Bk 2 Chapter 158 – This is Rain Drizzle

A flood of information was sent into Zilan’s mind. He closed his eyes for a few moments, internalizing it all before sighing.

“What an interesting technique.”

Zilan had made a counterfeit version of Rain Drizzle thus one would deduce that he was fairly knowledgeable about it however, they would be gravely mistaken. After reading through the full [Rain Drizzle], Zilan now understood that he was wrong about the technique and that he really didn’t know much about it until today.

To comprehend [Rain Drizzle] one must first understand the thoughts behind it. The very first being, it was a technique formed from the Element of Water.

This may sound straightforward as well as self-explanatory but the underlying meaning behind it was unsurprisingly, sufficiently profound.

The properties of the Water Element were many and if it could be described in words, then most would agree that it was a very well-rounded element, satisfactory in every category with a particularly huge advantage in the Healing department. What did this mean then?

Zilan had been utilising [Rain Drizzle] for its speed but Water as an Element compared to others, although it wasn’t the worst in terms of speed, definitely was not the best either. This being the case, it was impossible for [Rain Drizzle] to be classed as a [Secret Level] technique, if it was solely a movement technique and as you may have guessed by now, it was not just a movement technique.

In fact, [Rain Drizzle] played right into the strengths of the Water Element. Despite it’s clear effectiveness when it came to movement, it paled in comparison to the powerful movement techniques derived from the Light, Darkness, Fire and Lightning Elements. And to be completely honest, [Rain Drizzle] was not even categorised as a movement technique by the Rain Dragon King. He referred to it as a life-saving technique.

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When one reached the Rain Dragon King’s cultivation, it was difficult for one to perish as killing one another would consume quite a bit of energy and resources. However, this did not mean it never happened and the Rain Dragon King as he was building his Kingdom built a reputation for himself as a particularly aggressive individual and if anyone was most likely to have been killed during that period, it should have been him.

However, along with his aggressive reputation, he also came to be known by many as unkillable. This title was not easily earned but after countless unsuccessful attempts on his life, the Rain Dragon King truly deserved it. Even at the end of his life, the Rain Dragon King did not perish because of the actions of an enemy, no, his demise came as a result of him trying to reach too far ahead of himself. He wanted to control forces of the Universe he was never meant to come into contact with. That being said, he still managed to escape from that place, an unthinkable feat, and then was able to fight for the Empress until his dying breath.

Looking at it now, although being called unkillable came as a result of the Rain Dragon King being a powerful entity, most of the credit went to his ingenious [Rain Drizzle].

It isn’t a movement technique. It is a Life-saving technique!

Why was this so? Well, [Rain Drizzle] as demonstrated by Zilan during the Ranking tournament allowed him to create rain droplets ten meters away from himself which allowed him to shift his position anywhere within that ten-meter radius. Yes, the range could be extended and yes, the number of droplets could be multiplied however, this was only the first level of the technique.

At [Small Success] of the first level, the range of the droplet would increase depending on cultivation level and number of droplets conjured would also go up slightly.

At [Understanding] of the first level, the number of droplets would increase to the limit of one’s cultivation as would range. Requires cultivation higher than the soul-compression stage.

At [Full Circle] of the first level, soul infusion would become available allowing one to have seamless, instantaneous movement of not just the body between the rain droplets, but also attacks, specifically the [Rain Dragon Claws]. To reach this stage would require either otherworldly talent or a cultivation double or triple the soul-compression stage.

Now comes the second and final level of [Rain Drizzle]. There were no shortcuts involved in this level as only those who’ve reached at least half the cultivation level of the Rain Dragon King in his prime would be able to train in it. Information on it though, was readily available.

The second level follows directly after the first and it is also where the Life-saving, unkillable aspect of the technique stems from.

Upon infusing fractions of what should be a significantly powerful soul into the rain droplets, a very rare phenomenon that has to do with the [Secret of Universal Rain] occurs. Very few of the rain droplets, maybe only a single one, through intervention by the Universe and oneself will turn into clones, all of which depending on one’s attainment into the [Secret of Universal Rain], will possess a significant portion of their creator’s strength as well as identical auras. Apart from the potential number of clones though and the ability to teleport and become any one of them, this phenomenon did not appear particularly amazing. After all, Soul Kings like Hihi existed and they were an extension of their Master’s will albeit having different personalities and desires.

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What made the second level of [Rain Drizzle] special was the fact that these clones upon being formed required only about a tenth of the usual power necessary to create them, in order to sustain their form and they possessed limitless range. Which meant that upon forming them he could place them in locations around the Universe which he deemed safe and leave them there and should anything dangerous befall upon him, he could instantly teleport extremely far away.

This was what made the Rain Dragon King unkillable. Naturally, the number of clones that could be used in such a manner were limited as even when the Rain Dragon King was in his prime, he only had about a hundred of them. Then again, if one thought about it, this was a hundred chances to cheat death, something not many could afford.

Yes, there were special treasures which could do similar things, instantaneously teleport you through the void and far away but, are you to tell me that the supreme being you’re running from will not be able to track and give chase through space?

What made [Rain Drizzle] special was the fact that one could prepare this safe place in advance, fortify it or even find a special place where only you could enter. This would make it much safer and could even be used to set up perfect traps.

Run far away to your ‘safe’ place and then release your aura/bait the enemy your location and viola, you have yourself a perfect trap.

To be called a King in the Universe was not easy but the Rain Dragon King was someone who dared address himself this way before even the Empress. It wasn’t because he wasn’t afraid of her but rather because that was a title he had fought for as well as earned. ‘The Unkillable Rain Dragon King’

Only Supreme beings could have their names be the [Secret] in which they trained and the Rain Dragon was the King of the [Secret of Universal Rain]. It’s a shame he got too carried away in his pursuit of Universal Rain, essentially damning himself.

Zilan furrowed his brow and sighed as he digested the power of both the creator of the technique as well as the technique itself.

‘I’m not sure if this or [Rain Storm] is harder to train.’ He smiled wryly.

“Tell me about [Rain Shower].” He commanded.

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