Chapter 6: Deal with the Divine

It didn’t take long for talk about the statue to take over the whole town. Later in the week, the priest inspected the statue outside of the church, while ignoring the person watching nearby.

The image of a fully grown Luna was very solid, and it was way more effective than David imagined.


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These simple humans needed to learn early on who was truly in charge of this realm. David had been busy feasting on anything of substantial value for a demon after his large exertion of power in crafting over the last few days. Luna’s tastes couldn’t leave his thoughts, but even he knew that he couldn’t regularly feast on a dragon, especially his own.


In fact, he cursed the fact that she fed him. He didn’t want such a life force to enter him because it had a chance to affect her growth, he didn’t want anything that could harm his friend. It was well past noon, and several days later when one of the true divine came. The stone was as David thought, they wanted to use them for a grander purpose of theirs. However, David shrouded himself, but it didn’t fool the angel. By the time the angel was about to comment about it to her subordinates, David finished coming up with his plans.


“We’ll be in charge, you’re a demon that has cast such a crime against us.” (Angel)

David revealed a wicked smile on his face from under his cloak as he revealed his newly made weapon. The angel then drew her sword in retaliation, and David held out the title that showed his proof of ownership claim to the land.

“Settle yourself divine one, I came for peace. The truce between the supreme ones has been made long ago anyways. My name’s David, and you’re in my realm now. Introduce yourself.” (David)

The comment was an order, not a request. She kept her blade out, ready to defend herself if needed.


“My name’s Lousphy, demon. Tell me why you crafted something from what’s not meant to be?” (Lousphy)

David didn’t react to her near unemotional responses, though he could obviously tell that she wasn’t pleased.

“I came here at my weakest time during the day. It’s your time to shine now, even in the darkest realms. This land has been mine for the last two decades while I have been restoring my strength. Look at the weapon I hold closely Lousphy, it’s what only two of us can see. It’s a weapon used to kill both of our kind. However, only the kind of the one who holds it.” (David)

Lousphy looked closer at the blade.

“You dare defile….” (Lousphy)

David unexpectedly tossed the sword at the angel before she could finish speaking, so she caught it with her free hand. The angel had a very surprised look on her face when she did.


“This realm is mine. The two of the people that were used to make this sword were found right next to each other in the same grave. You should know even more than me about binding fates. I couldn’t separate them even if I want to, they are destined to be together in whatever form they’re currently in. I recognized that when I made the sword. I know that if I gave you a sword like this, you would pay any price for it, and you wouldn’t refuse unless you were ordered to by an even higher power. I won’t demand anything, but I want peace between us further than the agreement dictates. A dragon named Luna has governed this area in my stead for twenty years. While in my absence, she had to and will continue to govern. Even though she’s young, she will one day be like this statue. That’s why I chose it when I reappeared. I will not feed on any unwillingly sentiment follower, a member of the divine, or your orders. I also will waive the term of heroes.” (David)

The angel raised her eyebrow.

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“I will only let a divine hero of my own choosing challenge me.” (David)

Lousphy smiled, but quickly erased it from her face.

“What do you want in return?” (Lousphy)


“Nothing. Nothing, but only if you treat this place like any followers of the divine in the places that I allow. You can do anything, except underworld matters will be dealt by me if I’m able too. That, and a request. Look into my eyes, you’ll see something that’ll surprise you.” (David)

The angel looked into David’s eyes after he said that. Even though she didn’t have the key to his soul, she had his permission to look, and she took a step back after seeing through it.

“I revealed myself to get the divine and for you to trust me. I don’t want any trouble, I know what my chances are like, the quieter the better is best for me.” (David)


Lousphy sheathed her sword and looked at the one in her other hand. The blade had turned black to white from her touch, except the hilt, as it remained black. She moved to touch the blade, but the demonic presence in it was so deep that it made her think twice about her choice. She quickly understood the nature of the sword.

“Very interesting, demon. The weapon that you gave me is very powerful indeed. I feel the presence of another divine individual much powerful than me, and I’ve been told that you respected them much more than a demon should. We don’t take charity lightly, demon. You’ll be repaid for this one day.” (Lousphy)


David put the cloak back over his head because it was his nature not to like the sun very much.

“Yes, I understand angel, I gave it freely with only council. I have ruled this realm for years, so I’ll be quiet. The humans here are mostly creatures that hold a soul of a minion or a divine. They are rarely seen unless their on my home grounds. The portal stones I claim and mine are what’s used as tax. In fairness, it’s only for goods and services. The mining and wood rights are also something that I tax from the goods and game taken from them. The river that’s available to them is free as long as there is wood to cut and ore to mine. I’ll tax a percentage for choosing what parts will be giving to the divine to ensure our peace. The divine can even choose one of their own to be mayor to help ensure peace. These matters are important for tax and other needs. I’ll tell you what I can give you, and you can do with it as you please. A map will be drawn later and delivered by Luna. It’ll be marked by locations, then I will have my minions and the others considered for my standing army. The divine demons2demonsspecies, as you know, war with each other often. My minions and forces will be allowed, in a limited capacity later to be discussed, to enter this town and have dealings with it.” (David)


David noticed the angel’s grip on the sword in her hand was getting looser. David knew for a fact that a mix of such demonish things couldn’t be put in town because it would send fear to the most stout mortals of the divine. David stopped and didn’t need to ever catch his breath, but he acted slightly like that because she relaxed her grip once more. She could tell that David did this deliberately.


“Among these locations, there will be a gathering point for such things, so I would rather prefer that your access to the portal stones will be further away. This town will most likely be successful because of my own personal dealings and it’ll become the face of my realm, just like the statues I’ve chosen to make. However, to keep peace, one statute may be within the churches and other more lesser statue may be in front of the entrance passage behind you now. On the map, these mark the areas that the flocks of the divine may not enter unless given express permission.” (David)


David paused again. This time, he stopped, he left like he was much weaker than he wished. The second topic that he wanted to discussed is something that he wants done very delicately.

“Perhaps, we can part now divine. There’s lots of things that you need to explain to your superiors. It has also come to my attention that I’m more vulnerable than I anticipated, so I want to be careful in case another demon wishes to take my realm from me. As I just gave you one of my great weapons, I don’t have much of an advantage over you now. Keep that in mind if you wish to explore further dealings with me.” (David)

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