Bk 2 Chapter 157 – Cultivation Begins

Zilan sealed himself in one of the training chambers. He did not immediately begin cultivating, instead he sat cross-legged meditating.

As of right now, the abilities he had at his disposal were numerous, some of them required great attention while others like some Divine Abilities were Passive, meaning they would upgrade organically as his strength grew.

Zilan needed to come up with a concrete training plan such that he could maximise his training reaping the greatest benefits without wasting effort. This however, was easier said than done.

“If I used all of my abilities, Kring would not be able to harm me however, I refuse to believe that he is left unguarded. One Kring is okay but multiple High-Level Soul-Compression stage equivalents? Even with my Dragon body, I still would not be able to complete the task. Not to mention, I’d rather not expose my Blood at this point in time.”

‘Thus, to take care of him without exposing myself in the process, I’ll need to drastically advance my current strength.’

Surprisingly the first thing Zilan thought of in this situation was the Black glove. He remembered that the Spirit of the Divine tool had given him cultivation marks as well as deadlines and depending on his performance, the Spirit would grant him more power.

Thinking up to there, he sent a strand of Blood force into the glove however, before he could even react, his Blood force was forcefully destroyed and he was kicked out of the Black glove.

‘Don’t push your luck.’ Was the response he got from the Spirit of the Glove.

Zilan wryly smiled but spoke no more. This was the typical behaviour of Spirits of Divine Elemental tools. They were arrogant beyond belief, as they should be, considering how powerful they were.

Settling himself down again, Zilan thought for a whole four hours before he sighed, finally coming to a decision.

‘I can only do it like that.’

Although he possessed many skills and abilities, the Infinite Rain technique was without a doubt his greatest all-around resource thus he absolutely had to dedicate those four hours a day to the Cloud Inheritance Palace so that he could advance it. Next was the dilemma, there was so much to choose from that he didn’t know what to pick. Granted, this was a good problem to have but in the long run having so many abilities would eventually come to stab him in the back.

“I must train in Ki.” Resolved Zilan.

For his future plan, Ki was essential thus neglecting it was impossible.

“With these two, most of my time will be taken up therefore I can only choose one more.”

He deliberated for a while but he was eventually satisfied with his pick. “I’ll focus on tempering the body and mastering the Divine Abilities.”

Having come to a decision, a sense of relief washed over him. Before choosing his concentration, his mind was somewhat unsettled but now that he had decided upon a course of action, everything became simpler. He would not look back and would just proceed forward with his plan.

“Hihi, send me in.”

A blink later and Zilan was in the second level of the Cloud Inheritance Palace, specifically outside the giant main building/Temple.

Confused, he wanted to ask Hihi why he spawned over here instead of the usual starting point but unfortunately Hihi was nowhere to be found, for some reason he was unable to come into this part of the Second level.

Luckily shadow clone was around to help. With his unique way of communicating through body contact, Zilan came to understand that if he is ejected from the Cloud Inheritance Palace whilst in the midst of training, the next time he enters, he would be placed at the location he was last. However, since he was in a rather special position whilst last training, he could only be placed outside the Temple.

“Let’s go in. We only have a day in here after all.”

The two familiarly entered the Temple, going through the same procedures before proceeding to sit on the large mat. Strings of transparent energy flew out from beneath him and attached themselves on several of his main acupoints. Zilan was unaware of this as his consciousness was transported to the large field beneath the stars.

“Tell me about the levels involved in Rain Storm.” Ordered Zilan as he took in the beautiful environment.

Shadow coach subsequently tapped him on the shoulder and all the relevant details were relayed.

“So that’s how it is.”

According to information in his head the Rain Storm technique surprisingly had four levels and was actually dubbed incomplete by the Rain Dragon King. It was the only technique in [Infinite Rain] that was labelled incomplete.

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The levels were simple to understand, the first being, have the ability to multiply the amount of [Rain Dragon Claws] to the absolute limit that one’s cultivation level allows.

The second level was a little more challenging as it involved gradually fusing these multiple [Rain Dragon Claws] into smaller numbers until eventually one [Rain Dragon Claw] that possesses the power of all the multiple Claws combined, remained. One must be a Soul-compression stage equivalent to practice this level.

This was followed by the third level which was stated simply, Increase the amount of this new, Fused [Rain Dragon Claw] to the absolute limit of one’s cultivation without diminishing their power and at the same time fuse each one with your understanding towards the [Secret] of Universal Rain.

As for the Fourth level, this was what separated Rain Storm from [World Level] and made it a true [Secret Level] technique. It involved the harnessing, fusing and realising of all of one’s understanding into not only the [Secret of Rain] but also all other [Secrets], [Laws] and [Truths] they had insights into. This was also why the Rain Dragon King spoke of Rain Storm as being incomplete. It was a technique with limitless potential but his limited knowledge and Understanding into the Universe held him back from advancing Rain Storm from the [Secret Level] to perhaps the [Universe Level].

All of the levels except for the fourth were divided into three sub-levels. [Small success], [Understanding] and [Full Circle].

Upon reading all of this, Zilan’s facial expression underwent many changes. At first, he was excited by the fact that the Rain Storm had such great potential, in fact depending on what the full [Rain Drizzle] and [Rain Shower] were like, he was certain that the [Infinite Rain] was not merely a low to mid [Secret Level] technique, at least he was completely confident that it could not be evaluated as a low level anything anymore. Perhaps it could even be a [High level] or at the bare minimum fringe [High Secret Level] technique.

But after he gave it more thought, he realised just how difficult advancing this technique really was. The fusion and multiplication concept involved may sound simple but in truth was actually very, very, very difficult. Forget about the fourth level for now, which even the Rain Dragon King failed to complete, just the first three levels were perverse in their difficulty.

A perfect example could be money in the human world. In the beginning/youth or lower levels of cultivation most humans use coin to trade, be it gold, silver, copper, or even the supreme amethyst etc…however, the truly powerful cultivators have no need for coin thus their trade involves either paper talismans of a certain level, pills of a certain level or rare minerals of a certain pre-determined level. The most commonly used are paper talismans.

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Now let’s say you’re a human cultivator who’s recently broken through and wish to trade for some items, but all you have on you are Amethyst and Gold coins. You realise that in order to trade for what you’ll need in the future, you will have to exchange for paper talismans, which are extremely valuable. You somehow manage to find a willing party but after exchanging all of your coin, what you receive in return is but a single low-level paper talisman in return.

Now then, how difficult would it be to multiply this single paper talisman into hundreds or thousands or even millions of paper talismans that should not be of mere low-level?

This was basically how the Rain Storm technique worked. Fuse all of your [Rain Dragon Claws] into one before multiplying them into many more higher level [Rain Dragon Claws]. Easier said than done.

‘The higher the level of the technique, the more difficult it would be to train in it.’ Thought Zilan, bitterly smiling. He did not even want to imagine what it would have been like, training, if he did not have the Cloud Inheritance Palace.

“Okay, now tell me about the [Rain Drizzle] technique.” He ordered and shadow coach obliged.

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