Chapter 297: Drunk beauty

“What’s with this appearance, is there something you want to say?” Long Yi smirked and said.

Murong Shuyu angrily stared at Long Yi, and gritting her teeth, she said nothing despite truly wanting to know the information of Murong Bo.

The dusk thickened, and a nice and cool breeze blew. At this time, Long Yi led the delegation of Proud Moon Empire inside the embassy. And when they were passing a beautiful flower garden of the embassy, Long Yi suddenly saw Long Ying and Nalan Ruyue sitting inside the pavilion of the flower garden while drinking and chatting. As for Xiao Cui, she was standing at one side, serving them. This atmosphere appeared pretty good.

A trace of a satisfied smile appeared on the face of Long Yi, fortunately, Nalan Ruyue appeared to have not fallen into the big net of Long Ying. She merely had a reserved smile, her expression was decent and dignified, and her vision was wise and calm. Long Yi naturally knew that, the more Nalan Ruyue was like that, the more she felt distant.

Seeing the arrival of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue stood up, and her beautiful eyes scanned the delegation of Proud Moon Empire behind Long Yi. And after looking at Murong Ruyue for a little while, she seamlessly looked at Long Yi. Perhaps, only Long Yi was able to enjoy this kind of feeling in this world.

The heart of Long Yi **, when it comes to stirring the soul, beauty exceed a good wine, this truly was not false.

Long Yi smirked and had a staring contest with Nalan Ruyue for a little while, then turning towards Crown Prince Long Ying who was still sitting and sipping a good while, he slowly walked over, and said with false courtesy: “Your Highness Crown Prince, how come you have an aesthetic mood to help me entertain the guests today?”

Long Ying instantly realized the irony in the tone of Long Yi, then looking up, he smiled faintly and said: “I, as a Crown Prince, bear the responsibility. The negotiation of this time concern the national economy and people’s livelihood, I naturally don’t dare to neglect. The talks with Princess Ruyue of just now were very joyous. I think the negotiation of this time will certainly be a complete success.”

Long Yi looked towards Nalan Ruyue, and saw that she was smiling without a word, moreover was intentionally not looking at him.

This girl, she absolutely is deliberately making him feel unwell. Long Yi thought in his heart, but his smile became even more brilliant.

“Your Highness Crown Prince, the delegation of Proud Moon Empire just arrived, will you be responsible for them too?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Long Ying raised his hand and said: “Of course, merely it’s already late for today. There are still many matters emperor father left for me to deal with, so I must return to the imperial palace. I hope you will properly entertain the delegation of Proud Moon Empire, and conveniently explain them that I am absolutely not favoring one and discriminating against the other.”

After speaking, Long Ying stood up and looking towards Nalan Ruyue, he courteously said: “Princess Ruyue, forgive me for not keeping you company, I will see you again tomorrow.”

“Crown Prince can busy yourself to deal with your matters, no need to consider us, I think Young Master Ximen will properly make all the arrangements.” Nalan Ruyue said with a smile.

Long Ying nodded his head, and even when he was passing by the delegation of Proud Moon Empire, he actually didn’t look at them even once, making Murong Shuyu and other officials of Proud Moon Empire so angry that they nearly vomited blood.

“Too excessive, simply is too excessive.” Looking at the distant back view of Crown Prince Long Ying, Murong Shuyu muttered. She had never thought that she would receive such treatment in Violent Dragon Empire. It seems the mission given to her by the Proud Moon Empire’s Emperor was very difficult to accomplish.

Nalan Ruyue looked at Long Yi and again at Murong Shuyu, then paying them needed courtesy, she turned around and left with her maid Xiao Cui.

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The delegation of Proud Moon Empire was arranged to stay in the courtyard next door to the courtyard of Nalan Ruyue. However, although they were separated by only a wall, the environment and facilities were absolutely not of the same grade.

After settling Murong Shuyu and others, Long Yi thought for a moment and entered the courtyard of Nalan Ruyue. Since this was early summer, this was the season for hundreds of flowers to bloom. Now, Nalan Ruyue was sitting on a stone chair under a big tree, and quietly looking at those various fresh flowers in her courtyard, her eyes were somewhat blurred. No one knew what she was thinking and her maid Xiao Cui was also nowhere to be seen.

“You came.” Nalan Ruyue asked softly without even turning her head as if she knew that Long Yi would come looking for her.

Long Yi smiled and walking straight to the side of Nalan Ruyue, he gently plucked a pink flower and placing it in front of his nose, he smelled and said seemingly drunk: “The name of this flower is Drunk Beauty, is a unique flower species found only in Violent Dragon Empire. Its fragrance is very simple but elegant and wouldn’t dissipate even after three days, so it has been named as the empress of the flowers.”

“Is that so? But why call it Drunk Beauty?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

“There is a history, legend says that, ages ago, Heavenly Emperor Tian Lei who had unified the entire Blue Waves Continent establishing Heavenly Lightning (Tian Lei) Empire fell in love with that time’s great beauty under the heaven. He exerted all his strength as well as used all kinds of wooing methods but he came back empty-handed. The said beauty was innately allergic to flowers, thereupon she agreed to marry Heavenly Emperor Tian Lei only if he was able to find a kind of flower that she would like. Afterwards, Heavenly Emperor Tian Lei repeatedly went through innumerable trials and tribulations and spent ten years in a dangerous valley finding this flower. Millions of people became intoxicated under the smell of this flower, so his intuition told him that this flower will certainly contend the beauty. And as he had expected, that day when Heavenly Emperor Tian Lei came in front of that beauty with this flower, with a single smell, the beauty was unexpectedly drunk in blissfulness. And after the beauty sobered up, wearing these fresh flowers on her head, she got married to Heavenly Emperor Tian Lei. This is how the name Drunk Beauty came to be.” Long Yi slowly said.

Nalan Ruyue was in a daze for a long time, and said with somewhat loneliness: “Legends are very beautiful, but they are after all the legends; moreover, no matter how beautiful and fragrant the fresh flowers are, don’t they still similarly wither in autumn.”

Long Yi looked at Nalan Ruyue’s charming face, and understood that this girl in fact bears very heavy burden. The status of Saintess and Princess didn’t give her much honor, instead shackled her greatly.

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“The life of people however is extremely short, only compasses several tens of winters and summers, nothing is eternal, there is no need to lament over the passing of spring and feel sad when autumn comes. Although fresh flowers wither, they after all were beautiful once.” Long Yi retracted his frivolous smile and with his skillful hand, he gently inserted the Drunk Beauty in the hair of Nalan Ruyue, and with her gorgeous appearance as the background, she truly looked more beautiful than flowers.

Nalan Ruyue raised her head, and seeing those black pupils that could make people’s heart palpitate, her heart suddenly began to throb.

The adam’s apple of Long Yi slid up and down as he smelled a simple but elegant fragrance; however, he was unable to differentiate whether this fragrance was the body fragrance of Nalan Ruyue or those fresh flowers.

At that time, Nalan Ruyue subconsciously licked her somewhat dried lips with her fragrant tongue, and under this circumstance, this type of action was undoubtedly deadly to men. The mind of Long Yi blanked out and only those fiery red lips were left in his mind. The heart of two people beat faster and faster, Long Yi involuntarily leaned forward and Nalan Ruyue half-closed her eyes. Now, her heartbeat was drumming, and seemingly church’s bells were ringing in her ears, making her feel dizzy.

The distance reduced more and more, and their scorching breath blew against each other’s face, causing Nalan Ruyue to tremble. Now, Nalan Ruyue could practically sense the temperature of Long Yi’s lips.

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