Chapter 296: Princess Shuyu


Long Yi was rather startled for a long time, and without even blinking his eyes, he looked downward. That’s right, almost alike, but wasn’t she already dead.

This moment, Long Yi was blankly staring at that young girl who was talking with the officials of Proud Moon Empire, but in his heart, he however was deeply shocked. He recalled that picture of the wife of Murong Bo, and the facial features of this girl perfectly matched that picture, but didn’t Murong Bo say that his wife had already died? Nevertheless, the intuition of Long Yi told him that this girl and Murong Bo definitely were linked in countless ways.

Suddenly, a thought appeared in the heart of Long Yi, the surname of Proud Moon Empire’s imperial clan was also Murong, then could it be that Murong Bo was also a person of Proud Moon Empire? Thinking this, the entire body of Long Yi involuntarily emitted a cold sweat. From the time Murong Bo was famous, he had always claimed to be a person of Violent Dragon Empire, but no one except for himself knew where he came from.

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Long Yi frowned, it seems he had to go to Forbidden Heaven Prison at all events to understand the matters. When he was thinking, the young girl in the carriage raised her head and looked up as if she sensed the attentive gaze of Long Yi.

Long Yi came back to his sense, and seeing the beautiful face of this young girl, he could clearly feel the anger and dissatisfaction of her eyes. Then he just smiled, and jumping off the watchtower, he slowly floated down.

Seeing Long Yi had come down, the guards saluted in succession, and that young girl also jumped out of the carriage.

“Young Master Ximen, I hope you can explain, why did you let us wait here for such a long time? If you cannot give me the satisfactory explanation, then I will definitely report this to your honored Emperor and ask him to give justification to our Proud Moon Empire.” Before Long Yi could open his mouth, this young girl overbearingly said.

Long Yi however didn’t speak, merely sized up this young girl for a long time. That wanton gaze with a bit of wickedness truly made her feel as if he could see through her clothing, but just when she was about to fly into a rage from the shame, Long Yi smirked and said: “I just woke up, this is the explanation, I wonder if you are satisfied?”

The young girl was dumbfounded, she had never expected for this fellow to use such excuse, so she didn’t know what to say for the moment. The officials of Proud Moon Empire beside her were so angry that they foamed at the mouth and glared with rage.

“The time is already late, do you all want to follow me to the royal embassy to stay overnight or still want to stay outside the city for the night?” Long Yi said with a smile, then looking towards that young girl, he still was somewhat puzzled.

Having heard what was said, the young girl looked at Long Yi, the gritting her teeth, she unexpectedly calmed down and said indifferently: “We will follow the arrangement of Young Master Ximen.”

“My arrangement? No problem, how about you all station outside the city for the night? Our Soaring Dragon City is very enchanting to look at night. Moreover, you can breathe fresh air and can look at moon and stars in the sky at night, it can’t be any better.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Since Young Master Ximen said so, we have to station outside the city.” The young girl didn’t argue with Long Yi and appeared as if she didn’t care.

Long Yi was slightly surprised in his heart, this woman could endure like this, it seems, he was still looking down at her. But who exactly was she? Long Yi guessed the identity of this young girl, but he had never heard of the existence of such princess in the imperial clan of Proud Moon Empire. The Skynet Intelligence organization had already spread in all small and big countries of Blue Waves Continent, and began collecting the data long ago. And especially the data of imperial family members, it was of highest priority. But Long Yi dare to confirm that there was no such young girl in the imperial family of Proud Moon Empire in the data collected.

“Hahaha, I was merely joking just now, how could we, Violent Dragon Empire, let our guest that came from afar sleep outside the city?” The royal embassy is prepared long ago, and now, it is just waiting for you ladies and gentlemen to move in.” Long Yi immediately changed his expression, becoming unusually warm.

The young girl showed a smile of victory, then turning around, she wanted to get into the carriage.

“Wait a moment, you seem to have forgotten something, for instance, official document.” Long Yi called out to stop the young girl then smiled looking at her.

The young girl was dumbfounded for a little while, then taking out a leather scroll from her space ring, she tossed it towards Long Yi.

“Princess Shuyu?” Long Yi unrolled the leather scroll and was dumbfounded. The scroll stated that Princess Shuyu would represent Proud Moon Empire in this negotiation, but from where did this Princess Shuyu popped out? Popped out from under the stone?

“Yes, I am Princess Shuyu. Of course, it’s nothing strange for you to not know me, I am the adopted daughter emperor father had just recently adopted, and was conferred a title just a few days ago.” Murong Shuyu smiled seemingly proud of herself and also sneering at him.

“Recognizing the enemy as a father, I wonder if senior Murong Bo knew this, would he be so angry that he would vomit the blood?” Long Yi suddenly stepped forward and lowering his voice, he said.

Murong Shuyu trembled and her complexion also changed all of a sudden, then absentmindedly looked at Long Yi, but Long Yi however turned away and ordered guards to let them pass.

Long Yi rode a unicorn in the front, and seeing the expression of Murong Shuyu, he was sure in his heart that she and Murong Bo definitely have an extraordinary relation, but Long Yi believed that Murong Bo also hadn’t lied to him, so Murong Bo himself might not know he had descendants. In other words, the grave he saw after he returned from seclusion was probably fake, or to say the grave was true, but he actually already had descendants.

When Long Yi and the delegation of Proud Moon Empire arrived at the royal embassy, Long Yi was surprised to see the luxurious carriage of Crown Prince Long Ying, and his two slaves were bored to death waiting outside. Long Yi thought and understood that Crown Prince should have come to see the delegation of Nalan Empire, or perhaps paying a visit to Nalan Ruyue. Even an idiot could think what he was planning.

Long Yi softly snorted and jumped off the horse, it seems the fake marriage with Nalan Ruyue might not go as smoothly as he had thought. And thinking of someone else wanting to snatch his woman, his mood became bad. Perhaps, he subconsciously had already viewed Nalan Ruyue as his private property. But Long Yi didn’t rush in urgently, he was very clear about the means used by Long Ying to deal with women. He was always refined and cultivated, disdained to use strength to force women to submit. Long Yi greatly admired this single point, but could he obtain Nalan Ruyue so easily like this? Long Yi slightly raised his brows.

Murong Shuyu jumped out of the carriage, and somewhat blankly looked at Long Yi. Just a moment ago, she was unable to sit or stand still inside the carriage, because Murong Bo was her grandfather, and before he disappeared, he was known as the Swords Saint of Violent Dragon Empire, but whatever the reason might be, the matter of her recognizing the emperor of Proud Moon Empire as her father wasn’t false despite this being a secret not known to anyone.

“Why on earth are you looking at me like this? I know I am very handsome, but you do not have to behave so obviously, right?” Long Yi quietly walked over to the side of Murong Shuyu and said with a smile in her ear. But his nose however was inhaling her faint virgin fragrance.

Murong Shuyu was startled, then coming back to her senses, she saw two rows of dazzling white teeth and was so scared that she quickly retreated two steps back. And she had frightened appeared on her face.

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