Chapter 299: Who hit who?

Since the words were already spoken, there was no need for Long Yi to still act dumb. He slowly said, “I indeed know Murong Bo, but it’s hard to tell what relation I have with him.”

Murong Shuyu was startled, and expectation and some fear appeared on her face. Then she faintly said after a long time, “Is he still fine now?”

“Very fine, he eats well, sleeps well, and roams around brothels to listen to the ballads, even immortals also cannot compare to him.” Long Yi smirked and said. If Murong Bo were to know that Long Yi was slandering him like this, wouldn’t he greet Long Yi very ‘warmly’?

“You…don’t talk nonsense, my grandfather isn’t that kind of person.” Murong Shuyu couldn’t help defending Murong Bo.

“Whether he is or isn’t like that, what does it have to do with you? Morung Bo has claimed himself to be the people of Violent Dragon Empire throughout his life, but I have never expected his later generation to go and seek refuge with another country, is it for the high position and great wealth?” Long Yi faintly asked.

Murong Shuyu clenched her hand and biting her lower lips, she remained silent.

“Can I see him? No, I still can’t.” Murong Shuyu just opened her mouth but immediately shook her head; clearly, her state of mind was very contradictory.

“You don’t have a final say in whether to see or not see, I will tell your matters strictly by facts to Murong Bo, but according to my guess, he will want to see you greatly,” Long Yi said. Murong Bo considered himself all alone in this world, if he were to know that he had descendants, then he might be very happy.

Murong Shuyu was dumbfounded for a long time, then said, “Let’s hold this matter, for the time being, I have a matter I am very puzzled with, this world must have a war? I know that your Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire will form an alliance, then jointly attack our Proud Moon Empire, so I fear our delegation of this time is just acting unnecessarily.”

Long Yi just smiled without replying, tacitly approving the words of Murong Shuyu.

“Although our Proud Moon Empire cannot withstand the alliance of your Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire, if you wish to capture our Proud Moon Empire, then you all must also suffer heavy losses. At that time, blood will flow like rivers and fields will be littered with corpses; moreover, the common people will always be the one to suffer,” Murong Shuyu somewhat agitatedly said.

“In a place, if there are people, then there inevitably will be a war, have war, then there inevitably will be death, there is no need to fuss about this. Your tone and the tone of Nalan Ruyue of before is exactly the same, merely the standpoints are different, but attitude naturally changed,” Long Yi indifferently said.

“You are so cold-blooded,” Murong Shuyu gnashed her teeth and said.

“How do I survive if I am not cold-blooded? Moreover, your Proud Moon Empire has only yourself to blame for this current situation, is there anyone else to blame?” Long Yi sneered.

“If it was not for the case of your Violent Dragon Empire provoking the war, the war wouldn’t have escalated to this state,” Murong Shuyu glared at Long Yi and said panting with rage.

“You are slandering, who is unable to clearly tell what your Emperor is scheming? Now that you know the result, why didn’t you return early, naturally you can also stay here; after all, you still have the blood of Violent Dragon Empire flowing in you,” Long Yi indifferently laughed.

Murong Shuyu gritted her teeth and said, “I, Murong Shuyu am a person of Proud Moon Empire, before I was, now I am, and still will be in the future.”

The gaze of Long Yi became cold and he said, “Since that is the case, there is nothing to speak between us. I am taking my leave.” After speaking, Long Yi thought to walk away.

“Stop.” Murong Shuyu quickly blocked the path of Long Yi.

“Want to kill me?” Long Yi laughed in disdain, looking at the jade ring on the middle-finger of Murong Shuyu’s right hand. Now her left thumb was pressing on it.

“Want to beat you, isn’t that fine?” A huge sword appeared in the jade hand of Murong Shuyu, and a deep blue sword light flew towards the arm of Long Yi.

Long Yi didn’t move, just his hand flashed with brownish yellow radiance. After that, a thick stone wall grew from the ground. Seeing this, the complexion of Murong Shuyu changed, and she snorted in her heart. Did he want to block her Great Swords Master ranked douqi merely with this stone wall?

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Sure enough, as Murong Shuyu had expected, her deep blue douqi cut through the stone wall as if a knife cutting through a tofu. And after cutting through the hindrance, the sword radiance cut towards Long Yi. Merely, beyond the expectation of Murong Shuyu, after the stone wall was cut, a fire dragon suddenly sprang out from inside. When this fire dragon approached closer, Murong Shuyu felt she was about to get roasted.

And with the collision, fire sparks flew all around, but a light blue water barrier had already appeared around Murong Shuyu, which seemed to look just like a Water Screen Heavenly Flower Magic, merely the strength was too far apart, nevertheless that water barrier was able to block the Fire Dragon Magic of Long Yi.

The complexion of Murong Ruyu became slightly pale, as she covered her right hand. Just now, she was still a bit slow to activate this sealed barrier, so the back of her right arm, as well as the cuff of her clothing, were burnt.

Long Yi frowned, although the strength of Murong Shuyu had already reached Great Swords Master rank, which was considered appalling among peers, her actual combat power was very low. It seems she rarely fought with others, but how she reached Great Swords Master realm like this truly was strange. Sometimes, only the talent of a person wasn’t enough for one to breakthrough to next realm, the comprehension of actual combat was also very important.

Looking at the suffering appearance of Murong Shuyu, Long Yi walked forward, and Murong Shuyu, however, reflexively retreated and looked at him alertly.

“Let me see,” Long Yi indifferently said. The temperature of Fire Dragon Magic was very high, and it possessed the ability to damage continuously, as it was able to continue burning the other party for a period of time.

“See…see what?” Murong Shuyu stammered.

“Of course your injury, what do you think I want to see?” Long Yi was dumbfounded and stared at the beautiful and charming figure of Murong Shuyu with a bad smile.

“Who wants your false good intention?” A trace of redness appeared on the pale complexion of Murong Shuyu. She had already heard about the strength of Long Yi, but she had never believed that.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, then incomparably quickly, his big hand caught Murong Shuyu’s left arm, and her left hand suddenly limped down, then her wounded right hand fell into the devil’s claw of Long Yi.

“Release me?” Murong Shuyu shouted in panic, as she involuntarily recalled Long Yi’s extremely notorious title ‘sex fiend’. The reason why she dared to come here alone to talk with Long Yi was that she thought that she could rely on her strength of Great Swords Master, but at this moment, she, however, understood that she was not the match of Long Yi, so she naturally panicked.

“The matter you are thinking will not happen. My requirement has always been very high.” Long Yi shamelessly smiled, but seeing her snow-white jade-like arm burned black, he felt somewhat pity in his heart.

The heart of Murong Shuyu shrunk, and she felt so stifling that she nearly vomited blood. What was this fellow saying, did he mean to say that she was beneath his notice? Although she was not an outstanding beauty, she was also considered an attractive beauty. In Proud Moon Empire, there were much nobility pursuing her. She wanted to struggle free, but the big hand of Long Yi was like a vice grip, she wasn’t even able to move her hand.

“My requirement is also very high, even if people like you work like an ox for me, they will just be beneath my notice.” Seeing she couldn’t struggle free from Long Yi, Murong Shuyu counterattacked with her mouth.

“I also don’t want anything to do with you, why do I care whether you have a high requirement or not?” Long Yi quarreled without any concern; to brag, he would definitely not lose anyone.

“You……” Murong Shuyu glared at Long Yi, she truly wanted to bite him to death.

“Well, don’t be angry, I am just joking with you.” Long Yi’s hand flashed with soft white light, then he gently pressed on the arm of Murong Shuyu.

The light magic elements began to seep into that skin of Murong Shuyu’s hand, healing the wound caused by Fire Dragon Magic.

Murong Shuyu was startled, and looking at the big hand that was caressing her little hand, she stealthily shot a glance at Long Yi, only to see that the bad smile of Long Yi had already turned to a warm smile. And under this warm white light, she unexpectedly felt that he was rather holy and pure.

The white light slowly became thin until it disappeared, then Long Yi moved away his palm and was able to see that the burnt black arm of Murong Shuyu had already become spotlessly white as if it was jade. Now, it appeared as if she had never suffered an injury. Magic, this thing was truly a good thing, and the wisdom of people was truly shocking too, how were they able to create such techniques to draw the help of natural forces?

“Well, now you are fine, isn’t my magic pretty good?” Long Yi laughed, but he didn’t release the little hand of Murong Shuyu, instead he caressed it as if he was intoxicated, just like he was caressing a peerless treasure. This feeling of her skin was truly terrific.

“M-hm……ah……!” Murong Shuyu subconsciously nodded, but suddenly realized that Long Yi was eating her tofu, so she hastily retracted her hand and glared at Long Yi in shame and anger, but now that holy and pure smile had already changed into that annoying bad smile at an unknown time, making her feel as if the scene she had seen just a moment ago was her misconception.

“Ah, I’m sorry, your skin was truly too good, I simply wasn’t able to tear myself away, excuse me for the lack of manners,” Long Yi shamelessly laughed. Perhaps, only Long Yi had thick enough face to speak this kind of words.

“You…why don’t you drop dead?” Murong Shuyu was so angry that she spoke without careful diction. She could still feel the lingering sensation of being caressed on her arms by this fellow. This fellow was too shameless, and even after taking cheap advantage of other people, he was providing justification confidently.

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“If I die, the women under the heaven will feel sad and die. I don’t have any strong point, but I show pity and tender love for women, so for the sake of not making them sad, I have no choice but to do my best to keep my life,” Long Yi smirked and said. Then looking up towards the sky, he said, “Oh, it’s already this late. If someone sees us, a single man and a single woman, in the flower garden in the dead of the night, then I guess they will think we are having an illicit meeting, this will provoke a negative criticism, so I am leaving first; don’t miss me too much.”

Murong Shuyu was just about to reply, but Long Yi had already disappeared without a trace.

“This dirty bastard, who will have an illicit meeting with you, and who will miss you?” Murong Shuyu muttered, then after standing in the flower garden for a long time, she suddenly woke up with a start, then patting her face, she turned around and returned to her courtyard.


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