Volume 2, Prologue

Due to a strange trait that every male member of my family has, I was stabbed to death by my Yandere childhood friend — rather, that was supposed to be what happened. Instead, I was reincarnated by a Goddess into her game-like world.

I could finally live a peaceful life with ordinary girls!

And, despite this seemingly simple goal of mine, I somehow ended up on a bed in a room onboard a ship. My limbs had been removed (this wasn’t even the first time this had happened) and I was now being used to satisfy all of Rose and Claudia’s desires.

…how did this happen?

Two beautiful girls using me however they please. I don’t even have to move on my own (not like I can move in the first place). But this isn’t the peaceful life I wanted.

Well…though I’ve said what’s happening, I haven’t explained how I ended up in this position. Due to the effects of Goddess Medea’s Blessing, these two girls tied me up to this bed so they could have their way with me. However, when I saw an opening to escape, I was immediately caught and my hands and feet were both cut off as a punishment.

I really wish they’d stop cutting off my limbs without even a second thought. Even if they can heal me with magic, it’s just too strange.

And I also wish they’d stop using me however they please now that I’ve become a daruma. As you can imagine, not being able to move in a situation like this…is more than a little frustrating.

“Haaa~…good morning, Yuzuki onii-san~…*yawn*”

Rose began to stir while still wearing her usual gothic style dress.

She looks as cute as always. She’s cute, but….

“Will you heal my arms and legs sometime soon?”

“Oh, right…I guess I can — Rejuvenation.”

As Rose spoke, a magic circle expanded around the bed we were sleeping on. And not long after, the magic circle stopped expanding.

“Alright, time to regrow your limbs~”

In response to her singsong voice, the magic circle began to grow brighter. As it did, my limbs gradually began to regrow. It was slightly warm and wasn’t painful at all, but…it was a little disturbing.

“That should be good…umm, right? They regrew properly didn’t they?”

“Umm…yeah. They seem fine. Thank you, Rose.”

I confirmed that I had regained the full use of my limbs and slowly moved out of the arms of the sleeping Claudia. I got out of the bed and put on my clothes that they had removed the night before.

“…I’m surprised Claudia didn’t wake up.”

“I’m not. She was doing her best until the early morning. She’ll probably stay asleep for a while.”

“Ah…that makes sense. It was her first time after all.”

I showed a bitter smile and glanced down at the small red spots on the sheets.

“If I remember correctly, you kept forcing Claudia to go again and again. Maybe she was pushed too hard?”

“…do you think so?”

I looked off into the distance, pretending I didn’t hear what she said.

“I do. Even after Claudia passed out, you ordered me to do even more perverted stuff… you’re really horny, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“Umm… I can’t really deny that.”

Recently — well, at least since I reincarnated in this world — my sex drive seems to be more active than usual. I’m not sure what the exact cause of this is, but I’m assuming it’s from some of the bonuses I get from my stats or some unknown effect caused by one or more of my titles.

Or…did Medea-nee do something to my body when she reincarnated me?

Regardless of the reason, it’s clear to me that my sex drive is stronger than ever.

Still —

“I won’t deny I have a strong sexual desire, but I’m not the only one at fault here.”

“…what do you mean?”

“You were the one that removed my arms and legs. I couldn’t even try to resist even if I wanted to. So you blaming me unilaterally for tiring out Claudia seems a little unfair.”

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“… huh, so you prefer having limbs.”

“…I think most normal people prefer that.”

On what world would a man prefer having sex without his arms and legs?

While I was lost in thought, Rose crawled on her knees across the bed towards me and said, “Then…what about now?”


“Right now, Yuzuki onii-san, you have all of your limbs and you can move freely.”

Rose began slowly rolling up the hem of her skirt.

Her thighs became fully exposed. She stopped about halfway up, but I don’t even have to see it to know she’s not wearing anything underneath.

“Hey, Yuzuki onii-san, can you please tell me exactly what you want to do?”

“That’s –”

I can’t lie to her when I’m under the contract of her demon eye — if I succumb to Rose’s temptations, Claudia may wake up and want to continue where we left off. This will never end.

I feel like I’m playing right into their hands


— some time later. After we were finally finished in the cabin, Lilia, one of Rose’s knights, had news for us.

“…so, what’s going on?”

Rose and I sat side-by-side together on the bed.

Up until now, she had been acting like a cute girl, but now that there’s something important to deal with, she’s transitioned back into her “Daughter of the Countess” mode.

Claudia is still sleeping on the bed. I considered changing rooms to avoid waking her up, but I was a little worried about leaving her alone without saying anything.

…Claudia isn’t a Yandere, yet, for some reason, I’m more scared of her than I am of Rose.

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Anyway — Rose and I listened to Lilia’s story.

“We learned a lot of useful information after interrogating Lang…it actually specifically concerns you, ojou-sama, and Claudia. That’s why I thought it would be best to report to you right away.”

“It concerns Claudia and me? Then, tell me everything.”

“Actually…the slave trader Lang seems to have been working for the Earl of Chaos. It seems that the Earl of Chaos is trying to weaken the Brad Family.”

“He’s trying to weaken us…? Is he trying to take control of Gran Island for himself? Certainly, the territory we govern over is larger than most families of our rank, but….”

Rose began to speculate on what the possible reasoning could be for the Earl of Chaos’ hostilities, but Lilia simply denied them.

“His actual objective appears to be…it appears to be you, ojou-sama.”

“…me? Ah, could it be that….”

“Yes, Ares-sama appears to be just acting on his own selfish desires.”

I don’t fully understand what they’re talking about.

At first, I wasn’t fully paying attention because it really had nothing to do with me, but…whoever this Ares is, appears to be targeting Rose. I asked them to explain a little more to me.

“Ah, sorry, Yuzuki onii-san. What did you need to be explained?”

“Umm…who exactly is this Earl of Chaos?”

“The Earl of Chaos is the nobleman that controls the territory this ship is sailing to.”

“I see.”

“The eldest son of the Chaos Family is a man named Ares…how do I say this? He’s my fiancé.”

“– eh?”

I was caught a little off guard and looked towards Rose. She just smiled and let out a small laugh.

“Sorry, I was just joking. There were discussions had about us potentially becoming engaged, but it was decided that it would be better if we weren’t married.”

She was just teasing me. I actually felt a little relieved.

“…wasn’t that a little too mean?”

“Ehehe, I’m sorry…. Were you worried?”

“…well, I was worried for several reasons.”

If it was found out that I had had my way with the fiancée of a nobleman several times, I’m sure I’d be executed in a matter of seconds.

…well, even if that happened I’d be able to escape once I resurrected.

“…then, what led to that decision?”

“Ares developed a severe Yandere skill.”

“…he developed the Yandere skill, so the discussion of your potential marriage was ended?”

By the way, there are such things as political marriages in this world.

It’s for this reason that I thought it would be impossible for Rose to end their engagement if she didn’t like his Yandere skill. As long as it benefits both of their families, her feelings don’t matter…. So, was it not a political marriage?

I thought this, but Rose answered my question before I could even ask it.

“High ranking skills are easier to inherit so it only makes sense to avoid a marriage between two Yanderes, right?”


So, that means that if the Yandere Rose and I were to have a child, it’s highly likely that they would be Yandere and also inherit my To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes skill.

It doesn’t even matter if they are a boy or girl; their life would be hell no matter what

“…wait? You said you only developed the Yandere skill when we first met. So, back then, wasn’t only one of you Yandere?”

“That’s true, but my Mother is also a Yandere. I was told even before that time that it was highly likely that I would develop the Yandere skill at some point.”

“I see….”

The Yandere skill is really a larger problem for this world than I previously thought.

Life in this world appears to be quite difficult.

“Alright then. I understand that you and Ares almost became engaged, but how does that lead to Lang trying to kidnap you?”

The attack on Rose that led to our first meeting. Apparently, these attackers were the minions of Chaos.

“It seems that Lang planned on offering Ojou-sama to the Earl of Chaos as a slave.”

Lilia was the one to answer me.

“That seems like a ridiculous plan….”

Kidnapping the daughter of a noble and making her your slave seems like something that would never work.

However, Lilia told me that Rose could be forced to not reveal her true identity under the slave contract. At that point, there’s nothing that could really be done.

This world is almost equivalent to the medieval age…and by that I mean there are no pictures in this world. If Rose were to be kept inside their mansion and never allowed to meet with anyone from the outside world, there would be nothing to indicate that the Chaos family’s new slave is a member of the nobility.

…I must also be careful to not be captured.

“By the way, Lilia, I understand why I was being targeted, but how is Claudia involved?”

“Right. The reason for that is….”

Lilia glanced over at the sleeping figure of Claudia.

“If I deem it necessary, I’ll tell her about it later. So, please tell me first.”

“Of course. This is also what I found out after interrogating Lang….”

The Earl of Chaos is trying to take some of the trade away from Gran Island. He’s either buying off or threatening merchants that would usually trade on the island in an attempt to further weaken the Brad Family.

Any merchant that tries to refuse will be dealt with harshly.

And one of these merchants is from Claudia’s family. Wells’ Clothing Shop.

The Earl of Chaos placed the curse of weakness on both Claudia and her father

Furthermore, the Earl of Chaos is providing excessive support to Rennis’ Clothing Shop and pushing him towards expanding his business onto Gran Island.

In other words, the Earl of Chaos is entirely to blame for Claudia’s family falling into debt.

“The Earl of Chaos is to blame for Claudia being sold into slavery?”

“There’s nothing that definitively proves that, but it seems to be more than likely. He also appears to be indirectly at fault for her burns. ”

“Her burns? You’re saying he was the cause of the fire in the first slave shop she was in?”

I tried to imagine what he had done to cause it before Lilia finally elaborated.

It seems that Rennis’ Clothing Shop planned to take over Wells’ Clothing Shop by offering to buy their debt. In exchange, Claudia would marry their son and he would become the next in line to take control of Wells’ Clothing Shop.

However, Claudia held an incredibly valuable skill. Her high resistance to Yanderelization. Due to this, their plan quickly fell to pieces.

This ability of hers made her a precious commodity. A slaver would be more than willing to pay a small fortune in order to own her. Her family sold her in order to pay off their debt. The slaver wished to sell her off to some affluent noble so she could live the rest of her life as his mistress, but obviously, this never happened.

In order to prevent her sale, the Rennis family set fire to the slave dealer’s shop, inadvertently burning Claudia in the process.

By the time Lilia finished speaking, I was clenching my fist so hard blood was starting to drip from my hand.

“Rose, are you going to stand against the Chaos Family?”

“Of course. I can’t allow them to do as they please within the Brad Family’s territory.”

“Then, I’ll help you.”

Everything terrible that happened to Claudia, the Earl of Chaos is to blame.

Knowing this, there’s no way I can just remain silent.

After all, I am Claudia’s master.

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