Bk 2 Chapter 159 – Arrogance

Shadow coach tapped Zilan on the shoulder, giving him all the information he required.

Zilan looked at shadow coach for a little while, contemplating what he had just read.

‘This guy..’

A few moments ago, he was inwardly praising the Rain Dragon King. His feelings towards the King were those of utmost respect however, as of just now, the way he viewed the Rain Dragon King had changed. He had now become a fan of the guy.

“The arrogance….Hahahaha…”

Zilan didn’t bother restraining his laughter, going as far as to clutch his stomach and throw his head back.

[Rain Shower] involved many, many concepts in order to make it work however, its underlying concept i.e. the thing that makes it a powerful technique, was something that required extreme guts to put into action.

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“He actually staked his Enlightenment and understanding.”

To understand what Zilan was so amused by, one must first of all comprehend what exactly [Rain Shower] was.

In essence, it could be described as a very interesting defensive technique but in Zilan’s opinion the more fitting description would be, “a challenge to the attacker.”

What [Rain Shower], in a nutshell, did, was it created an armour around the user protecting them from all harm under Heaven but, as you may have already concluded, certain pre-requisites as well as conditions must be fulfilled for the technique’s defensive prowess to reach such a level.

One of them being, a contract of sorts.

Although it was termed as a contract, it was actually more of a pledge, an extremely unreasonable and risky pledge but a pledge non-the-less. This pledge revolved around one’s ‘Dao’ or Enlightenment/understanding.

One basically had to pledge and bond their physique with their Dao.

What benefit did this have and why do it, you ask? Well the answer to that depends on who uses the technique as well as how confident that person is.

If one has a powerful Dao, one that is unbreakable by any internal demons or outside influence then one’s body will theoretically, according to [Rain Shower] be unbreakable and uninfluenceable by outside forces.

On the other hand, if one possessed an imperfect/developing Dao of Understanding then that was equivalent to walking around with a ticking time bomb. Should an attack that exceeds your Dao strike your body, not only will you have grave physical injuries, your Dao will also collapse and as a result, your cultivation along with everything you’ve established to that point will disperse, never to be seen again. That is, should you survive the strike in conjunction with the shock of having your life’s work be wrecked before your eyes.

This was the humongous risk involved with staking one’s Dao. Should your Dao collapse, so will you! Even the Universe wasn’t perfect, who could guarantee their Dao was?

To practitioners, Dao is the embodiment of all of your understandings, all of your ideals, the way you see the world and the way you’ve chosen to navigate through it. It was essentially the code you created to live by, a self-created Bible filled with all of your life’s works, creeds and bottom-lines. To have that crushed before your eyes is equal to, if not worse than being killed.

Now, normally, one’s Dao is something that cannot be taken out thus giving others a chance to destroy it. However, in the vast Universe abnormalities and special cases do exist and the Rain Dragon King’s [Rain Shower] was one of them.

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Using ingenious inscriptions that he discovered, he was able to perform a ritual between himself and the Universe, tying his Dao and all that made him unique and then using it as a coat of armour to protect himself.

To do this, the Rain Dragon King, in Zilan’s mind could only be the always heard about but never seen, mentally ill absolute genius. For it is only someone of that calibre that would deliberately create a technique that challenges all of his enemies, very, very powerful enemies, to kill him.

“Did he create this just to show off that he had an unbreakable Dao? Or is it a mistake that was just too powerful to throw away.” Zilan couldn’t help but wonder as he wryly smiled.

He wanted to look into the training methods of [Rain Shower] however, he ultimately decided against it. Despite his confidence in his Dao, as of right now, Zilan could think of way more disadvantages compared to advantages of practicing [Rain Shower].

Some of them include the fact that he felt learning [Rain Shower] would stunt or slow down the growth of his developing Dao. For a long time, he would probably have an insurmountable defence however, once he reached the heights of cultivation, he was sure that there would be foes he would encounter that would definitely crush his defence due to his Dao’s untapped potential.

To develop a powerful Dao meant growing and experiencing life, this included hardships as well as joy. Not that Zilan was going to punish himself, he’d already gone through enough. What he didn’t want was the risk involved. Others may be allowed the luxury to be crazy but if he could avoid it then he definitely would. There’s a reason he created a whole new cultivation system rather than follow the path of Beasts or improve upon the Heaven’s Way.

Not to mention, the path ahead was too uncertain and was sure to be filled with more peril than anyone could ever imagine. Just by existing, he had more enemies than the Rain Dragon King could ever muster in his prime and that, was saying something. Challenging them to test his Dao armour was the farthest thing from his mind.

“I’m better off with the counterfeit [Rain Shower] for now.”

Yes, for now he wouldn’t be like the Rain Dragon King but in the future, who knows? [Rain Shower] may be revived.

Noticing that he’d wasted a lot of time looking through the techniques, Zilan looked towards Shadow Coach and said, “This is the best environment to train [Rain Storm] and [Rain Drizzle], surely this can’t be it right?”

In response to the question that would probably cause a large population of the Universe to want to slap Zilan, the shadow coach simply tapped him on the shoulder before withdrawing.

A sharp light flickered within his eyes before Zilan smiled.

“Just like I thought, this environment can be altered. There are many different fields and mechanisms in place that suit training the two techniques. Hmm….”

As he was looking through the details, he suddenly noticed a description of the three towers surrounding the Temple of Spring and Rain.

When he had first entered the second level, he did indeed see the shadows of three gigantic towers however, for some reason he was unable to clearly view their appearance.

From the information in his head though, apparently those three towers were the power source for the three techniques making up [Infinite Rain]. Each tower possessed its ow unique design.

The one representing [Rain Storm] was shaped into a Dragon claw. The one representing [Rain Drizzle] looked like a Dragon’s wing and the tower for [Rain Shower] was shaped just like a Dragon’s Skeleton.


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