Chapter 291: The arrival of the delegation of Nalan Empire

How could Long Y make Si Bi lose her magic power in one day just to obtain her body? If he did like that, then what would be the difference between him and a beast?

“Don’t be so stupid, return with your Master for now, I will definitely think of a way.” Long Yi gently patted the fragrant shoulder of Si Bi. Although Judith was hateful, but what should he do? Kill her?

“But……I don’t want to leave you.” Si Bi idiotically hugged Long Yi. They had finally gotten together, but not even after few days, they had to separate again, how could she endure this?

“I also don’t want to separate from you, but I want to stay together with you for a lifetime, if something was to happen to you because you stayed here with me, then what should I do? Isn’t that wanting my life? Wait until you are fine, then we will meet again.” Long Yi gently said, then hugged Si Bi in front of Judith.

Judith looked at Long Yi, then flew away from the woods, giving space to them.


And before Judith leave with Si Bi, Judith seemed to want to speak something with Long Yi, but eventually she didn’t speak. Long Yi naturally knew that she wanted to ask about Murong Bo’s matter, but he said nothing. On the one side, he had promised Murong Bo to not tell anyone about him, and on the other hand, Long Yi didn’t have any good opinion of Judith, so he naturally didn’t tell her anything.

That evening, Long Yi sneaked into Forbidden Heaven Prison, and he saw that Murong Bo, this old man was carefreely eating several plates of exquisite dishes and drinking wine. He was truly passing his life in satisfaction.

“Boy, how come you are so late? This old man by myself was so bored here.” Murong Bo asked, but his mouth was still chewing nonstop.

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“This……there was a little matter, so I was late.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“You had a frat matter, I can smell cosmetics smell from your body, weren’t you just rolling around with woman?” Murong Bo moved his nose to smell and said.

Long Yi laughed hollowly, he indeed had done bed exercise with Nangong Xiangyun. And only after she fell asleep, he came over here. If he didn’t pay daily tax in the home, then wouldn’t his wives get violent?

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“Old man, I have a matter to ask, do you know about Pure Yin Body?” Long Yi asked.

Murong Bo set down the chopsticks, and said raising his eyebrows: “Pure Yin Body? This is a rare physique that doesn’t appear even in one among ten thousand. Generally, only women possess this physique. If a male has Pure Yin Body, then he will certainly die without any doubt. It is said that women possessing Pure Yin Body are genius in cultivating magic, but they have to maintain their purity, if they lose their virginity, then they would lose everything. Why are you asking me this?”

Long Yi bitterly smiled and said: “It’s your old sweethearts’ good deed, they changed the constitution of my perfectly fine wife into Pure Yin Body, like that, aren’t they intentionally wanting my life?”

“What nonsense are you talking, you brat? I, this old man is already detached from the world for so long, where did my old sweethearts come from?” Murong Bo glared at Long Yi and said.

“You don’t have now doesn’t mean you didn’t have before, those Holy Priest Judith and Karen, weren’t they your old sweethearts?” Long Yi snorted and said. He still resented Judith.

“They? I have always treated them as younger sisters, ai. Why on earth are you talking about them? Did you say they changed your wife’s constitution into Pure Yin Body?” Murong Bo said, then lowering his eyebrows, he began to ponder.

“I don’t care whether you treat them as your younger sister or something else, I just want to know, do you have any means to help me?” Long Yi sat on the sofa, then taking a piece of Red Fire Hare’s meat, he threw it into his mouth.

“Do I have any means? It will be fine when your wife reaches Magic God realm, you can just wait slowly.” Murong Bo with the appearance as if he was taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, said.

Long Yi looked at Murong Bo in disdain and suddenly said smiling sinisterly: “Don’t you want to meet your ‘those’ younger sisters?”

“Smelly brat, are you begging for the beating? Talk nonsense again and hereafter you will be unable to talk.” Murong Bo’s hand flashed with golden light, then throwing Long Yi to the ground, he fumed with anger.

“Fine, fine, I will not talk.” Long Yi got up from the ground. It was very unwise to fight with Swords God. He looked at Murong Bo squinting his eye, then said with a smile again: “I don’t understand, Judith, that old woman shouldn’t be much younger than you, but how could she maintain her looks to appear as if she is merely in her early twenties?”

“You kid, are you thinking of hitting her?” Murong Bo glared at Long Yi.

“Why? Jealous?” Long Yi smirked and said. And seeing Murong Bo didn’t answer he continued: “Don’t be nervous, I have a bad impression of that old woman. If it were not for her, the situation of I and Si Bi wouldn’t have become like this, besides, with her age, she is enough to be my grandmother.”

Murong Bo laughed and said: “I don’t have any opinion even if you have an idea to hit on her. Age is not really a problem, as long as you can reach Master Archmage realm, your lifespan will increase greatly, and if you were to reach Magic God realm, then you can live for several hundred years. It is said that, there was a Magic God before who lived for more than 500 years. Naturally, only if you don’t fear for your life, you can hit her. You should know that Light Pope of before was one of the admirers of Judith.”

“She is so attractive, and is head-over-heels for you, but why are you so nonchalance? Could it be that your body has some problem?” Long Yi smiled and stood up, then looking towards the lower part of Murong Bo, he asked.

Murong Bo was startled, and unintentionally showing disappointment in his eyes, he sighed: “One who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers.”

Seeing Murong Bi’s expression and also hearing his words, Long Yi understood in his heart. Since he was completely in love with another woman, all others women didn’t have any place in his heart. Long Yi didn’t speak, and just looked at Murong Bo who seemed to have fallen into reminiscing. Sometimes he would be happy, sometimes he would be sad, but finally, all of them turned into a sigh.

After a good while, Murong Bo woke up from his trance, then said to Long Yi: “Boy, let’s have a contest.”

This night, Long Yi was badly battered when he returned from Forbidden Heaven Prison.

Time flew quickly, the daily activity of Long Yi was, go to military camp, Ximen residence and Forbidden Heaven Prison. Of course, he occasionally went to Beautiful Fragrant House to hear the intelligence report. And during this period of time, Beitang Yu and Leng Youyou also got well acquainted, and three women were very harmonious, so Long Yi was naturally pleased seeing them.

Like this, ten days passed. And today, when Long Yi had returned to Ximen residence and was teasing Leng Youyou and other two girls, suddenly a guard came to notify, which said that Nalan Ruyue’s diplomatic group have arrived outside Soaring Dragon City. And Ximen Nu commanded him to go and welcome them.

“Nalan Ruyue, you finally came.” Long Yi inwardly said. He believed that the delegation of Proud Moon Empire would also arrive very soon, at that time, Long Zhan would definitely sign the formal contract with Nalan Empire, and then the full-scale war would come in Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi wore an official dress, then with Li Qing and Barbarian Bull, he went to welcome. At this time, Emperor Long Zhan had already dispatched people to prepare everything to welcome the delegation, so Long Yi as well as others who were responsible to welcome Nalan Ruyue only had to wait and escort them to the royal embassy of Soaring Dragon City.

Arriving at the southern city entrance, he saw a group of city guards was already present here, and seeing Long Yi had arrived, they saluted one after another.

Long Yi climbed up the gate tower, and far away, he saw a group of troops neither quickly nor slowly advancing towards this place. There were few flags raised in the air. The flag in the front had sea blue background and was embroidered with the big exquisite word ‘Nalan’. And the flags behind had had Nalan Empire’s royal clan’s emblem and totem.

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