Chapter 298: Peep openly

Finally, the lips of Long Yi lightly touched the moist and warm lips of Nalan Ruyue. That fragrant and sweet aura which rushed towards his face, directly made Long Yi lose himself with excitement.

But just when Long Yi wanted to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, Nalan Ruyue suddenly sobered up with a start, then she put forth her strength to push away Long Yi, and she weakly collapsed on the stone chair inhaling big mouthfuls of air. Now her charming face was covered with redness, and beads of sweat were visible on the ala of her nose, moreover, her full and round breasts were violently rising and falling along with her breathing. This scene was extremely alluring.

How could Long Yi miss such a beautiful scenery, his eyes were stuck on the breasts of Nalan Ruyue, and he was dying to take possession of them. Nalan Ruyue merely felt a scorching heat on her breasts, then screaming, she covered them using her hands and snorted: “Still looking, look any longer and I will gouge out your eyeballs.”

Long Yi came back to his senses, then replied with a smirk: “You can gouge them out, like that, my eyes will stay beside you, making them be able to constantly appreciate such beautiful scenery.”

“Hoodlum.” Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes. She was rather unable to figure out the temperament of Long Yi. His smiling appearance could be very cheerful, also very ** or even very sinister; she didn’t understand what kind of household and environment brought up his such ever-changing personality.

“Many thanks for the praise; although you are not the first person to say so, you are the person with most flavor to say so.” Long Yi’s shining black eyes looked towards Nalan Ruyue with an inexplicable smile.

“I am not in the mood to chat with you, why did you come here to look for me?” Nalan Ruyue saw Long Yi had reverted back to normal and she also calmed down.

“Don’t you already know everything? What’s the use of asking again?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I am not an immortal, only ghost knows why you have come here.” Nalan Ruyue said in irritation, but she was somewhat looking forward to hear in her heart. Did he come here to criticize because he saw her together with Long Ying? Or, did he feel uncomfortable?

“I asked the ghost, but ghost said that he also doesn’t know.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a bad smile, looking at Nalan Ruyue.

“You…please leave if you don’t have any matter.” Nalan Ruyue turned around and walked towards her inner room. In any case, as long as she faced this fellow, she always changed and became too abnormal.

After she took two steps forward, suddenly a whistling sound came from behind, so she couldn’t help but slow down, and finally unable to bear, she turned back to see, but she saw that Long Yi had already disappeared without a trace.

“That bastard, how come he is leaving just because I said leave, he was never this obedient before.” Nalan Ruyue behaved as if a little girl stamped her legs and was somewhat disappointed in her heart. She didn’t want to admit but in fact, she still wanted to be together with Long Yi.

“Ai, what am I thinking? I am going crazy.” Nalan Ruyue shook her head. That dirty bastard always made her heart palpitate in nervousness.

Squeak, Nalan Ruyue pushed opened the door in a daze, then absentmindedly walked straight towards her bathroom. She thought to take a bath and sleep well, so that after waking from the sleep, those annoying feelings might have disappeared without a trace.

Turning on the hot shower, warm water came out from the small holes, and the bathroom was filled with dense mist.

Nalan Ruyue completely took off her clothing, revealing her **. And on that towering snow white **, two bright red cherries were proudly standing firm. Nalan Ruyue stood in the shower, and warm current washed her jade body.

A pair of black eyes were looking inside from the half-opened bathroom door, and those eyes were full of scorching hot fire. Long Yi truly hadn’t thought that Nalan Ruyue would immediately enter the bathroom and began bathing upon entering her room. He was simply thinking of playing a prank on her, so when Nalan Ruyue turned around, he quietly entered her lady’s chamber. He thought that she would be greatly surprised after coming into her room, but who would have thought that she was so distracted that she didn’t even see him, a big living person beside her bed; moreover, she went straight to the bathroom.

Although to say, this was regarded improper as well as wasn’t the behavior of a gentleman, Long Yi’s heart was in the right and self-confident, as for him, this wasn’t **, rather openly watching; besides, it was not like he had never done **.

Long Yi’s eyes looked at Nalan Ruyue’s breasts then moved down below her waist. That neat thick clump of grass was obediently sticking on her body as they were being washed down by the water, and few inch above the chump of grass, there was a red mole. Long Yi however had a deep impression of that red mole, as, at that time, in Mea Principality, he had seen this infinitely attractive red mole on the lower abdomen of Nalan Ruyue.

This girl, how can she be so careless? Fortunately, it’s me, if it was some other mean instead of me, then wouldn’t that be a big loss? Long Yi thought in his heart as if it was not a loss for Nalan Ruyue that he was the one who was seeing this.

Just when Long Yi was thinking like this, suddenly the voice of Xiao Cui came from outside: “Princess, are you in?”

Nalan Ruyue suddenly came back to her senses, and raising her head, her eyes suddenly met with invasive eyes, and she instinctively opened her mouth wanting to scream.

Seeing this, Long Yi subconsciously rushed into the bathroom, then tightly hugging Nalan Ruyue from behind, he used his one hand to cover her mouth and softly spoke in her ear: “Don’t move, it’s me.”

The body of Nalan Ruyue stiffened, then she ferociously bit the palm of Long Yi. But Long Yi just made a wry smile letting Nalan Ruyue bite his hand. But, now with his entire body drenched with hot water as well as with a naked great beauty in his bosom, his lower part involuntarily reacted, pressing against the buttocks crack of Nalan Ruyue.

“Strange, there is no answer, could it be that Princess went out alone?” Hearing no answer, Xiao Cui couldn’t help but whispered, then turned away.

Nalan Ruyue didn’t dare to move and she had also already loosened her teeth. She was clearly aware of how dangerous their current posture was, and also knew the identity of the hard thing that was pressing against her buttocks, so she feared that if she moved, then she might arouse Long Yi’s impulse.

The breathing of Long Yi become hotter and hotter, and the big hand located on the waist of Nalan Ruyue began to slide up, grabbing a soft meat bun, then began kneading and pinching.

The entire body of Nalan Ruyue quivered, and she involuntarily let out a moan. It was undeniable that the caress of Long Yi brought her strong pleasure and stimulation.

The moan of Nalan Ruyue broke the last bits of willpower of Long Yi. After that, he turned her over and pushed her against the marble wall, then enthusiastically began to kiss her neck and shoulders, and his big hands attacked two places, one at the mountain peak, another at the small ravine, simultaneously.

“No…don’t do this to me, otherwise, I will…hate you throughout my life.” Nalan Ruyue’s hands weakly pushed the shoulders of Long Yi and said. Now, it was unable to determine whether her face was full of tears or drops of water. Moreover, she rather utterly detested herself, why was her body unable to resist Long Yi’s invasion, instead shamelessly feeling pleasure?

Having heard what was said, Long Yi came to his senses, then feeling too ashamed to show his face, he sighed and said with a tone filled with an apology: “I’m sorry, I forgot myself.”

Nalan Ruyue remained silent.

And after Long Yi let her go and retreated two steps back, Nalan Ruyue however weakly slid down the wall. Long Yi had no choice but to reach out and held her waist to support her up.

Turning off the magic shower on the wall of the bathroom, Long Yi picked up a bath towel from the bathroom rack, then wrapping it around the completely naked Nalan Ruyue, he picked her up and walked out of the bathroom. After that, he gently placed her on the soft big bed of her bedroom.

Nalan Ruyue shut her eyes, but she was restless in her heart. At this very moment, she unexpectedly had an impulse to firmly hold Long Yi without letting him go.

Long Yi pulled the quilt and covered Nalan Ruyue, then said softly: “I am leaving first, rest well.”

And after a good while, Nalan Ruyue opened her eyes and saw that there was no Long Yi in the room.

“What should I do?” Nalan Ruyue murmured, but there was no one to give her an answer.


Although the people from the top to bottom of Violent Dragon Empire weren’t too fond of the delegation of Proud Moon Empire, they still had to do something, for instance, a welcome banquet.

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The banquet was as always, if it was not for Murong Shuyu, Long Yi would have simply not bothered to participate, and directly let the small officers in charge of embassy handle this banquet.

Finally, after the tune ended and the audience dispersed, as Long Yi had expected, Murong Shuyu called out to Long Yi.

Two people arrived in the flower garden of the royal embassy. This moment, it was already late at night, so there were few small dim magic lamps hung in this flower garden; moreover, the continuous sound of insect humming came from the thick clumps of grass.

“Princess Shuyu, I wonder why you are looking for me?” Long Yi leaned on a tree, looking at Murong Shuyu who appeared to be tranquil and cool under the moonlight.

“You should have already guessed the matter, it’s for the matter of Murong Bo.” Murong Shuyu stared at Long Yi and said.

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“Murong Bo? Violent Dragon Empire’s Swords Saint? Why on earth are you asking about him?” Long Yi feigned surprised, as if this truly was beyond his expectation.

Murong Shuyu’s breathing stagnated. This fellow, he truly made her so angry that she wanted to bit him to death.

“What did you say this afternoon?” Murong Shuyu endured and said.

“This afternoon? I said nothing, what did you hear me saying?” Long Yi innocently asked.

“You…why are you constantly making me so furious?” Murong Shuyu suppressed her anger and calmly asked.

“I don’t make average people angry.” Long Yi directly said with a smile.

“Putting it that way, should I feel honored?” Murong Shuyu said.

“You can think so, I don’t mind.” Long Yi laughed.

Murong Shuyu fiercely glared at Long Yi. If she continued to talk with him, then she would surely go insane, so she no longer talked in a roundabout way, and directly said: “Murong Bo is my grandfather, I want to know what relationship you have with him?”

The eyes of Long Yi flashed. Although he had long guessed in his heart, but directly hearing from the mouth of Murong Shuyu, he was still a bit surprised.

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