Chapter 5: The Sword of Balance

David returned from town, and quickly rested and had a meal. David collected the minerals and ores around him after scraping his temporary armor, then used his magic to refine and process them without using a forge or a smeltery, while Luna was amazed as she looked on.

“David, how are you able to do that?” (Luna)

David took a moment to look at her before refining the shape of the armor he was making.

“You haven’t seen my magic yet, have you? Well, magic goes into three different categories. There’s innate magic, which is magic you’re born with. An example of innate magic is a dragon breathing fire. All greater demons2demonsspecies have a mastery of materials, for example, steel.” (David)

The pile of iron that was in front of them had turned into a fine chest piece, complete with a chainmail shirt. The leftovers were turned into bars and various other materials. The chest plate was also inlaid with gold around the edges to define a certain measure of wealth.


“As a vampire demon, I can suck out the life force of anything I touch. However, consuming it normally would be much more effective.” (David)

David finished with his armor, and started working on some cloth and leather pieces that were similar to the metal clothing he’s making.

“The second magic is learned magic, which is spells. Normally, nobody can handle materials like these, but I have the knowledge from books of the divine about forging and the ability to cast fire and water magic, as well as some others, so I’m able to process these kinds of metals with ease. I’ve practiced doing this before, so it’s much easier, and the same goes for the clothes I make. I have very picky tastes as a vampire. I mostly wear the clothing that I make myself, as opposed to what others make for me.” (David)

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Luna dipped her head in understanding. A humanoid body appeared from the sheets of the fabric and leather strips he used.

“I’m currently using the third magic on the list, a fusion of both of the first two. A normal demon would never be able to do what I’m doing. I’m doing several dozen processes at one time, it normally takes several hours, but I’m accomplishing it in just a few seconds.” (David)

David’s smug look didn’t impress Luna, but she did acknowledge his efforts. This is probably one of David’s more unique abilities.

“Will you help me by refining all of these ores and such later on then?” (Luna)


David was about to agree with her, but the demonnite and angelmite entered his field of vision. For some reason, his pride was touched thinking about this challenge. He made a plan inside his mind, then quickly moved to gather the materials from around the area to make a makeshift forge and tools to go with it. The quality of them would make any blacksmith envious. With the remaining leather, he made a thick pair of gloves. He lit the forge while picking up the two materials he’ll be using. Immediately, they started reacting to one another as they melted down in the crucible made of metal.


“Not going to use magic for that?” (Luna)

Luna sounded smug, while pointing out David’s inadequacy.

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“No, using magic lowers the quality of the product. I have enough skill with higher quality materials, so making steel isn’t a challenge for me anymore, but these two materials are something I’ve only heard of before.” (David)

Luna nodded again and looked at David. He fell asleep in the clothes he was currently wearing for over twenty years, so they were now in tatters. He was making an obvious upgrade, when Luna noticed a small blade on his waist.

“What is that dagger made of? I sense something powerful coming off of it.” (Luna)

David looked at her again.

“Ah, this is the blade that my father gave me, it’s an old tradition that’s been going on before my father’s time. When Overlords sire children, they gift them a weapon. Great strength, great magic, and a great weapon. The blade at my waist is made out of infinity silver. It’s a metal attuned with my magic at its core, so I can change its length as long as I will it. It’s my only weapons so far that I can harm my father with.” (David)

David paused after saying that.


There was still a long time to go before he even thought about challenging his father, but when he does, he will make sure that he’s completely ready. David turned his back to what he was doing, then started putting in more materials to be smelted.

Luna kept quiet as David started working on the sword. In his lifetime, he’s learned many different things to make his life easier whenever he needed too. The ability to create your own clothing and arms is something that someone who governs a territory should know and learn. He knew that he would never amount to anything like his elder sister Eveilicnm or his brother Locerous in the ways of physical or magical strength.


However, he knew that they weren’t as intelligent as him either. They will surely recruit him to their side if they wanted to get the other one out of their way so they can succeed their father. He knew their plans, so the unexpected fact was that he’s his own master and the lord of his own realm. In fact, his only reason for choosing not to go back to school is because his chances of survival increased while he was trying to sway his weaker siblings under his command.


He was met with a sudden unexpected situation with the WCL rep, so he panicked and gave Luna a blood oath to ensure her loyalty. In a way, it worked and had unexpected results. It taught him that his scheming abilities had a weakness. The fact that he was in a coma for twenty years was because he was subconsciously correcting his recognized faults with the dragon-like instincts he got from Luna. A fact he wasn’t aware of yet, but Luna was. While he’s been improving in his sleep, she has been improving in her waking moments, making plans and preparations that have been introduced into her mind. Her cunningness increased to be like David’s by giving up on her animalistic impulses.


The only reason that she was better than him is because she woke up first. First off, she was an infant, so her ability to adapt was the highest anyways. Secondly, her will was stronger than David’s. Deep down, like her ancestor who partnered with the Supreme Overlord, she was naturally loyal to David. She wanted a sincere name to grow their bond, because a name is powerful for a dragon. As for David…., deep down, he lived in fear knowing that doom was coming for him. He was in the middle of a silent battle for inheritance of his father’s throne. He knew that he was on the weaker side and that he was going to die. Despite that, his desire to live was strong.


Luna let out a weak gasp for air as she watched David finish the sword that he was making. The whole process didn’t look very difficult in heign sight, but it felt like she watched him make the sword for a few days. It had a mix of white and black merged together, looking like a marvel. Slowly and cautiously, David gripped the handle of the sword while it naturally fit to his hand. After a moment, colors of light and dark started to shift, then the grip turned white as the blade stayed black.

“Amazing!” (David and Luna)

They both said that at the same time for different reasons. Luna thought that the blade looked beautiful in David’s hand, and David saw the nature of the blade more clearly than he would have before.


This was a special blade, it was a baneblade. If a demon wielded this sword, then they could kill any other demon they wanted with it, and the same applied for angels1angelsspecies. This was an unexpected, but agreeable result.

“I shall call you…. The Sword of Balance.” (David)

Luna looked amusingly at him for a moment.

“That’s a stupid name. If I didn’t make you name me seriously, I fear what I would’ve been called by now.” (Luna)

David looked at her, unamused.

“It does suit the sword nonetheless though.” (Luna)

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