Chapter 7: Divine Will

Lousphy left as soon as the young dragon carried the demon away. Their relationship was hard for her to understand. Reflecting back to what she saw in his eyes, for a demon to succumb to the will of a dragon was beyond her understanding. While going through her own divine portal, she admitted it to herself that they gave and shared between each other.


They did that despite it being against a dragon’s nature. She was secretly amused by the concepts that may have been completely foreign to the demon, she became completely overwhelmed by them despite their minor origin. Lousphy looked at the sword as she waited for her turn to report to her superiors.


She didn’t let it go even though she covered it with a cloth. She could feel the demonic urges of the blade crave more power as well as a feel for balance, it wasn’t power without purpose. The demon had definitely carefully crafted the weapon to his specifications. However, it finally left her grasp as she set it on the table of her superior, who was a four winged angel. He unfolded the cloth around the blade and was astonished to see what was inside.


“What madness made you bring that here, Lousphy? The demonic aura will have to be banished.” (Four Winged Angel)

As if knowing that it was being threatened, the sword shifted its color to that of when David held it, and the higher ranking angel looked even more amazed.

“Explain.” (Four Winged Angel)

Lousphy took a knee and lowered her head while letting the angel have access to her thoughts and memories. A young angel such as herself had doubts about the demon and couldn’t even hide them from herself, so she knew that there was no chance of hiding anything. After reviewing all of it, he thought of the situation, then wrapped up the blade once more.


“So, this demon isn’t like any other. Lousphy, you hid something from me, I saw a void when you looked into his eyes. It’s nothing that gives the considerations he’s such an evil. Your thoughts even betray your memories, I can’t read them unless I force myself to. I’ll give you a chance now to tell me what’s different with this demon and any other one.” (Four Winged Angel)

Lousphy only hesitated for a moment before responding.

“He….He’s confided his secret to me, which made me intrigued by him. He trusted me not to betray his confidence unless being ordered to by a superior. Only eight winged divine angels1angelsspecies can understand this fully in depth.” (Lousphy)


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Lousphy could tell that he wasn’t happy to hear that. Her telling him that his direct superior wouldn’t understand the current situation is a direct insult to his intelligence. However, he recognized that the situation that she revealed to him is likely true in this case.

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“You’ve done well, Lousphy. You’ve finished your beginning level blessings and devotions over the last two hundred years, but this is the first time that you’ve had direct dealings with a demon. I, with much greater experience than you, will judge this situation.” (Four Winged Angel)

His back was to her as she noticed that she was lifted up to standing once again by a gesture of his hand, and not of her own power either.

“I, among many of our kind, have studied a few demons2demonsspecies and hell spawns to see if any of their powers can be used for the greater good of the divine. I’ve just demonstrated one such power, and it’s to show you that you shouldn’t test me any further.” (Four Winged Angel)


Lousphy caught herself thinking about the sword as he tormented her mind, digging though a few secrets that she decided to keep. The blade was a thing to protect someone as well as to harm another. It’s in an angels nature to protect the weak and vanquish the wicked. A demon guards what is his and tries to add on to his riches. They were pure opposites, but in complete harmony in the sword. Lousphy didn’t resist because she knew that her superior had control over her body.


Her will was weaker based purely on their age and experience, but her mind was puzzled about seeing the eyes of the demon inside. It was something that she was raised to believe was wrong. The demon was still a demon no matter what. However, he was changed, but he wasn’t exactly good. The demon knew that others might want his secret from her, so he laid a trap, a trap that David himself didn’t even expect to be set off for a long number of years. When would he have his full strength back? However, as even light entered every underworld darkness, darkness entered heaven every day as well.

The time that she accepted the darkness is still far away, but she was still meeting with him anyways.


David didn’t reveal his voice to the other angel in her mind.

“It’s no secret that a demon knows the true nature of an angel. At least some of them have a bit of corrupted power inside. This is a trap I made for myself as well as you angel. This is what made my strength wane while we had our talk. I can’t use this ability to my advantage, I can only use it to benefit me for this moment. There is more to this blade then the materials used to make it. A demon used his life force in molding the materials, so it’s a part of me, but it’s not the one I am in command of. The moment he stared into you for craving more as a demon, that would be when the sword started to resonate demonic energy. He will notice this very soon and be too late to stop himself.” (David’s Voice)

As soon as David’s voice stopped, she had become aware of the other angel listening to it as well. Immediately, he stopped his search in order to escape her mind, but it was too late, because more people came into the room. In fact, several others in full guardian armor and one of the great robes was there. Lousphy lost the strength to stand and fell to her knees while being lightheaded.


She tried desperately to start thinking straight again, which took her a few minutes to accomplish.

Within the hour, Lousphy couldn’t believe that she was in a tribunal and in the presence of Sir Ralph. He was one of the few divine who had achieved a rank of having more than eight wings, but less than twelve, so he was one of the great angels.


However, it’s widely believed his prowess in combat equalled any of the highest ranked angels. Many others were called to the court for this as well; Sir Arrand, Sir Timond, Lady Ifferin, Lady Wednesday, and many more. All of these individuals had eight wings. At first, Lousphy thought that she might only be a witness to the crimes against her, but she soon found herself thinking of being accused for holding vital information against a superior. Admittedly, to herself, that was indeed true.


“Howard, you are being accused for the crime of using demonic forces for your own means. For this, you will be stripped of any demonic powers you possess, and possibly much of your own divine ability and rank as well. How do you plead?” (Sir Ralph)

Howard lowered his head, ashamed. To his core, he was an angel that believed he didn’t do anything wrong, but if he did do something wrong, he believed that it was for the greater good.

“Not innocent.” (Howard)

Howard was then brought back to the prison cage to await full judgment, then Lousphy’s cell was opened and she was gestured to take a step forward. She took the spot Howard did, knowing her luck might be enough to get her through this. Howard will most likely receive just a slap on the wrist, but she might get the same because she did a much lesser crime.


“Lousphy, you’re being accused of crimes of bringing an object of demonic influence into the very heartland of the angels. Not only that, but you were, for a time, unaware of being under the influence of a demonic entity. We believe that was to be used to meet and turn a high ranking angel. You will be either stripped of your rank of an angel and be forced to live amongst the mortals, or be put to death. How do you plead?” (Sir Ralph)


Lousphy was shocked. It’s true that the demonic energy of the sword was strong, but it’s also true that it’s fully in check. The angelic influence of the blade was just as strong, if not stronger than the demon side. The crime of being turned by a demon isn’t true in any way.

“The blade casts both demonic and divine auras. I was given this blade by the demon who made it, freely and willingly. I’m vastly too inexperienced to know what should be done with such a blade, so I turned it over to my superior. I claim innocence to the first crime.” (Lousphy)


There was some discussion amongst the judges, and the one on Sir Ralph’s left side, Sir Jake, spoke,

“It’s understandable about what you did. Especially, since you would have likely done so if not under a demon’s influence.” (Sir Jake)

He then moved back into place. It took a moment for Lousphy to figure out it was her turn to address her other crime, or to make her plea.

“I open myself up mind, body, and soul to any judge for review of being turned. I also declare innocence on the second crime.” (Lousphy)

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