Volume 2, Chapter 1 Part 1: A Yandere’s Normal Way of Operating

The ship that was previously headed to the Earl of Chaos’ territory was commandeered by Rose after we defeated Lang. We quickly turned around and returned to Gran Island before entering his territory.

…goodbye, my slow and peaceful life.

But I have more important things to worry about.

I need to focus on protecting Claudia and Rose.

“So…what should we do first?”

“Well…we need to escort Lang and his men to the Guild.”

Rose gave me an answer I really didn’t want to hear.

I nonchalantly tried to turn around to make my escape — but Claudia grabbed onto my sleeve.

“Claudia…please, let me go.”

I lied to Sylphy-san and told her I just wanted to see the sea. Yet, I managed to capture a criminal that was transporting slaves off of the island to the mainland.

When we arrive back at the Guild, I’m sure she’ll find out that I was lying. If that happens — my life confined to her room will finally begin!

“Mou, you can’t, Master. You need to apologize to Sylphy-san properly.”

“But, Sylphy-san is a Yandere.”

“Just because she’s Yandere doesn’t mean you don’t have to apologize to her.”

“Well, but…I guess so.”

I know I should apologize when I do something wrong, but…it’s because I did something wrong that I’m afraid that woman will confine me for the rest of my life.

I’ve been able to get closer to Rose even though she’s Yandere…well, she also cut off all of my limbs as punishment for running away from her.

I think that it would be reckless of me to meet Sylphy-san right now.

“Didn’t you say you’d help save my family’s house?”

“I did, and I wasn’t lying about that, but….”

I told Claudia everything that Lang told us, and this obviously includes the fact that her family is being targeted. I promised her that I’d help protect them.

And that’s exactly why I can’t allow myself to be held captive by Sylphy-san.

“Yuzuki onii-san, if you need me to, I can make up an excuse for you. She doesn’t have to know you were leaving the island.”

After seeing how troubled I was, Rose tried to help, but I just shook my head.

“Thank you, but I need to apologize to her. To be honest, I’m worried she’ll confine me, but…I also don’t like having a guilty conscience.”

“What? Is that what you were worried about? If that’s all, shouldn’t it be fine?”

“…eh? Fine? How so?”

“If Yuzuki onii-san is confined without us, we’ll definitely come for you.”

“…I see.”

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I guess she’s at least reliable… I really can’t tell if I’m their master or if I belong to them. Either way, it’s strange to be talking about people as possessions.

Anyway, this was my fault anyway. I just need to apologize to Sylphy-san properly.


A while later, we had travelled by carriage back to Bandol.

We were accompanied by Rose’s escort and were now transporting Lang to the guild.

“–Yuzuki, you’ve done well! You’ve helped destroy a group that has been plaguing Gran Island for many years! Everyone, today is a celebration!”

Grave declared this and a celebration broke out in the guild —

“–Yuzuki-kun, may I speak with you?”

The moment Sylphy-san spoke, the entire guild hall fell silent.

“S-Sylphy-san? Today is a cause for celebration, can’t this conversation wait until another day?”

Grave tried his best to help me.

As expected of the Guild Master. You’re so cool! Thank you, Master!

“…Master, why are you disturbing us?”

“N-No, it’s just….”


“…feel free to use the VIP room in the back.”

Master is a coward! I’m so disappointed!

“So, Yuzuki-kun, shall we speak in the back room?”


I couldn’t even attempt to resist as she wrapped her arm around me thanks to the Feminist skill. As the rest of the guild looked on in horror, I was dragged into the back room.

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We were now in the VIP room. I was sitting on a sofa and Sylphy-san was straddling me.

And…directly in front of me, I could see Sylphy-san’s exposed cleavage. I’m having trouble deciding where to look.

“Now then…did you come up with an excuse to tell me?”


So she’s already expecting me to lie to her.

…I guess it can’t be helped.

I can resurrect myself whenever I need to; I should just prepare myself to die at least once.

“…I’m sure you already know this Sylphy-san but I was trying to escape Rose. I’m sorry for lying to you, Sylphy-san…. I’m sorry, I have no excuse.”

I briefly lowered my head after I finished speaking.

By the way, I made sure not to bow my head too deeply because Sylphy-san’s chest was already almost pressed against my face. If I lowered my head any further, my face would be buried between them.

“…can you raise your head?”

After raising my eyes, I was met with Sylphy-san’s clear blue eyes staring back at me.

“Yuzuki-kun, you were trying to escape from Rose-sama?”

“Yes. This was also the reason I became an adventurer. I wanted to raise my rank so I could eventually escape this island…. So, from the very beginning, I was lying to you, Sylphy-san.”

On the day I first met Sylphy-san, I told her I’d continue coming to the Guild to see her. But…even as I said that I knew it was a lie.

I really am sorry for that, and that’s why I’m bowing my head.

Well, Sylphy-san is a Yandere that’s scary enough to cause the Guild Master, Grave, to submit to her. I was honestly worried that her punishment might even be worse than Rose’s.

However —

“…Yuzuki-kun, I’m glad you came back.”

And Sylphy-san hugged me…uh, eh?


“…what is it, Yuzuki-kun?”

“No, well…aren’t you mad?”

“Of course not. I was so worried about you.”

“You were worried?”

“Of course I was. I was so worried something might happen to you when you were out at sea, I thought you might hate me, or that you hated how I treated you like my exclusive property. I worried about all of that and even more.”

I remembered something that happened when we first met. How Sylphy-san held on to my hand and said how beautiful they were. She said it was a waste for me to become an adventurer.

“Sylphy-san, are you just…overprotective?”

“You’re wrong. I just worry about you so much.”

That’s called being overprotective. I thought about saying this but decided against it.

Well, really…I should just be happy that this Yandere woman didn’t stab me. I’m better off if she’s just overprotective.

“Umm…well, I’m sorry I made you worry.”

“No, it’s fine. But if you ever plan on leaving this island, please tell me.”

“Sure, I don’t mind, but…what are you planning on doing?”

“Of course, I’d follow you. I’m completely dedicated to Yuzuki-kun, and I’ll follow you even if it takes me to the other side of the world.”

“…umm, I see.”

I have never heard of a receptionist following an adventurer on his travels. It sounds more like a stalker than a receptionist….

“So be sure to tell me, okay? If you don’t….”

Sylphy-san moved a little away from me and stared straight into my eyes. As I looked back at her, I was overcome with fear as I saw the light in her eyes slowly fade.

This only lasted for a brief moment before a smile returned to Sylphy-san’s face.

‘Fufufu, it’s nothing. I don’t even have to say it because I know you’ll tell me before you leave this island, right Yuzuki-kun?”

“O-Of course. I’ll definitely tell you. I promise.”

I’ll definitely be the bad guy if I leave without telling her now. If I behave properly around her, things might turn out okay, but one mistake and I’ll be headed to a bad end.

I have to be sure to act just as carefully around Rose and Claudia.

After that, Sylphy-san forgave me and I returned to the guild hall.

It seems like the party had continued on without me.

“Oh, Yuzuki, you’re safe!”

Grave came rushing over the moment he saw me.

“Eh, well…I was forgiven. Though, I’m not sure she’ll go so easy on me next time.”

“I-I see. Well…umm, what’s important is that you’re safe.”

Grave was looking at something far-off that I couldn’t see as if he was remembering something terrible from his past.

“…were you really expecting something that terrible to happen?”

“After she found out you were trying to leave the island, she sat at her desk saying, “Yuzuki-kun lied to me. Yuzuki-kun lied to me….” She must’ve repeated that to herself a thousand times. After that, she told me she was leaving to chase after you…honestly, I was fearing the worst for you.”


T-There’s no use worrying over how bad it could’ve been. I was properly forgiven, right?

“Anyway, you were able to capture the mastermind behind a group of bandits that have been troubling Gran Island for quite a while!”

“Ah…well, no, it really just kind of happened.”

“Either way, you solved a problem that has been plaguing us for nearly two years now. Whatever the reason, on behalf of the Guild, thank you for stopping them.”

Grave extended his hand to me and I gratefully accepted it.

“Still, it’s quite amazing that he was able to keep his illegal slave trade going for close to two years.”

“That’s mainly due to the fact that he was operating as a legitimate slave trader.”

“Ah, kind of like hiding as a tree in a large forest.”

Of course, it’s possible he was suspected, but…he must’ve been very clever. Even Grave recommended him to me when I needed a slave.

“Although the main group of bandits that were operating on this island were captured, there’s still a larger threat to be dealt with.”

“Yes…it seems the Earl of Chaos was the man behind this and several other plots, hoping to cause Gran Island to lose some of its power in the world.”

The moment I said this Grave motioned for me to keep my voice down.

“You have nothing but the words of a convicted criminal to prove this. Until you have something more solid that can be used as evidence, you need to be careful about what you say.”

“…I understand.”

Given Lang’s confession, I thought we’d be able to actually do something against the Earl of Chaos, but…given the time period, the power of the nobility is just too strong.

Even if the commoners were to accuse a nobleman of being guilty of something, if that same nobleman were to say he’s innocent, the justice system of this world would immediately believe the nobleman.

“Ah, right, I should give you this before I forget.”

Grave handed me a cloth drawstring bag.

After opening it, I could see about ten gold coins inside.

“What’s this money for?”

“It’s the reward for capturing Lang. I attempted to give it to Rose-sama, but she said you should take it.”

“Rose said that?”

“Yeah. She said something about you being her master.”


“–What did she mean?”

“No, that’s…various things happened on that ship.”

It would really be hard to explain everything that happened on the ship…but Grave already knew I owned the SSS rank skill To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes so he said, “You must really be having a hard time….”

But seriously, Rose needs to be more careful about what she says. What would happen if word got out that a nobleman’s daughter was the slave of a commoner?

…I’d be in trouble. Wait, is she intentionally telling everyone about this?

It seems more than a little likely. I’ll have to ask her about that.

I thanked Grave for the reward and left to find Rose.

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