Chapter 292: Request


Not long after, Nalan Ruyue’s diplomatic group arrived. This diplomatic group consists of 3 luxurious carriages, and nearly 200 cavalry escorts.

Long Yi, Li Qing and Barbarian Bull jumped down from the watchtower, then he looked at those troops with a smile. He had not seen Nalan Ruyue for a long time, so he didn’t know how much more beautiful she had become.

A figure in green attire lightly jumped out from the carriage, was Nalan Ruyue’s personal maid, Xiao Cui. This girl looked towards Long Yi and made a funny face, then raised the curtain of the carriage.

Long Yi held his breath, waiting for the appearance of Nalan Ruyue. Honestly speaking, with regarding this young girl who had a shady relationship with him, Long Yi still had a good feeling towards her.

A light yellow wool boots step out from the carriage along with the pink colored pants embroidered with a very exquisite decorative pattern. At first glance, one would know these were the traditional dress of Nalan Empire.


After the little leg landed on the ground, a little head wearing show-white woolen hat bore out of the carriage, then standing outside the carriage, she looked around, and her beautiful eyes rested on Long Yi.

Long truly didn’t dare to believe, just after changing her clothing, Nalan Ruyue appeared so special. When they were in Mea Principality, she was wearing white priest robe and appeared cold and desolate, but now wearing this bright-colored traditional dress of Nalan Empire, she unexpectedly appeared very fresh, moreover, with that soul-stirring smile on her face, she simply looked too beautiful.

At that time, from behind the carriages, several middle-aged and white-bearded old men wearing Nalan Empire’s official clothing came out. They seemed to be the people of the tremendous ability of Nalan Empire.

Long Yi led the rites team to welcome them, and standing in front of Nalan Ruyue, he said with a smile: “Princess Ruyue, truly long time no see, you have become even more beautiful.”

“Young Master Ximen is flattering me, still, am I truly beautiful?” Nalan Ruyue just said a sentence of pleasantries, and then somewhat expectantly raised her head and asked.

“Of course, even compared to a fairy maiden, you are more beautiful, simply is a fairy that has fallen to the mortal world.” Long Yi smirked and said. Then looking at that peculiarly shaped hat on her head, he couldn’t help but reached out to touch it, but he immediately felt a burst of killing intent and a light blue colored douqi directly chopped towards the big hand of Long Yi which was reaching out towards Nalan Ruyue.

Long Yi nevertheless didn’t react, and just when that douqi was about to chop his hand, a ‘ding’ sound resounded, and a threatening cold qi soared as a nearly transparent sword blocked the douqi, moreover, that middle-aged Swords Master behind Nalan Ruyue who had made a surprise attack was sent flying.

Nalan Ruyue slapped off the big hand of Long Yi, then rolling her eyes towards Long Yi, she said: “Is this how Violent Dragon Empire that is regarded as Blue Waves Continent’s land of ceremony and propriety treat their guest?”

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Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said: “Then, may I ask Princess Ruyue as well as diplomatic envoys to show Nalan Emperor’s official document.”

Nalan Ruyue faintly smiled, and with her hand flashing with radiance, a leather scroll appeared in her hand, then handing it over to Long Yi, she said with a smile: “This is the official document of emperor father. May I ask Young Master Ximen to look over.”

Long Yi opened the scroll and looked for a little while, then tossed it towards the rites officer behind him. Whether he read or not read it, either way, it was the same. The document was a pile of stereotyped, gorgeous flowery words without even a bit of substantial thing.

Long Yi ordered to make the way for the carriages and those numerous people of Nalan Ruyue.

“Young Master Ximen, is it possible for you to come together with us? It would be nice if you are to give a brief introduction of the scenery along the way, this however is my first time in Soaring Dragon City.” Nalan Ruyue opened the curtain of her carriage, and suddenly invited Long Yi with a smile, endlessly surprising everybody accompanying her. Generally, men were not allowed to casually enter the carriage of Misses and Madams. Even the male family members also refrain from doing so as much as possible, but such action of Nalan Ruyue clearly declared where she stood and also showed that she had a very favorable impression of Long Yi.

Long Yi also had no reason to refuse, he felt that it was fine to accompany her, so he calmly entered the carriage of Nalan Ruyue. The layout inside this carriage was very luxurious, and was also very spacious. On the floor of this carriage, an exquisite carpet was spread out, and there was also a soft, woven mat to lie down, on which there were pillows and quilt. On a single glance, the inside of this carriage bore a remarkable resemblance to a moving lady’ bedchamber of a girl, and especially that simple but elegant fragrance was refreshing.

Long Yi got intoxicated inhaling this fragrance, and ** expression appeared on his face. And seeing his such appearance, Nalan Ruyue and her maid Xiao Cui were endlessly scorning inwardly. This fellow truly was the biggest pervert in this world. Persistently arousing unendurable aversion, this might be the highest realm of perversion.

Long Yi sat down beside Nalan Ruyue, and sighed in admiration, enjoying the company of Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue however lifted the window curtain of the carriage and just looked at the bustling Soaring Dragon City. Seeing those crowd walking to-and-fro, working hard and living normally with a secure smiling face, she softly sighed, and her eyes became misty.

“What’s up? Looking at our Soaring Dragon City, why did you sigh with emotion?” Long Yi asked.

Nalan Ruyue shook her head and said softly: “Not long ago, the common people of Nalan Empire also lived normally and happily like this, but now, along with the escalation of war, the entire nation sunk into a kind of unusual silence, common people no longer have smile on their face, and especially in the home of the people who had joined the army, they even more are in tenterhooks and couldn’t even swallow their meal, moreover, some border cities have already soaked in blood, and fields littered with corpses……” Nalan Ruyue said, but the more she spoke, the smaller her voice became until her voice couldn’t be heard. She was deeply distressed for her nation.

Long Yi didn’t speak, in this type of situation, he didn’t know what to say. As long as the countries existed, the war would also exist. This kind of invasion with the purpose of expanding their territory would never disappear no matter which world it was.

Nalan Ruyue didn’t immerse herself in grief for too long, she quickly recovered and turned around to look at Long Yi: “Ximen Yu, my guess of that time was correct, you really came back.”

Long Yi made a wry smile, and somewhat helplessly said: “You can’t always do as you like, when all is said and done, the blood of Ximen clan flows within me, how can I ignore everything? In fact, I and you are the same, isn’t that so?”

“Yes, we are the same.” Nalan Ruyue’s gaze somewhat blurred looking at Long Yi.

Now, it became quiet inside the carriage, only outside was still bustling. Xiao Cui looked at Long Yi and again at Nalan Ruyue, but with her little brain, she truly was unable to make sense of what these two people were talking about.

At that time, the carriage stopped, and the guards came to notify that they had reached royal embassy.

The day had already become dark, and the entire Soaring Dragon City was enveloped in gorgeous magic street lamps’ multicolored lights.

Long Yi jumped out of the carriage, then stretched his hand. Seeing this, the beautiful face of Nalan Ruyue reddened, then stretching out her little hand, she placed it on the hand of Long Yi, then as if a noble queen, she gracefully stepped out from the carriage.

“Soaring Dragon City is really beautiful.” Nalan Ruyue gasped in admiration, temporarily forgetting to retract her little hand from the wolf claw of Long Yi.

“You are not the first person to say so, Soaring Dragon City is the most enchanting city of Blue Waves Continent.” Long Yi laughed, then led along Nalan Ruyue towards the embassy still holding her little hand. And the other officials of Nalan Empire as well as guards were staring with wide eyes, as this fellow who had achieved extreme notoriety was unexpectedly profaning their heart’s most noble Saintess, but since Saintess herself didn’t say anything, what could they do?

The person in charge of embassy was Soaring Dragon City’s minor official, but he was a smooth and slick type, naturally, he had already prepared everything properly.

The place for Nalan Ruyue was royal embassy’s most luxurious courtyard, so the east side wing was naturally the domain of Nalan Ruyue. Only after they entered the courtyard, Nalan Ruyue seemed to have sensed that her little hand was still being held by Long Yi, then she hastily retracted her little hand, and her beautiful face reddened.

The Nalan diplomatic group was properly received. And this royal embassy was also already prepared with the highest standard of Violent Dragon Empire for greeting and attending them. It seemed Long Zhan had ordered properly.

During the feast, several officials accompanied the chief guests, all of them were good at moving their tongue, and they easily coaxed these officials of Nalan Empire until they were beaming with joy. And because of being proposed to a toast by many officials, several envoys were already drunk. And as for Nalan Ruyue, she had also already drunk several cups of wine, and now, her beautiful face looked even more charming and alluring. This welcoming banquet was enjoyed to the fullest by both host and guests.

Servants escorted several envoys of Nalan Empire to rest, while Long Yi looked at the sky. It was already late at night, were Leng Youyou and other two girls still waiting for him? Thinking this, he called out to Xiao Cui and asked her to help Nalan Ruyue go to rest, and then he prepared to leave.

“Ximen Yu, don’t leave.” Nalan Ruyue reached out and caught Long Yi, then somewhat complicatedly looking at Long Yi for a long time, she softly sighed: “You help me return to rest, Xiao Cui doesn’t have strength.”

Long Yi was startled, although Nalan Ruyue had drunk several cups, but she was still not drunk yet, even several Swordsmen wouldn’t be able to approach her. However, Long Yi also didn’t reject, he pulled Nalan Ruyue, then holding her waist, he instantly arrived at her room. Then pushing open the door, he entered, only after that Nalan Ruyue gently struggle free from the big hand of Long Yi, then sat down on the chair beside the window.

“If there is nothing, then I am returning.” Seeing Nalan Ruyue was silent, Long Yi was unable to make head or tail of it, so he said.

“Don’t, keep me company.” Nalan Ruyue turned around and earnestly said.

Long Yi smiled faintly, then walking over to the side of Nalan Ruyue, he sat down and said with a smile: “Speak, I know you have something in your mind, I feel you were rather unusual today.”

Nalan Ruyue looked at smiling Long Yi, then with a trace of a bitter smile, she said: “It seems you understand me well.”

“You might already know my purpose of coming here, Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire truly want to form an alliance, and the marriage is compulsory for this alliance.” Nalan Ruyue said with somewhat gloomy expression.

“M-hm, I know this.” Long Yi indifferently said.

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“Now, among the princesses of Nalan Empire, only I and my little sister Nalan Rumeng are unmarried. Several months ago, when Rumeng, that girl learned of this alliance by marriage, she secretly ran away, and I……” The expression of Nalan Ruyue got even more bitter and astringent, then turning around, she looked at Long Yi with a peculiar gaze and said: “Ximen Yu, I need your help.”


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