Chapter 234 – More Complicated Than You Think

The elder replied, “Anyhow, you have committed massacre, and it is most certain that your identity is revealed. Everything else aside, just the people from the Ji Mo Clan will cause you enough pain. This old man understands the reasons why you wish to quickly leave the capital, however…”

“However what? This daddy is not afraid of you. If you do not release this daddy, this daddy will just reveal why you have been targeting the Huan Estate, why you attempt to steal Huan Bei Ming’s body, etc…. I will make sure that you will forever carry the crime of colluding with a demon, old man. I believe humanity will never want you near them, humph!”

When the elder heard those words, a murderous glint flashed through his eyes but it was not detected, “Help this old man on one last matter and this old man will let you escape the capital as promised.”

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The black fog pondered for a moment, “Fine!”

He currently had a bad premonition, if he was to continue staying within this capital and continued possessing this mute, after some time, it would likely be extremely difficult for him to escape at all.

He must quickly escape from the Hanging Cloud Empire.

This mute’s willpower has exceed his imagination.


Royal Palace, The Great Golden Luan Palace.

The emperor was seated on the dragon chair that signified his authority, and Ji Mo Ya was beside him seated as the most important guest.

Further down sat several people, the State Teachers from the State Teacher Academy, some of the highest-ranking officials, as well as the Silver Mask Guards…

There were less than ten people within the building, and all of them were the elites of the Hanging Cloud Empire.

“My lord, large amounts of demonic energy have been discovered within Imperial Chef Huan Jiu Li’s accommodations; it is basically confirmed that he is the one.”

“Our royal palace possesses a protective spell formation; it would have been difficult for the Greater Demon to enter the palace grounds from the outside, so the incident that happened in Cang Xia Palace recently is definitely done by him. Currently, it is likely that he is fleeing.”


The emperor said, “Silver Mask Guards, hear my order, immediately apprehend Huan Jiu Li in secret. Refrain from causing any commotion, I do not want the citizens to panic.”

“Yes, my lord.”

One of the high-ranking officials asked, “My lord, this one feels that we should also arrest the members of the Huan Estate. Huan Jiu Li came from that household; no matter if the Huan Family knows about it or not, they should be imprisoned.”

Another person added, “Indeed, that Huan Jiu Li had deep ties with the Huan Estate; if the Silver Mask Guards happen to be unable to capture him, we can use the Huan Family members as bait to lure him.”

The emperor did think of this method, but with Ji Mo Ya around, he dare not use such a despicable method, thus he was waiting for his trusted officials to suggest the idea instead.

Now that someone has brought it up, he was preparing to agree.

Suddenly, Ji Mo Ya stood up and straightened his clothes, “Then arrest this Young Master as well, this Young Master is also more or less related to the Huan Estate.”

The fat emperor’s face turned green before he quickly smiled, “Young Master Ya must be joking.”

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He also turned towards the two officials and chided, “Although the person possessed by the Greater Demon came from the Huan Estate, a demon and human are separate entities, and the members of the Huan Family were also victims, so how can the two of you suggest such a despicable method? I order you to properly reflect on this matter when you return home!”

“Yes, yes, yes, us old officials are not thinking straight, we have dirtied the ears of our lord and Young Master Ya.” The two old officials had been around for a long time and were able to easily react to the turn of the situation, so they quickly admitted their mistake.

Seeing their stance, Ji Mo Ya gracefully said, “Lord Emperor, in fact, this Greater Demon case is more complicated than you think. It is not as simple as it seems…”


Everyone within the building were startled. A Greater Demon was already a big headache, and now there was something hidden behind it?

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