Chapter 294: Disturbance During a Good Deed

When Long Yi returned to the Ximen residence, it was already morning, and the neatly dressed Beitang Yu was standing in the courtyard gazing into the distance. In the past few days, because of Long Yi having received an order to welcome the delegations of the Proud Moon Empire, as well as the Nalan Empire, he hadn’t gone to the military camp. And yesterday, she also learned that Long Yi didn’t return for the entire night, so she woke up early in the morning and was waiting for him, hoping to see him so as to comfort her heart.

“Ximen Yu, how come you are returning only now?” Seeing Long Yi descending from the sky, Beitang Yu lowered her voice and rebuked him. Who told her to miss him so much?

Long Yi tightly hugged the slender waist of Beitang Yu, then kissing her lips; he said with a smile, “Missed me?”

“M-hm, these past few days, you didn’t go to the military camp and you weren’t in the house, making it rare to see you these days…truly hateful.” Beitang Yu cutely nodded her head and said. She was a girl who dared to express her love, and from the day she confessed her love to Long Yi, she didn’t conceal her infatuated heart from Long Yi.

“How about I ask my old man to make you my assistant?” Long Yi said with a smile, but his wolf-like claws were restlessly moving about her pert butt.

The military uniform was skintight, and it distinctly showed her perfect figure. Long Yi felt good, feeling that tactile impression and his signature bad smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

“Nasty smelly fellow, let go, if we are seen, then how can I face people hereafter?” Beitang Yu shyly buried her head in Long Yi’s bosom, and her waist swayed, wanting to evade Long Yi’s grip, but one could well imagine the result, with her soft and fragrant body swaying in his bosom, how could Long Yi endure?

Hearing the Long Yi’s breath turn heavy, as well as feeling a burning hot hard thing pressing against her abdomen, Beitang Yu’s body softened. If it was not for Long Yi’s hold, she would have collapsed to the ground.

“Don’t…don’t do it like this.” Beitang Yu begged as if a cat, she basically couldn’t resist his teasing, so she could only protest weakly.

Long Yi saw that the day was getting brighter and brighter, so he decided to suppress his burning desire. He retracted his mischievous hands from her back and retracted his waist from that soft abdomen.

And only after a good while, Beitang Yu recovered from **, then she grumbled in a flirty manner and glared at Long Yi. Only, when she had looked up and glanced at the sky, she screamed: “Ah, I am late! If I must suffer lashes, then see how I will punish you later.” Beitang Yu hurriedly pushed away Long Yi, then rushed outside the courtyard.

Long Yi smiled complacently, then looked towards Leng Youyou’s bedroom. The day before yesterday, he had entangled with Nangong Xiangyun for the night, so now it should be Leng Youyou’s turn. Thinking about that devilish figure of Leng Youyou, the fire of lust he had just suppressed immediately burned violently.

Long Yi easily passed through the barrier Leng Youyou had laid and gently opening the door. As he did, he saw two figures on the big bed. It turned out Nangong Xiangyun and Leng Youyou were unexpectedly sleeping together. Seeing this, the evil fire burned even more violently. Could it be that today he would be able to have incomparably tender ** once again?

Just at that time, Leng Youyou turned over, and her eyelashes moved. Suddenly opening her eyes, a layer of black qi appeared in her jade-like hand. But seeing Long Yi with a bad smile standing in front of the bed, she relaxed, and her fierce killing intent immediately dissipated. Except, that same killing intent had woken up Nangong Xiangyun who was sleeping beside her with a start, reflexively sitting up. They were only dressed in a thin-clothed underwear, and right before Long Yi’s eyes. Moreover, their chest were the things that swayed the will of the people.

Two girls, one lying and one sitting, their beauty could make the sun and moon lustrous, and at that moment, they seemed infinitely beautiful.

“My husband, you are back.” Nangong Xiangyun stood up on the bed, then jumped into Long Yi’s bosom, tightly wrapping Long Yi with her hands and legs just like a koala. That posture was very ambiguous.

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Long Yi supported Nangong Xiangyun’s plump and round **, and feeling a softness and warmness coming from her body, he kissed her lips, filling the room with a spring atmosphere.

His big hands kneaded and pinched her perfectly round buttocks, and his middle finger slipped through her crack and unscrupulously teased the private place of that young girl.

“Eh…my husband, don’t, let’s return to my room first.” Nangong Xiangyun was also aroused, but she suddenly recalled Leng Youyou was still here, so how could she be able to make love while another person was watching.

Long Yi, however, had already decided to hit two hawks with one arrow. First, he laid out a strong barrier in the room, then with Nangong Xiangyun still in his bosom, he jumped onto the soft big bed.

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Leng Youyou was shy and also panicked, she saw what Long Yi was planning, so she wanted to hastily jump out of the bed and run away, but how could she escape the claws of Long Yi. Long Yi’s big hand grabbed her and pulled her into his bosom on the bed.

“My husband, not like this, it’s too embarrassing.” Leng Youyou begged.

“You all are my wives, there is no need to be shy, be obedient. You are not allowed to run.” Long Yi smirked and said, but his hands were already attacking both of them.

Two women screamed and simultaneously covered their head with the quilt.

Long Yi felt very complacent, as he knew that they had submitted, and thinking of the upcoming events, he was excited.

Under Long Yi’s skillful teasing, both women gradually let go and began to respond. Long Yi kissed Nangong Xiangyun, and the bold Leng Youyou got up and began to caress and kiss Long Yi’s body. This straightforwardness made Long Yi’s soul fly away.

Long Yi turned Nangong Xiangyun over, making her lie down on her stomach, then stripped off her underwear, and a perfectly curved presented itself. Her skin was a healthy wheat color and was very exquisite and smooth. Compared to Leng Youyou’s snowy-white skin, Nangong Xiangyun’s skin had a different flavor.

Long Yi kissed Nangong Xiangyun from her shoulder, and kissing along her spinal cord, arrived at her bulging buttocks. Two meat mounds were plump and compact, and the crack between them was alluring him to commit a crime, truly seductive to the extreme. Then, Long Yi gently kissed her **, causing her jade body to tremble.

And Leng Youyou unwilling to be left alone tore at Long Yi’ clothes. She rubbed her charming body against his body, teasing him. And just when, Long Yi parted from Nangong Xiangyun’s ** and looked at that pitiful secret place, Leng Youyou took off the pants of Long Yi, revealing that high-spirited and burning hot little brother. And when Long Yi’s big mouth kissed Nangong Xiangyun’s pink ravine, Leng Youyou, however, opened her pink lips and took Long Yi’s little brother into her mouth.

Long Yi was startled and felt as if he was going up to the Heaven. Leng Youyou, this girl, was truly the embodiment of seductress, how could she understand the mind of a man like this? Moreover, coordinating with tactic understanding, Long Yi had never tasted this flavor before, and at this moment, even if he became immortal, he didn’t care.

The posture and actions of two women and one man were incomparably lewd, and moaning sound continuously resounded in the room.

Of course, with Long Yi’s skill, he delivered Nangong Xiangyun to a place high in the clouds, but just when he had turned her over and was preparing to show his masculinity, the barrier suddenly fluctuated violently.

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