, an the next, and the next! Lousphy didn’t lose hope, but her faith was beginning to waver.

Long after, she had to move from the barracks to those for others that are like her, those that are never chosen.


After a century, and others doubts, she still waited and didn’t lose faith. Each day, she would go out and train her body and sharpen her mind. If her impatience was a weakness, her stubbornness would be a strength. Outside the housing for the other angels who got to the final assessments, but didn’t get assigned, she made her own sword and practiced on a tree. After a long time, she still had hope, but her will power was another matter.

“Give up, Lousphy. Accept it. You’ve been abandoned.” (Lesser Angel Yrou)

Lousphy struck the tree and lowered her heavily splintered training item.

“I haven’t given up, and I know you haven’t either because you’re out here watching and talking to me. Have faith, Yrou. They’ll come tomorrow.” (Young, but a century Older Lousphy)

Lousphy turned back to the tree to restart her training once again. Out of nowhere though, Yrou grabbed her arm.


“Stop it, Lousphy! You’re the newest, but you still don’t understand the situation yet. The only way…. I mean, the only way that you’ll ever be noticed now is if the divine go to war, but then, you’ll just be a frontline soldier. You’ll be expendable! We will never become full members of the divine. Not now, not ever.” (Lesser Angel Yrou)

Lousphy looked at him. He had let his physique melt away over the years. Now, he was only skin and bones. Lousphy lowered her arm, even though she could easily break through his restraint.

“Yrou, we’re angels. Neither full, nor fallen, but in between. What are we if we don’t have hope for either? From the moment of my creation, and after that, I have been driven to be a devoted follower of the divine, as you once were. I admit that maybe, just maybe, I may lose hope one day after being here for so long, as you have.” (Young Lousphy)

Lousphy became sorry for reminding him how long he had been there. Instead of an insult though, he took it as a compliment.

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“Yes, I’ve been here a long time. Far longer than you have even existed. In your training, you recognize that age usually brings experience. In all my time here, I’ve never seen someone here outside of war get what you are hoping for. When I was like you, I was told no one has ever escaped this fate before, just like I told you now.” (Lesser Angel Yrou)

Lousphy looked at Yrou, and truly smiled from her heart.

“If war is my only hope to advance, then I’ll wait for that. Some day. Long or short, war will be waged. I don’t know with what demon, but one day, one will become too big to easily handle. I will then shine, just as I hope you shine. As I hope all the others shine.” (Young Lousphy)

Yrou removed his hand.

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“You don’t belong here Lousphy. You still have a lot of hope, pride, and will. How is it that you weren’t noticed?” (Lesser Angel Yrou)

Yrou turned his back to her.

“Keep that spark, Lousphy. I have long forgotten how warm it feels. I’ll warn you now Lousphy, it’s the worst feeling in the world to lose hope. It has been such a long time since I prayed, but I will pray for you that you’ll get your sword one day.” (Lesser Angel Yrou)

Lousphy grabbed his shoulder gently.

“Tomorrow.” (Young Lousphy)

The next morning, Lousphy did indeed get her wish….

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