Chapter 293: Fake marriage?


Long Yi raised his eyebrows looking at Nalan Ruyue, then said indifferently: “What help? You should know that the political marriage is most to form an alliance between the countries, I am incapable of changing this point and it is also impossible to change, because this relates to the interest of the entire empire.”

“I understand this.” Nalan Ruyue stared at Long Yi with imploring gaze.

“Then……what do you mean?” Long Yi looked straight into the eyes of Nalan Ruyue, and a kind of peculiar atmosphere spread all over the air.

Nalan Ruyue was unable to bear this atmosphere, then turning around, she looked out of the window, and a smear of redness appeared on her beautiful face. After that, calming down her maiden heart which was beating very quickly for some unknown reason, she calmly said: “Same as the request I made to you in Mea Principality, I hope you can facilitate the alliance between our two countries. Didn’t you say, if I become your woman, you will consider it?”

Long Yi was startled hearing this, soon after that, he mischievously smiled, and then continuously stared straight at the fiery red face of Nalan Ruyue until she was both ashamed and angry.

Long Yi knew he should stop before going too far, and said with a smile: “Do you truly want to be my woman? At present, it is different from the past, now the alliance between Violent Dragon Empire and your Nalan Empire is basically confirmed, there is no need for me to facilitate, and you also don’t need to do so.”

Nalan Ruyue bit her lower lip, then rolling her eyes towards Long Yi, she said: “Do you truly not understand or are you pretending to not know? Fine, I will tell you bluntly, the marriage is absolutely necessary for the alliance between two countries, and since I truly have to marry, I would rather marry you instead of someone unknown, so…”

“As it turned out my charm is quite big, but at that time, didn’t you say that it was only a pipe dream for you to become my woman?” Not waiting for Nalan Ruyue to finish speaking, Long Yi said with a smirk.

Nalan Ruyue who had good temper also wasn’t able to endure, she picked up a teacup on the desk beside her, then threw it towards Long Yi.

Long Yi used spirit power, easily stopping the teacup in the air, and made it fly back to the table. After that, he teased: “Don’t get angry, you should learn to bear my nonsense.”

“Humph, don’t think that just because I said I will marry you, it means I started liking you, I only…only have no other choice, nothing more. Moreover, I have not finished talking.” Nalan Ruyue angrily glared at Long Yi, in any case, as long as she was with this fellow, her mood always fluctuated violently. She also wondered whether they were enemies in their previous life.

“Then continue.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile. Teasing a girl had always been his most enjoyable activity. This helped him relax his mind to the greatest extent.

“I want to have a fake marriage with you, I will become your nominal wife, and you cannot touch me, in any case, for the alliance of two countries, the marriage in name only is also fine.” Nalan Ruyue stealthily shoot a glance at Long Yi, and seeing he still had a smile on his face without any change in his expression even after hearing her proposal, she couldn’t help but have some expectation in her heart, could it be that he would agree? As a matter of fact, she had already prepared a plan in her heart for the worst case scenario. If Long Yi truly wanted her body, then she would have no choice but to agree, because she was unable to accept marrying someone else. But if it was Long Yi, then her heart felt somewhat better, after all, she and Long Yi had an ambiguous relation in Mea Principality, moreover, he had already seen her body too.

“Your plan is pretty good, but like this, wouldn’t only you have the most benefit out of this deal? There will not be any benefit to me even though I am the helper.” Long YI smiled looking at somewhat embarrassed Nalan Ruyue.

“Then you say, what’s to be done? If you truly want, then……” The face of Nalan Ruyue became bright red as if burning.

But at that time, Long Yi however interrupted Nalan Ruyue and said with a smile: “In fact, it’s not impossible for me to have a fake marriage with you, but what will you use to repay me?”

Nalan Ruyue was startled, and she was involuntarily disappointed in her heart, but very quickly she discarded this vexing feeling and said: “What do you want me to use to repay you?”

“Your everything, other than your body, in other words, you can have your innocence, but everything else will be mine. How is that?” Long Yi said with a smile. This condition he spoke out didn’t have any meaning, because after marrying him, everything Nalan Ruyue possessed will automatically belong to him. This was the rule of Blue Waves Continent. Long Yi just wanted to let Nalan Ruyue feel well, that’s all. For him, having a fake marriage with Nalan Ruyue wasn’t unacceptable, but he would have never thought that this condition of his would bring about a great deal of trouble for himself in the future.

Nalan Ruyue was extremely intelligent, so how could she not understand the meaning of Long Yi’s words. She instantly looked at Long Yi with appreciation, then softly said: “Thank you, Long Yi.”

Long Yi smirked and said: “Why are you thanking me, it’s mutually beneficial, if there is nothing else then I am returning first, but if you want me to stay, then I don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind either.” Nalan Ruyue replied with a smile.

Eh, Long Yi was stunned, something was fishy, when did this girl become so bold, could it be that he would have amorous affair tonight?

“Hee hee, you can sleep here, I will go sleep with Xiao Cui in another room.” Looking at the expression of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue happily said. She appeared rather proud of herself for being able to trick Long Yi once.

Having heard what was said, Long Yi touched his nose and said with a smile: “No need, take a rest a bit earlier, the delegation of Proud Moon Empire should arrive tomorrow, at that time, you will have to spend a great amount of energy in the discussion.”

“Didn’t you say you will help me?” Nalan Ruyue happily smiled. She clearly knew that there was basically no hindrance in forming an alliance between their two countries.

Long Yi waved his hand towards Nalan Ruyue, then disappeared from that room, leaving behind faint manly smell in the room, which made Nalan Ruyue stand at the same place in a daze for two minutes. Then as if a little girl, she jumped happily and threw herself into the soft big bed.

It was already pitch-black long ago, and don’t know when, the stars in the sky had already hidden themselves. And in the cold and desolate streets, occasionally men who were seeking pleasure and making merry were passing by in twos and threes.

Long Yi stood in front of an intersection, thinking whether to go to the Forbidden Heaven Prison or not. These days, with the pointers from Murong Bu in person, his insights and comprehension had greatly increased. This made Long Yi’s control of douqi and magic advance greatly, and his power also increased vastly. Now, the relationship between them two were like master and student and also like friends. Long Yi felt no burden being together with him, was very relaxed instead. If he wanted to speak anything, he would speak, even if he joked with him (Morung Bo), he (Murong Bo) wouldn’t get angry, at most he would only feign to be angry, then would beat him neither lightly nor heavily. In fact, Murong Bo would answer all his question, if that was not the case, then he (Long Yi) wouldn’t have improved so rapidly.

Thinking Murong Bo might not be resting even now, Long Yi turned around and flew towards Forbidden Heaven Prison.

From the secret passage, Long Yi arrived in the prison of Murong Bo, but Murong Bo was facing his back towards Long Yi, seemingly still hadn’t sensed his arrival. Now, his back view actually appeared somewhat stiff and his entire body emitted dense sadness. This kind of sadness, Long Yi had only felt when Murong Bo was recalling his lover at that time.

Long Yi didn’t speak, merely walked forward, and looked at the table in front of Murong Bo. A colored portrait made using magic was spread on the table. That was a young woman, although her appearance wasn’t devastatingly beautiful, but that natural temperament revealed in her eyes attracted Long Yi. She was absolutely not an ordinary woman. Long Yi guessed that this was the woman whom Murong Bo constantly thought about, and also was the woman who made him disregard the affection of two Great Holy Priests Karen and Judith. Long Yi was also able to feel the charm of this woman in the portrait.

And the matter that moved Long Yi the most was Murong Bo having tears on the corner of his eyes. Even though his strength had already reached such level that everyone would look up to him, his this kind of single-minded infatuation made Long Yi blush with shame. In this world, the most precious thing was true feelings, no matter if that was family love, friendship or romantic love, if these were discarded, then could they be able to reach such level? Long Yi couldn’t help but think.

“Is she beautiful?” Murong Bo suddenly asked, but his eyes still remained at this magic portrait.

“Very beautiful, no wonder you have never forgotten about her till now.” Long Yi nodded his head and said.

Murong Bo laughed with his hoarse voice, then he wiped his tears. He didn’t feel that he had lost his face shedding tears in front of a youngster who was many years younger than him, because this was his true feeling.

“Her name is Lian’er, is my wife.” A sense of pride appeared on the face of Murong Bo, but immediately turned into suffering expression. Then with infinite deep regret, he said with his trembling voice: “At that time, I was bent on pursuing the limit of the warrior, so I went to seclusion cultivation in the remote mountains. And when I return after ten years, I only saw her grave in our house’s backyard, and my family has already ruined long ago. I truly regret it.” Murong Bo laughed clenching his hands.

Long Yi was endlessly bitter hearing this, then patting the shoulder of Murong Bo, he said: “Old man, all have already passed, and you have also blamed yourself for the greater part of your life. I think it is time to lay down, I believe that your wife also had neither complaint nor regret from the beginning to the end, if her soul is here, then she absolutely doesn’t want to see your current appearance, because just you love her, she might love you even more.”

Murong Bo was startled, then shaking his head, he lowered his voice: “You haven’t lived for many years, but you, this child is enlightening me, truly one behave more and more immature as you age.”

“Heh heh, I am enlightening you, the departed are already gone, there is still time to amend, you are closely involved so cannot see as clearly as those outsiders, that’s all.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Murong Bo put away the picture scroll, then taking out a pot of wine, he drank it. Now his expression relaxed a lot.

“Old man, do you truly ignore the affair of the world? If Blue Waves Continent is in all-out war, then what are you planning to do?” Seeing Murong Bo had returned to normal, Long Yi carefully asked. He thought that if Murong Bo come out to help him, then the matters would be a lot easier.

Murong Bo shook his head and laughed: “I, this old man is perfectly content staying here, I don’t want to intervene in any dispute, you are a prodigy, and also an expert at playing schemes and intrigues, as long as you are a bit careful and act cautiously, sooner or later the entire Blue Waves Continent will be your Ximen clan’s.”

Long Yi made a wry smile, now the situation was complicated, the political struggle inside Violent Dragon Empire was getting more and more violent, and the full-scale war was also near at hand, moreover, various powers were beginning to surface. Just thinking about the circumstance, he would have a headache.


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