Chapter 290: Pure Yin Body


Seeing this, Si Bi screamed and rushed over to Judith. The strength of two great Holy Priests wasn’t this weak, but she was unable to understand why her Master stupidly stood still. If it was not for Long Yi retracting his move, then he would have cut her in two.

Judith came back to her sense, and her complexion became somewhat pale. She looked at her severed clothing of her left hand, then again looking at Long Yi with a complicate gaze, she said: “Where is Murong Bo? Is he is your Maser?”

Long Yi had a smile yet not a smile. The sword move of just now was pre-planned, it was the sword move he had uncovered from Murong Bo’s place, merely he had never expected the reaction of Judith would be so big. It seems she had a very deep feeling towards Murong Bo. However, comparing Murong Bo, that drunkard with Judith, this beauty, he couldn’t help but felt uneasy, as this gap was too big.

“Why do you think I will tell you? Is this your attitude when you are asking a favor?” Long Yi said with a smile. It seemed his fortune was good for him to meet Swords God Murong Bo yesterday, and today he met with his (Murong Bo) lover who had never forgotten him.

Judith could no longer keep her indifferent expression, and perhaps because she thought Long Yi was the disciple of Murong Bo, her expression soften a bit when looking at Long Yi and she sighed: “If you want to know why I insist on taking away Si Bi, then come with me.” Finished speaking, she flew away.

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Long Yi instructed Li Qing and Barbarian Bull, then chased after Judith with Si Bi. He didn’t fear any scheme of Judith, because as long as she hadn’t reach Magic God realm, she wouldn’t be able to harm him.

Judith landed inside a remote woods, and seeing Si Bi and Long Yi were able to catch up to her, she was somewhat surprised and she said: “Ximen Yu, your strength is higher than I have expected.”

“Then you are ignorant and ill-informed.” Long Yi indifferently said.

This time, Judith didn’t say anything and also didn’t fly into a rage, merely said indifferently: “Why did you think Si Bi was able to reach Archmage from Master Magician within the extremely short period of two and half years?”

Long Yi looked towards Si Bi and shrugging his shoulder, he said: “Is it not because she is a genius? Could it be that you used some special means to forcibly raise her strength? There will be no side effects, right?”

“Genius? Do you think it’s possible?” Judith indifferently said.

“Possible, because I am also a genius.” Long Yi smiled then circulating water magic elements within his sea of consciousness, he waved his hand, firing a rank 9 Hailstone Magic. Then, head-sized hailstones smashed dozens of trees beside them. And not waiting for Judith to be shocked, he used Burning Heaven Flame to burn those smashed trees into ashes, which was yet another rank 9 magic.

“You…you are truly a genius, it seems I underestimate you greatly, but not everyone in this world is like you.” Judith retracted her surprise look and reverted back to her indifference expression, but she was frightened in the bottom of her heart. Sensing the intensity of magic fluctuation and spirit power of Long Yi, she could feel that Long Yi was not any weaker than herself. In addition, he was also a Great Swords Master ranked warrior. Being able to cultivate both magic and douqi to this level was indeed frightening.

“I know that, just say, why do you insist on taking away Si Bi? Don’t tell me that it’s because of the matters of the church. Isn’t Nalan Ruyue leisurely representing her country as an envoy and coming to our Violent Dragon Empire? Besides, saintesses are merely a kind of symbol of Light Church, do you think I don’t know that? Even if there are duties that are to be handled by saintess, I and Si Bi have just gotten married, and we have yet to spend our honeymoon. Even bridal chamber……” Long Yi stared at Judith and said. But just when had mentioned bridal chamber, Si Bi hastily covered his mouth feeling embarrassment.

“I will ignore you if you talk nonsense again.” Si Bi practically didn’t dare to raise her head and look at Judith. This husband of hers blabs too much, were those the words that should be casually spoken to elders?

Long Yi whined, then sticking out his tongue, he licked the palm of Si Bi. And Si Bi as if she got an electric shock, hastily retracted her hand, and her beautiful face reddened. Now, she still felt ** on her palm.

The little tricks of these two people, Judith naturally saw them, and she snorted coldly: “I am naturally able to tell that, Si Bi is still virgin till now.”

“Eh…you are able to tell that, how about you teach me that technique, I also want to learn.” Long Yi strangely looked at Judith. He had heard that some very experienced procuress of blue mansions (brothel) could discern whether a woman was a virgin or not with a single glance, could it be that she had once undertaken this occupation? Long Yi though like that with his rotten heart.

“Less nonsense.” Judith angrily snorted, and she fired two Violent Light Magic towards Long Yi, one flew towards his head and another flew towards his private parts, both locations were vital parts.

Long Yi screamed, and blocked with his hands, then used his spirit power to assimilate those two Violent Light Magic, and then he shouted: “You are too vicious, want to make me die sonless? Even if I agree, Si Bi will not agree.”

Si Bi ferociously pinched Long Yi and said: “Long Yi, don’t interrupt, listen to my teacher.” She was also unclear why Judith was so insisting on taking her away.

Judith lightly sighed, then calling out to Si Bi, she affectionately caressed her head, presumably, she truly didn’t wrong Si Bi in normal times.

“Si Bi, at that time, when you stubbornly wanted to raise your strength, although you didn’t say anything, but I already knew that it was for this boy. At that time, when I and Holy Priest Karen together used a secret technique to help you raise your strength, didn’t I say that although this method can greatly increase your magical power and spirit power in a short time, but there is a hidden danger?” Judith said.

Si Bi nodded her head, at that time, Judith had truly said so.

“What hidden danger? What’s the problem?” Long Yi nervously asked.

“This secret technique changed Si Bi’s body into Pure Yin Body, once she loses her virginity, she would lose all her strength, moreover, right now, her state of mind is in an extremely unstable state, so I have to bring her back to Light Church’s Holy Land to stabilize her disposition.” Judith slowly said.

Long Yi was startled, and he recalled that Patriarch Phoenix had also demanded him to take the virginity of Ice Palace’s master, and the reason for that was also because she had Pure Yin Body. Once she loses her virginity, she would lose all her strength. Now he was somewhat muddleheaded, because like this, wouldn’t he and Si Bi be separated forever? And even if they are near, wouldn’t they be separated by a deep gully?

“Master, why didn’t I know these matters?” Si Bi asked in surprise.

“Ai, at that time, I and Holy Priest Karen have forgotten this point.” Judith sighed.

Long Yi came back to his senses, and suddenly with a mocking smile, he coldly said: “In my view, it’s not that you have forgotten rather was intentional.”

“Long Yi, don’t say that, Master is not such person.” Si Bi defended Judith.

“Your Excellency Holy Priest Judith, when you heard the words of Si Bi, why did you blush unconsciously? Although I don’t know your purpose, but do you dare to say that you didn’t even have the slightest selfish motives?” Long Yi had experience of two lifetimes. Weighing a person’s words and closely watching his expression were his strong point, and he could also see the heart of people clearly. When Judith said that she had forgotten that point, he clearly saw her unnatural expression.

Judith became nonchalant for a long time, then said coldly: “Yes, I really had selfish motives, the talent of Si Bi in light magic is far greater than me, and with Pure Yin Body, she would be able to cultivate magic several times faster compared to the usual, and as long as she breakthrough to Magic God, there will be no problem at all.”

“Breakthrough to Magic God! Are you crazy, truly a f****** piece of dogshit.” Long Yi gnashed his teeth and roared. Since the recorded history of magic, no one had ever heard someone breaking through to Magic God.

Si Bi pulled Long Yi who was about to go out of control, and she also felt sad in her heart. As a matter of fact, she was also greatly looking forward to becoming Long Yi’s real wife in her heart, and since the day of their marriage, embarrassing thoughts often occupied her mind. But could it be that she and Long Yi were destined to not be together?

Long Yi was still unreconciled and shouted loudly: “Are you truly Si Bi’s Master? Since you know that Pure Yin Body can make you cultivate magic faster, then why didn’t you change your body into Pure Yin Body, but cut off Si Bi’s ** for the lifetime? Could it be that you still want to make love with Murong Bo?” Long Yi spoke without careful diction in anger.

“You……” Judith got angry, then rising her hand, a lustrous and transparent light floated around her magic staff, and began to condense magic power.

“Master, don’t.” Upon seeing this, Si Bi hastily stood in front of Long Yi. She didn’t want the two of her closest people becoming enemies.

Judith hatefully dismissed her magic power, and glared at Long Yi as if she wanted to eat people, and said to Si Bi: “Si Bi, come with me, you should have certainly noticed, these past few days, the fluctuation of your spirit power is not too normal. You must return with me to Holy Land, don’t stay with him hereafter.”

Hearing the words of Judith, Long Yi felt that this old woman was truly too hateful. Was she thinking that she was doing a favor to Si Bi by doing this? Si Bi grabbed Long Yi’s hand, and looked at him with imploring gaze.

Long Yi suppressed his anger, as, now Si Bi’s circumstance was the most important. If Si Bi would be in trouble by staying beside him, then he had to make a concession, after all, for him, Si Bi being fine was the most important thing compared to anything else.

“Si Bi, do you truly feel uneasy?” Long Yi asked in deep concern.

Si Bi nodded her head and said: “These two days, I truly felt uncomfortable, and I also felt that my spirit power is abnormal, it is always flighty and impetuous.”

Long Yi grabbed the hand of Si Bi and used his spirit power to check her body, but he found nothing abnormal, nevertheless he knew that Si Bi wouldn’t tell her wrongly.

“Si Bi, then you go with her, don’t worry too much, your husband, I will definitely come up with the solution.” Long Yi said to Si Bi. He didn’t want Si Bi to get into trouble.

But who would have thought that Si Bi would shake her head, then passionately looking at Long Yi, she firmly said: “Long Yi, I will not go, as long as you wish, even if I lose all my magic power, I will be content to become your wife.”

The heart of Long Yi shook violently, and was so moved that he nearly shed tears. How could he not love this kind of woman, how could he cause her pain? Two and half years ago, she left without turning back for his sake, and now two and half years later, for him, she would rather lose her strength which had already reached Archmage. She truly was silly, so silly that she greatly moved his heart.

“Silly girl, silly girl……” Hearing the silly words of Si Bi, Judith was shocked and also hated iron for not becoming steel. Love truly makes people blind.

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