Chapter 295: She? How could that be?


Long Yi who was prepared to attack frowned, who was blind enough to come and disturb his good deeds? He thought to simply ignore it, but the fluctuation of barrier however was becoming more and more violent, clearly, the person outside was attacking with more and more strength.

Long Yi gritted his teeth, then reluctantly looked at two women immersed in **. The plan to hit two hawks with one arrow seemed to have come to naught, he wondered whether he would have a chance next time or not.

“My husband?” Nangong Xiangyun opened her hazy eyes. Even though she had already spread open her legs in preparation, but she didn’t feel her sweetheart making any move, so she opened her eyes only to see Long Yi with gloomy complexion looking towards the door.

Long Yi pulled the quilt and covered the ** jade body of two girls, then making a wry smile, he said: “Someone is creating a disturbance outside, I will go and take a look, you two, stay here.”

Having heard what Long Yi said, two girls instantly retreated, then Long Yi jumped out of the bed, and quickly wore his clothing.

After Long Yi wore his clothing, waving his hand, he removed the barrier, and at that moment, the attack from the outside also disappeared.

“Smelly kid, what were you doing inside, still not rolling out.” The majestic voice of Ximen Nu came from outside.

Long Yi smiled, as it turned out the person who was blind enough to disturb him was his own father. He turned his head and looking towards two girls, he apologetically shrugged his shoulders and walked out opening the door.

Ximen Nu wearing purple fur robe was standing in the courtyard, and behind him, there were two expressionless bodyguards. They held a sharp sword and were emitting powerful momentum. They two should be the people that were attacking the barrier just a moment ago.

“Father, why did you come to wake me up so early in the morning?” Long Yi didn’t fear the stern expression of Ximen Nu, as he knew that that expression was only the mask of Ximen Nu to maintain senior’s prestige, that’s all.

Ximen Nu’s long beard trembled and he shouted in loud voice: “So early? It’s almost noon, and you only know how to indulge with women all day long, you haven’t matured even a bit.”

Long Yi rolled his eyes and directly let these words enter from his one ear and exit from another. He didn’t have that kind of ambition like Ximen Nu, and he lightly said: “Father, don’t be angry, it is not worth to harm your body being angry, I know you are busy, quickly tell me what you (respected form) want, don’t delay your proper business for me.”

Ximen Nu ferociously glared at Long Yi, but he could do nothing about this son of his. Before, he (Ximen Yu) would be like a mouse seeing a cat when he (XImen Yu) saw him (Ximen Nu), but now, it was different. Now he (Ximen Yu) was very capable, and no longer feared him, this made him involuntarily wonder whether he had really grown old.

“The delegation of Proud Moon Empire is about to arrive, but you who have to welcome them are still staying in the land of warmth and tenderness, could it be that you don’t know the land of warmth and tenderness is the grave of heroes?” Ximen Nu lowered his voice, clearly, he still considered the face of Long Yi.

Hero? I am not a f****** hero. Long Yi roared in his heart, but he didn’t speak out loud, otherwise, it would again be a total mess.

Long Yi laughed hollowly and said: “The delegation of Proud Moon Empire arrived? Then I am leaving to welcome them.” Long Yi hastily changed the topic of conversation and slip away.

Ximen Nu looked at the back view of Long Yi, then softly sighed. After this son of his returned, he was very satisfied with him, merely there was one thing that concerned him which was his son appeared to have no exalted ambition and also showed no desire to obtain power. But he (son) should know that he was the successor of his family, and this kind of mentality however was very bad for the patriarch of the clan.

Long Yi flew towards the city gate, yesterday, he welcomed the delegation of Nalan Empire and today, he was again welcoming the delegation of Proud Moon Empire. This time, Soaring Dragon City would definitely become lively. What kind of plans did Proud Moon Empire have, as long as people have a bit of brain, all could guess easily, it was nothing but stalling for time, or destroying the alliance between Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire. Like this, they could attack and deal with Nalan Empire and once Nalan Empire was destroyed, they would wait till Proud Moon Empire digest Nalan Empire, and then target Violent Dragon Empire. Unfortunately, Proud Moon Empire was already doomed to return in disappointment. Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire joining hands and jointly attacking the territory of Proud Moon Empire, this was the most beneficial move at present, Long Zhan absolutely wouldn’t fail to see this point.

Obviously, the welcoming lineup of today was a lot shabbier compared to yesterday, there were no ceremony group and no ceremony officials, only a group of guards and Long Yi were responsible to receive them. Just looking at this difference, it shows the attitude of Violent Dragon Empire towards Proud Moon Empire.

When Long Yi was still en route, the delegation of Proud Moon Empire had already arrived at the city gate, and now, several people wearing the official dress of Proud Moon Empire were negotiating with the guards of the city gate, but the attitude of the guards was tough. The guards made them wait on the sidelines, saying until Long Yi didn’t come, they couldn’t enter the city.

Long Yi coldly looked down from the sky for a long time, then quietly descended to a watchtower. The guards on the gate tower recognized Long Yi, and when they were about to salute and greet him, Long Yi waved his hand to stop them.

It was already the beginning of the summer, so the sunshine of the midday was very hot. And with the official dress of Proud Moon Empire being very thick, under such sunlight, smoke was already rising from their body and they were also already dripping with sweat, but seeing the guards yield neither to persuasion nor to coercion, black lines appeared on their forehead. They wanted to curse but they had a share of responsibility, they want to resort to violence, but they couldn’t do so, as this was not Proud Moon Empire rather was Violent Dragon Empire, so they could only endure everything.

“General, do you want to welcome them? They’ve been here for some time already.” A squad leader looked down for a while and said to Long Yi.

“Welcome, of course, want to welcome, but not now, you, bring me a chair over here, I want to cool myself in the watchtower for a little while.” Long Yi said with a smile. The grudge between him and Proud Moon Empire wasn’t something that could be settled in a day or two. First, he should collect some interest.

In just this fashion, Long Yi leisurely sat on the watchtower, and ordering some soldiers to buy some fruit snacks as well as boil the tea, he leisurely enjoyed his time.

Time passed bit by bit, the sun began to move westward from the middle of the sky, but Long Yi however was gobbling meats and gulping wine with guards of the watchtower. With regarding such easygoing appearance of Long Yi, as well as his appearance of liking to talk about women like seasoned soldiers, this was the first time these guards had seen such general, and not long after, they were roped in.

Even after Long Yi and guards finished eating dishes and drinking liquor, there was not even a sound below, presumably, they were already tired of making a noise.

Long Yi raised his head and looked, and seeing the time was late, he thought to go down and welcome the delegation of Proud Moon Empire. But at that time, he suddenly heard a crisp voice of a young girl: “What’s going on here? Why are you not letting us in even after we wait for such a long time?”

Long Yi curiously looked down from the watchtower and saw the window curtain of the luxurious carriage was lifted up and a delicate and pretty face was out of that window. Her eyebrows were knitted, and she appeared to be impatient now.

“She? How could that be?” Seeing this girl, the eyes of Long Yi were wide open and he nearly cried out loud.


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