Chapter 4: Town Issues

David stepped out of the cave angrily because the dragon had spent what little money (Under Dollars) they had left. It was even worse for him because he couldn’t do anything to the dragon, but carry her as he walked. He checked the mail, and saw several new letters inside it. He rolled his eyes as he opened the first one.


Dear David,


We have been informed that during the recent visit by one of our representatives, she told us that you attacked her. However, due to the facts revealed by Luna, she had attempted to interfere with a sacred contract that she didn’t have any right to meddle with. Due to this fact, we will be granting you full permission and privileges of being with a dragon. Her health care package and future offspring nesting privileges are still under review. The down payment for such privileges has been accredited already.

Thank you for your services, and we also have high hopes for you and Luna.



Vuirty of the WCL; Luna Case Agent.

Spoken by Vuirty, not written.


David folded down the letter and looked at Luna.

“That’s nice. I was worried that my message didn’t get there in time for them to review it.” (Luna)

David rubbed under the dragon’s chin, not knowing about anything better to say next time, then opened the second letter.


Client 129083745666,

Only allowed on


This is the third notice that we’ve sent that your town has been completed and your additional construction orders have been filled.

This is a confirmation letter for your current account balance and to see if the services issued are satisfactory.

Your personnel stationed there are as follows; a mine foreman, farm foreman, captain of the town’s guard, 126 workers, 3 pre-equipped guards, and some trade specialists.


Your current account balance at the time of this letter is;



Thank you for being our newest valued customer, as you don’t have a choice.


From Employee 823,942 at the Minion Guild’s customer support and billing.


David looked at the dragon on his shoulder again. He had twenty thousand when he went to sleep.

“Okay, Luna, talk. What’d you do?” (David)

Luna wrapped her tail around the demon’s neck. She was much larger than David remembered.

“I was out for about three weeks. The workers finished their task four days before I woke up, so I decided to have them stop goofing off and get back to work doing more important things. It was a good start, but I extended your plans. I hope you don’t mind.” (Luna)

David rubbed the dragon’s head again. Her life force was rather strong. She recovered very quickly in less than a month.

“Very good Luna. Now, let’s go look at the town.” (David)

Luna leapt off the demon’s shoulder and was standing on solid ground again.

“Well, there’s a problem….” (Luna)


Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

David turned toward Luna, while she was worried about how he would react to the news.

“You can’t hide it forever. Speak.” (David)

Luna raised her head to look at the demon.

“The divine. When the town was being built, they took control of one of the building areas and built a church.” (Luna)

Instead of being mad, David gave a wicked smile.

“It was much sooner than I expected. It’s only been a few weeks, that’s great.” (David)

Luna extended her wings to catch David’s attention from his daydreaming.

“Well, David, there’s one more thing. I only had to rest for twenty-three days, but you’ve been out for twenty-three years.” (Luna)

David looked at the dragon seriously this time.


He didn’t know wether she was lying, but he somehow knew in his heart that she wasn’t. The difference between the two of them was that great, but he was much more powerful than her. He should have woken up first. David remembered his other letters, so he started quickly tearing through them one by one. One after another was an update that came from the Minion’s Guild. In the middle of them, there were the first two. There were twenty-three total letters that came from them.


After a while, they decided that he was satisfied with the state of affairs of the town and it’s progression so far. Luna had sent further requests and such in his name, and she also used the netherworld shop. Equality was such a b**** sometimes. As David looked up from seeing that his account total was so high, he noticed that Luna wasn’t so small anymore. Since the illusion of time has just been broken, he could tell she changed.


“So, what now?” (Luna)

David considered the good question that Luna asked.

“I guess we should stick to what I originally planned and see the town. However, now that I know some more, I think I can no longer go without equipment.” (David)

David thought about it for a moment, but such cheap materials like wood or dirt wouldn’t be suitable to make weapons and armor from.

“There’s some iron ore and a few other materials I’ve gathered up. I’m giving you express permission to help me with my side of the cave.” (Luna)


David was about to turn away to grab the materials, but something made him stop. Why couldn’t he use what was in his home? Unless it was in the dragon’s section of course.

“Luna, do I have any in there?” (David)

The question made David sick. To ask for anything so politely was sickening, but after a few moments, he noticed that it didn’t bother him. Friendship wasn’t so bad.

“Of course. I had the choice metal from the mines put in my cave. Some regular rare metal deposits like gold and silver, as well as something called wryvenite. Whatever that is.” (Luna)

David smiled widely. However, he couldn’t take advantage of Luna.

“It’s the petrified remains of a wyvern. You know, your cousin species.” (David)

Luna was curious about this as she stood up.

“Really? I was told it was a very rare and valuable material. I mashed it up and made a bed out of it.” (Luna)


David was humored as they started walking down the cave.

“Yes, I forgot that you sleep on the most valuable substances available to you.” (David)

Luna stopped walking, and David looked back at her.

“Well, if I did that, then I would be resting beside my friend every single night.” (Luna)

David put his hand on her head.

“You’re the most valuable thing to me too.” (David)

Luna moved, so his hand went from the top of her head to the side.

“You’re just saying that because I’m an asset.” (Luna)

Before David could stop her, he said,

“No, because you’re my friend.” (David)

Luna closed her eyes and rested her head in his hand. She trusted David. She knew that David didn’t mean that when he said it. She understood a demon’s nature because she was bonded to one. She had plenty of time to regain her self awareness and control her demonic urges, but David hasn’t fully controlled his draconic personality yet.


It didn’t take long for the two of them to come to the dragon’s side of the cave. The cavern was much larger than David’s side and it was full of ore and materials of all types, it even had a few caves that branched off out the back. David noticed lanterns that took oil were used to light the way.

“So, this is what’s over here.” (David)

Luna went under his arm and made him start rubbing her head.

“Everything here is mine. Half of the valuable resources sold are put into your account. Except the wryvenite and a small amount of a few other piles of resources of course.” (Luna)

Luna took the lead and led him to her spot of molten gold with a polished silver looking stone in the middle of it. It was obvious that it was her bed. She then sat beside a pile of ores that looked like cheap metal. However, that isn’t what caught David’s attention.


“What’s that?” (David)

David pointed at two big piles of stone, one white and the other black.

“I don’t know. The miners found those next each other in the same area. No one has ever seen anything like it before, so it’s here with me. I thought we could share it and make decorations from it or something.” (Luna)

David moved around Luna for a closer look and felt a presence from one of the piles, a demonic presence.

“Demonite.” (David)

David picked up a black piece of stone, and it quickly burnt his hand.

“Angelmite!” (David)

David wiped the rock’s dust off his hand, and noticed Luna at his side.

“What is demonite and angelmite? The remains of a demon and an angel?” (Luna)


David couldn’t believe his luck. Demonite will enhance a demon’s strength and abilities, but angelmite is an even bigger find. It was a very rare poison to any demon, even his father. Them being close proximity to each other must have weakened their respective essences. It’s most likely that they killed each other in battle. The wyvern that was discovered was most likely a mount for one of them.

“Luna, all I want are these two piles.” (David)

Luna looked at the burn on his hand. It seemed to still blister and boil.

“David, I’m worried. Your hurt.” (Luna)

David looked at his hand.

“Huh? I didn’t notice. I guess I’m too excited. Luna, you know, I can’t use these materials unless you let me. So, can I?” (David)

Luna looked closer at the demon’s hand. She was trying to heal it, but it wouldn’t work.

“What?” (Luna)

David took a clump of white stone, put it on his injured hand, then absorbed it.


“Ahhh, much better. For starters, I plan on purifying each of these stones and refining them into a powerful weapon.” (David)

Luna moved over to him and licked his once injured hand.

“David, I don’t want you to be so close to that black stuff. It hurts you, and I’m afraid about what will happen. Let’s give it to the divine, they’ll owe you greatly for it.” (Luna)

David gripped his hand tightly, and it was slipping away.

“Luna, I’m a demon. I seek power and followers. One way of doing that is overpowering my rivals. With the weapon that I’m going to make from these two materials, I could do anything I desire.” (David)

Luna moved right over to him and gripped her claw around his neck gently, but she made her point.

“David, I’m a loyal dragon. I don’t wish to impede on your wishes, desires, or your very nature, but you need to think long term. What is more powerful? Making a demon killing weapon that could be turned against you or earn a favor of the divine that could be used at a time you choose?” (Luna)


David stopped thinking about the weapon for a moment, and realized that she was right. A weapon could be turned against him, but an oath of the divine is just as great of a weapon, but it can be used whenever someone chooses to use it. He looked at the two piles of stone. One was the remains of an angel and the other one was a demon. Their fates were tied together for so long, even he knew that they wouldn’t be easily separated. David took a hold of Luna’s wrist and gently forced her to let him go.

“Luna, I can’t give up the thought of making a weapon, that’s how I am. After I’m done, It’ll be the divine that will have all of the angelmite, as well as most of the demonite. Is that agreeable? I’ll make sure I have enough demonite in case of an emergency though.” (David)

Luna looked into David’s eyes. His drive wasn’t something that can be denied. He surely wanted this.

“Very well, but only after we return from town.” (Luna)

David put his hand on Luna’s cheek.

“Of course, thank you for this. Now, back to that metal.” (David)


David was stunning in his armor. He used some of the cloths he made to create a cape, then wrapped some armor that couldn’t be noticed. He wasn’t surprised that it was empty in the middle of the night though, even the bar was closed. He moved through the streets and found the block of stone that’s going to be used to sculpt holy figures in front of the church. Obviously, he was about to make one of these such holy figures.

“This’ll work. Luna, make some space please.” (David)

Luna backed up, then David took in a deep breath.


He was slightly tired from crafting the temporary armor he was wearing now. It was much harder to mix the metal and purify it then just recrafting it. The iron armor was well worth the effort however. He started to envision him riding on Luna as an adult, but he stopped himself from imagining it. It showed him that he wanted to dominate Luna and he couldn’t do that because of the bond between them. The stone was already in the shape of a dragon, and he couldn’t change it until he was finished. He restarted it using an image of Luna being prideful and authoritative. He threw his will at her, and she threw it back at him. The moment the stones on the statues settled, David took a knee. Luna put her neck under his arm and lifted him back up.

“I think that looks right.” (David)

David looked at the solidified statue while he said that.


“Not bad. Decorate it with gold jewels and anti-theft stuff, and that should do.” (David)

Luna forced David to get on her back. He thought that it was very easy thing to do.

“I’m out of practice. The armor and large statue is too much, I’m pushing myself rather hard.” (David)

David put a hand on Luna’s back, then between her wings to keep her upright. He was far more exhausted than he thought. He was well rested, but he just remembered he hadn’t eaten yet.

“Luna, I need nourishment.” (David)

David felt his life force returning to him as he threw his hand. Luna was feeding him. Small bites, but it was enough to regain some strength. As soon as she gave it all to him, he rubbed her back and massaged it a little bit. Their relationship was strange. He noticed that he was smiling again, so he stopped and got off her back.

“Now, to deal with the divine….” (David)

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